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  1. Is the HAL Vista Suite a true Suite with Suite Perks. Anythng special in perks with the cabin?
  2. Been with the Grand since she came out. Been through all her changes. Would hate to see her go as we love her window suites. I guess if she does go Life Will Go On.
  3. My go to sandwich at IC. Not happy.
  4. Just curious. Have you ever looked to see if any other insurance covers any sort of dental? Have always worried about everything but my teeth. LOL Guess I should check going forward. I'm young at heart but alas the teeth have seen better days.πŸ˜ƒ
  5. Could it be that Princess is just trying to push people to eat lunch at the pool fast food or go to the dining room. After a lot of years we just learned to go off hours.
  6. That's what I'm kind of saying. It shouldn't have been in there so the OP might have a case.
  7. Googling lobster cakes I find nothing that includes olives. So Maybe...........
  8. Thats the question of the hour.
  9. I think it would be like eating a cherry pie and biting into a cherry pit. Don't think this it's actionable.
  10. Isn't the Princess price per person? Do it on your own. Vancouver is a very friendly city.
  11. We never felt that the so called priority boarding was anything special. We always checked in and walked right on. Maybe on some occasions but not for us.
  12. Once we confirm we will check in. ☺️
  13. So glad I saw your post. We are going to cancel our two back to back Diamond Princess trips in Feb. and March and book this one. Love the one way flight and it's a few dollars cheaper. Yes more sea days but fine with us. πŸ™‚ Joe
  14. If the agent you were talking to was out of the country then it sounds like what others have posted. Princess needs to step up their game and train these agents or bring them back to the USA. How much more bad information are they going to give out. Is Princess really trying to push away customers. I hope my travel agent doesn't have this many problems with the agents they have to talk with.
  15. Oh Bob. You are so predictable. LOL You do the same thing everytime you go on a cruise. I bet you are half way to Los Angeles by now. Hope Holly isn't a back seat driver. πŸ˜„
  16. Well FINALLY! It's so nice to see you posting again. Looking forward to your review. Jak and i wish both of you a great trip. Joe
  17. Have not attempted it yet. Did do the New Zealand one by laptop and except for the photo that one was easy. I do have someone to help with the Australian one. They make it challenging for us older folks. Thanks All for your advise.
  18. Its amazing how much sound from very loud snoring comes through those doors. Can't very well tell them to turn it off. LOL
  19. We always check to see that the cabin is NOT an adjoining room. We do not like them.
  20. Sounds like something you would hear on a Carnaval board. We have been traveling more years then I want to admit and have never seen kids at the bars.
  21. I always carry a very small stapler and a roll of clear packing tape. It has worked for us.
  22. And what is the work around for those that don't have a smart phone? Can it be done on a laptop? Thanks
  23. waltd


    Had never seen this. Thanks
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