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  1. That is not totally true, PM Trudeau announced today that he will make a decision by the end of the week whether to allow or not . Waiting for his decision hopefully by Friday
  2. I had that problem a few times, not sure which ship your on, but I would 'blow dry' my hair as close to the balcony or on it whenever they used speaker phone.....they went in they couldn't hear..they figured it out (bad me lol)
  3. sadly some folks just don't think about others (who too use scooters etc) I usually contact security on day one to end the situation so the rest of the cruise is 'smooth sailing'. As Dr Phil would say 'when you know better you do better"
  4. We were on a sailing where we had to evacuate our cabins due to a medical emergency (helicopter would be hovering over our cabin area) and a few cabins had to to get out. A staff member knocked on our door with security saying that he is our designated person and would be assisting us to leave (in a hurry) they were very professional and of course helpful (mom was in a wheelechair)
  5. Omg if you want to be sure just ask a licensed travel agent not an armchair quarterback lol
  6. All West Coast sailings use Victoria,Canada. We are Vancouver (4 day) ending in Seattle, then Seattle to hawaii return. Booked and paid for, now we wait (done these many times in the past).
  7. The second cruise (Hawaii) stops in victoria for its foreign port! 21 days yahoo
  8. I was going to do this sailing but changed it to vancouver (4 days pacific coastal) ends in Seattle, then seattle hawaii return for a total of 21 days same cabin. used points for a quick return flight out of seatac!
  9. This will be or third on Eurodams Hawaii sailing. We have always had a balcony and truly enjoy it on sea days! Coffee in your pjs watching the sun rise, looking for whales, sun bathing. I have brought the same book for these sailings and I have only ever read the first four chapters. Every sailing I have to start over cause I forget what happened lol. good value on the book however.....
  10. Plz don't assume, you don't know me. I luv the yvr location, I have used day rooms in San Diego, San Fran and LA when getting off a cruise ship early and my flight is not till later (not sure why I need to explain this to you).
  11. Oh thats not good. We have always had them work with us for check in/out as well as room locations especially YVR airport, thats the reason we luv the fairmont.
  12. if your like us, the last thing I want to do is spend the day getting on and off buses/trains etc. possibly in the rain. If you join Fairmonts loyalty club before you book you will be able to check in early. They will have your room key and everything all set up at the loyalty desk. Pick up your key and then back to bed lol.
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