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  1. I can tell you that the tub is difficult to get in and out of. Even without balance issues. If your husband has balance problems I would not book a minisuite. If a walkin shower is easier can you book a balcony instead. The down side is the walkin shower is small and there are no sofas.
  2. If this cruise is not listed on your cruise personalizer then there is no cruise booked. Even a hold only stays on for a few days then disappears. You never paided any money and they don't have a credit card number. Do Not give anyone your information.
  3. If it's a themed cruise I'm going to guess that anything goes, within reason. I think it's a 4 day cruise so it's going to be casual. Have fun.
  4. We were just on the Sapphire Princess and the laundromat was not free.
  5. Steve not sure I understand. When you go into EZair you pick the dates when you want to arrive and return. Did you want to arrive the same day as the crusie? Not a great idea but you could have changed the date to see what was available. I think you might be able to change it. Or were you under the assumption Princess supplied hotels? I think about 25 years ago Princess did when you flew from Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale but sadly no longer.
  6. Agree we always check EZair. Almost always better prices. As long as they are direct flights.
  7. Same with QM2. Sailed a number of times and we never felt we were missing anything. As always a lot to do about nothing even before the ship is a float.
  8. Our first ever cruise was on the sister ship the Regal. A great little ship. Shame one is now lost. Happy to see one is still around even if not with Princess.
  9. Other then purchasing a future cruise deposit there are no perks for booking on board. We sometimes book a cruise and then move it to our travel agent. I think once in the last 25 years Princess offered some additional credit for booking. I would love to hear if anyone else has ever been offered any perks for booking on board.
  10. The only negative I see is it's a new ship with new crew and there will be a learning curve. Other then that Its a Cruise. Whats not to love. If your going into this with negatives you probably shouldn't go. Think the glass is half full.
  11. Just returned a couple of weeks ago. A shout out to the crew and Captain of the Sapphire. Probably one of the best crews we have encountered on all our sailings. One thing for sure about this cruise. You have to be flexable. If it isn't mother nature screwing around we ran into political unrest in Peru. We went with the swells. πŸ™‚ Still had a wonderful time. Just another reason to go back and see what we missed.
  12. Agree. Just off the Sapphire. Definately not the same . Taste was off.
  13. We don't get the package because we are not drinkers so not worth it to us. The cost is a lot more then the basic fare. So by looking at what they charged you originally couldn't you tell what they billed you for? Basic or the package.
  14. At one point in time didn't they close the laundry rooms while cruising in Alaska. Kind of remember a thread about that.
  15. I see the line but it has a charge of $14.56. No credit listed. Our last printed statements had over $100 in refundable credit.
  16. Just got back from a cruise and received the statement balance by email. The statement does not show the refundable credit. Is this normal? Thanks
  17. What bothers me is they charge you full price, or Elite pricing, knowing it's crap and only if you complain will they offer some sort of refund. Can't tell you how many people were upset about the service. Don't offer it to those locations or cut down the pricing with a disclaimer up front. LOL
  18. just off the Sapphire and the internet was horrible. They refunded us $100.
  19. Sorry not allowed on Cruise Critic.
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