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  1. Partly Princess fault. They need to design a ship with more inside seating space. Especially in colder weather cruises everyone goes to the Atrium. Travel on the Queen Mary 2. Plenty of seating inside.
  2. At the end of the day it might be a nice addition to the Suite experience. But for the rest of us just give us a reasonable priced coffee package or a discounted coffee package for Elite Status.
  3. I can't imagine it will ever happen in a standard stateroom. The cost of the pods, disposing of the waste, Keeping the machines clean. I think the cabin stewards have enough to do. I for one don't want to go back to my cabin to get a free cup of coffee. I know nothing is free, we pay for it one way or another. And the pods do not make great coffee, ok, fast but not great. I enjoy my coffee in the Atrium.
  4. On the Sapphire for 33 days and that was our eperience also. Once the head water got to know us and realized we liked Indian, Thai and Phillipine type food she would constantly check to see what was being prepared in the crew quarters and we always had suprises bought to our table. Quite a number of vegetable and fish dishes.
  5. Each menu has a vegan/vegitarian dish. Look for the V next to the dish listed. I've found most of them to be very good. They have gotten better. Ask the head waiter the first day. They will give you the menu for the following day and you can see if there is anything you like. They do try to make you happy.
  6. Same thing happened with the soft serve on our Dec. 2nd 33 day cruise. Mostly the scoops.
  7. We also booked the 50 day segment and also received the $200 OBC per person.
  8. I guess if I had to spend the time locked up I would be happy it was in a suite. Bob now you will have more time to spend planning the next getaway. Joe
  9. Plonk? LOL have never heard that expression before. πŸ˜ƒ
  10. Outside showing $220.00 Per day. Is Princess offering anything additional for this cruise? Any perks?
  11. While we were there we walked over to the Andes Museum dedicated to the Rugby players that died in the plane crash in 1972. Easy walk and interesting Museum. We enjoyed walking the city. Would go back again.
  12. I know no one knows but do you think they will break down the world cruise into sections? One year they had Los Angeles to Singapore. A bucket list trip for us.
  13. I was amazed how nice the Food Hall was. We ate there for a few lunches.
  14. Maybe they can give you the whole back row so you can stretch your legs out. Thank god it's a short flight, sort of. πŸ™‚
  15. When you get a chance would love to hear more about your hotel. We stayed down the street at the hotel used by Princess. Across from the Mall. Great location. Would love another recommendation as we would like to go back. Thanks Joe
  16. Sapphire mostly good when we were on her in December. Staff amazing, food good. Captain great. Some of the cabins had heating issues. That was the only down side for us.
  17. We were on the Sapphire for 33 days over the holidays and we were happy with the food. We did not starve. Some great, some good and some ok..
  18. TrueπŸ™‚ BUT you know there are some coffee snobs on here who can do it better. LOL
  19. Book late and get whats left. Book late and find out the airfare is higher.
  20. Rough life but hey someone has to do it. Might as well be the two of you. Have fun. Joe πŸ™‚
  21. Hi Bob Just wanted to know how Holli is doing? Jak and I wish the both of you a great trip. Joe
  22. Bring a Jacket when you get off the plane. It is COLD here in Los Angeles today.
  23. We cruised Dec. 2nd to Jan 6th and had no issues with the menus. Some changes but plenty of options. Always a fish dish besides the salmon.
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