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  1. My vote goes to Fish Lips. I recently ate at Grills based on suggestions on this board. I felt it was on par with Fish Lips, but the music outside was WAY too loud. We were seated inside and could barely hear each other talk. But there are those who enjoy the "calypso" feel and music, so would definitely enjoy it.
  2. First of all, you have the choices of 2 really great ships IMHO. I loved the Elation when she sailed out of Jax and cruised on her a couple of times. I also love the Liberty and am sailing in a couple of days on a 3 day cruise and just returned from a 4 nighter this past August. This time I am cruising with family and friends and the 3 day was the only times/days that worked for everyone in terms of obligations and work. My husband and I haven't been able to cruise for longer than 4-5 days in the past few years because of ailing parents, special needs children and other medical issues. Fo
  3. Thank you Jamman for the correction. I live in Jax and love sailing out of that port. However, I absolutely LOVED the Elation and was sad to see her and the crew leave. I am waiting for the Ecstasy to have her dry dock before sailing her again.
  4. Yes, this is specific to JAXPORT terminal. You board on a lower deck, but I can't remember if it's 2 or 3. The first time we sailed out of Jax, I was surprised and had to help my elderly parents get all of our carryons up several flights of stairs. A lot of the elevators are designated for direct use up to Lido for the food, so it leaves only a few going to specific decks.
  5. I have sailed out of Jaxport many times. I have always had FTTF, since I didn't turn Platinum until a different ship/port. Our rooms were always ready upon boarding. However, you will board the ship on either the 2nd or 3rd deck. I only say this because Empress deck is on the 7th floor and you will have to get your bags up several floors. I don't know if this makes a difference or not.
  6. Thank you for the correction about the S&S cards. I guess because I either have had FTTF or Platinum status, that I always go directly to my room upon boarding and retrieve my card. That's why I have my card available for the first drink.
  7. We have always brought our own fans and white noise makers. The personal fans tend to be quieter, therefore we bring the noise makers as well. The fans we bring the most are the boxed fans. The big ones. We purchase them on sale (under $20) and leave them in the box, unopened. That way there is never a question with maintenance or security whether the electrical is ok or not. I always place a luggage tag on the fan box. We usually self carry our own luggage, but give our fan to the luggage porter. We have never had an incidence of anyone taking the fan, losing the fan or denying us use
  8. We sailed on the Liberty last Halloween. It was a mixed variety of costumes and formal wear. There were some who wore costumes every night, and some who chose not to wear any at all. It was a lot of fun and plenty of Halloween activities. Have fun!
  9. I totally agree! What fun it is to try different drinks and enjoy the "show" of the "chemists" making our drinks. This is what makes CHEERS worth it to us!
  10. It is definitely cheaper to buy before you go. I always print a copy of my receipt, although I've never needed to show proof of purchase. I stop at the first bar (usually the atrium bar) and the bartender activates the CHEERS package and places a sticker on my card. There are some ships that no longer use the stickers, but the Liberty still does. A 3 day cruise is the perfect time to test the CHEERS package.
  11. Thank you for the correction. I remember now that it was a 6 day cruise, not a 5 day cruise, that we had the lobster.
  12. Yes, there is a formal night. It is usually the first sea day of your cruise. However there is no lobster offered on 4 day cruises. Lobster is only served on 5+ day cruises. There is prime rib served on formal night and it is delicious!
  13. On ANY Carnival ship I sail on, the first thing I check out is the location of the Alchemy Bar and it's hours of operation. I have seen the hours vary from ship to ship. I don't like sweet drinks. ANY thing I order from any other bar has lots and lots of sugar in it. At the Alchemy Bar, they are very kind to listen to my likes and dislikes and have served me some of the best drinks I've ever had. My favorite is the strawberry infused vodka, mixed with fresh lime/lemon juice with a "slap" of basil. YUMMMMM
  14. I have seen the non-alcoholic drinks handled differently on each ship I've sailed. I have gone to the coffee bar and gotten a chocolate coffee drink (with alcohol) and also ordered a water. The barista (server?) made me wait 5 minutes. Made NO sense to me. Other ships I have sailed gave me 2 bottles of water at a time if I asked. But to answer the original questions, there is no limit on the non-alcohol drinks each day.
  15. I have stayed in an "L" shaped cabin on the Liberty and loved it. It's an odd configuration, but I adored the two windows and something different. The balcony was also longer and gave us more room out there.
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