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  1. Also depends if you are flying or not. Waiting till the last minute might only get you higher airline flights. There are good deals to be had if you wait as long as you don't mind where your cabin is located.
  2. Cant wait. Lookng forward to sailing on her.
  3. Time to get rid of it or frame it with your old cruise cards
  4. For some of us who are, lets say, over the hill the lights are helpful. Having to get up a few times a night they keep me from falling all over myself. Yes can be annoying but I don't want to think about the alternative.
  5. Is this including everything? Port charges, taxes?
  6. Problem I have with the Guarantee's now is most if not all are non refundable deposit..
  7. We like the midship dining rooms. Takes less time to walk to the shows after diner. They are all nice.
  8. Your taking your chances on cabins on deck 5. It has been noted before that the area under deck 5 is a crew work area. Has been reported on many ships that work starts early and some have been kept up due to the early morning noise.
  9. Just check the opening days and hours. We use Enterprise all the time but I believe they are closed on Sundays.
  10. Sounds like just a reminder of things you want to do. As far as I know there are no show reservations. Only reserved seats I have heard of are for Suite guests Just show up at least a half hour early to pick your seats.
  11. You never know about traffic and as mentioned you will have to wait till the shuttle is full before departing for the airport. Just causes more stress. As mentioned do the walk off and catch another mode of transportation to the airport. Its doable.
  12. Lets hope they worked on the air and heating in cabins. When we were on in December there were issues in many cabins.
  13. Ok so now I know where to find you when Jak and I are in town. 😀
  14. I've found EZ Air cheaper on long haul out of the country flights. Domestic flights not so much. No money out of your pocket for the flights till final payment.
  15. Buy a Future Cruise Deposit. Then book when you get home. Very seldon if ever is there any benefit. Once in 20 years did they offer some additional on board credit.
  16. Unfortunately yes. But we like early dinner so we can hit the buffet late. Lol So we very seldom had anyone next to us at 5:15. To be fair we met some very nice people next to us
  17. With the wierd weather we have been having this year on the west coast you can just flip a coin what type of weather you will experience. We have done September and loved it. Felt like the start of fall to us.
  18. Well lets see how long it will last this time. Between weather and fog there were lots of delays in the past. Was not a fun experience.
  19. Over the many years we have been traveling we have smelled the sewage odor on every Grand Class ship we have sailed on. Usually in the hallways. Not in the staterooms. It goes and comes for short periods of time. Now that I think about it have not smelled the odor on any of the Royal Class ships we have been on. Part of cruising. 🙂
  20. You are new at this. You will eventually learn what to look for. If you like the cruising life you will need to find a good travel agent that deals with Princess on a regular basis . Someone with experience. At the end of the day there are no guarantees except maybe death and taxes. So you will need to keep checking your booking to make sure nothing has changed and if it does you will need to jump on it to get it fixed. This will also apply to any airfare you book with EZAir. It also can change. Try to get direct flights and if you hve to do connecting keep an eye on the amount of time between flights. It's always something but in the end cruising is a great way to travel. Yea you got it fixed now relax .
  21. Just remember for future bookings even though you request NO upgrade you need to keep checking. It has been noted on Cruise Critic that Princess from time to tome does still change your booking. No Guarantee it will stay the same.
  22. Once in a while you will find that the room steward will store bedding under the bed. Doesn't take up all the space but you might see it if you look.
  23. Just get to the shows early as the scooter spots are limited.
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