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  1. I see you too are from BC like us. We luv the 10 day no flying needed buy as much stuff as you wish in the ports w/o having to worry about how to get it on the plane! We do them twice a year and always buy them about 3 to 4 weeks out when you just can't beat the last minute prices they offer.
  2. We too use BCAA My dad is 86, heart, liver and kidney disease aka pre-existing, we buy yearly policy as we like to cross the border often. Its expensive but its available!!!!
  3. Its also the smoking section on one side.
  4. Not my DOCTOR 5 pills in and its 60% gone looking forward to getting rid of this
  5. Dr prescribed antibiotics yesterday lets hope its gone soon
  6. Well it had to happen sooner or later after some 30 odd cruises I picked up some kind of virus while on the Star the second week. There were alot of passengers also coughing around the ship and the medical center was always lined up. Didn't come back new! hahah Still GREAT cruise!!!!
  7. Thank you all for you responses with your experiences. Greatly appreciated!!!
  8. Are there accessible tables (lower than the standard) or do they just give you any table available (for anytime dining)?
  9. trust your on the Star coming from hawaii! I am getting on after you for a 10 day california cruise. My dad uses a chair and as you know you will be asked to meet in one of the lounges where Princess staff will take all chairs off the ship. You might have to wait a while as they have limited staff and usually takes a while. When we did this in September we were the last off the ship, the porters where already gone from the pick up luggage area and gone to start boarding new passengers.Waited about 20 minutes for someone to go out to drop off area and get one for us. Bring your patience! The taxi line is long and even wheelchairs have to wait in the line
  10. Best Captain I ever had is the one on RCCL, Canadian, who at our loyality party, SANG! and an amazing singer too. He learned a Philapino song for his staff!
  11. I always like to ask crew when I see them around the ship what there job is on the ship. Just got off a ten day cruise, was at the Horizon late one night, this crew member was ahead of me and dropped something and looked at me and apologized. I asked him my usual question ' and what do you do here on the ship'? He replied in a heavy Italian accent "I drive the ship".... boy was I embarrassed I grabbed my mac and cheese and replied "bet that comes with good benefits"....
  12. Nope, same thing on RCI been doing that for over 15 years in a reg balcony cabin
  13. We r booked on a 5 day alaska may 21st!
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