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  1. however if you have your own 'transport chair' you do not have to leave it in your cabin and somehow manage to get to the meeting place for HAL chairs and they cannot be taken any further than a certain point of the terminal in some ports (customs issues for crew) We also put in in a taxi when going to town its awesome!!
  2. Some folks have health issues that will not allow them to "roll with the flow" they need the toilet
  3. As a local who cruises twice a year out of Vancouver, US customs has had its staff cut due to budgeting. That is where the hold up is now a days. Even Nexus and handicap waits are extremely long.
  4. for those of us prone to sinus infections - all the hand washing in the world will not help this issue. 80% of the time I will get a sinus infection on a cruise or hotel room when the air conditioning vent is over the bed. Its full of dust and dust is the worse thing for us. The cold air and dust will enter our nose and thus the infection begins. Now i get my Dr to prescribe an Rx so that if it does start on the cruise I can start meds right away rather than when returning home some 15 days later.
  5. Just a FYI limos cannot 'wait' in the terminal area there is a holding area for them on another level, so that the attendant MUST call your driver and then he can pick you up!
  6. I see you too are from BC like us. We luv the 10 day no flying needed buy as much stuff as you wish in the ports w/o having to worry about how to get it on the plane! We do them twice a year and always buy them about 3 to 4 weeks out when you just can't beat the last minute prices they offer.
  7. We too use BCAA My dad is 86, heart, liver and kidney disease aka pre-existing, we buy yearly policy as we like to cross the border often. Its expensive but its available!!!!
  8. Its also the smoking section on one side.
  9. Not my DOCTOR 5 pills in and its 60% gone looking forward to getting rid of this
  10. Dr prescribed antibiotics yesterday lets hope its gone soon
  11. Well it had to happen sooner or later after some 30 odd cruises I picked up some kind of virus while on the Star the second week. There were alot of passengers also coughing around the ship and the medical center was always lined up. Didn't come back new! hahah Still GREAT cruise!!!!
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