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  1. You can call. And get an OBC. It is 25% of the total price reduction. It is a one time thing so if it goes down again, sorry.
  2. Been awhile since we did Mobil. Platinum so went early. Yes, once the garage is full it is off site parking and a shuttle. We watched it happen. I do remember that NOBODY got into parking garage until everyone was off the ship. And out of garage. We wrapped around the interstate until that happened.
  3. I had a balcony on Breakaway. No cabins directly above life boats. I will say i mostly sat when on balcony so saw the ocean. Only when standing do you see anything like lifeboats. I did not find it an issue at all. BTW i choose my location and paid dearly.this was not a sailaway rate.
  4. Very well said and on point but you can bet the unhappy campers didn’t GET IT. I believe somewhere along the line i probably ask if this group of grumbles would of rather rode out a cat 5 hurricane on a cruise ship.
  5. Usually 120 days out from cruise. If you want exact date. Click on your reservation. When the list of excursions, shows and dinning shows. It will say to early to book. Click on it anyway and will give you the date. I did that for a December 2019 cruise and marked my date down. The very day it became available i booked my restaurants, shows and excursions. I have two more cruises after that and the dates are written down and will do the same. Only a portion of things are offered online so i wanted to do asap. Now you may see more excursions once on ship. You can cancel the one you do online (do it asap)
  6. They will set your food off side to cook but seriously i think most everything has a bottle of soy sauce, would be tasteless without
  7. At lease he gave you a heads up ahead of time. I had cruise booked (year in advance), hotel in New Orleans (flight city, flights booked, then hotel in Miami. About a month before the cruise my husband said he wasn’t going. I had already read how that works out (financially) i was prepared to loose his portion of cruise and flight. I wasn’t prepared for them to say if i cancel him i would owe another 1,000. Besides what i had already paid. I also lost the money on hotel in New Orleans as i rode with family morning of flight. The reason he cancelled was he didnt want to fly. I was so reluctant to cancel because i thought he would change his mine. bottom line you have a deadline and then no changing your mine. I will say as much as i love my husband and we have taken 20 plus cruises together I truly enjoyed having the cabin and balcony all to myself. One of the most relaxing cruises of all my cruises. Go and enjoy yourself.
  8. The port is way too small and the whole picture is not good. The fantasy (carnival) is the size ship that can sail from there. I didn’t even mention Mobile because that was not an option.
  9. You do realize New Orleans is the closest port other than the east coast and any moron would know that is not a good choice.
  10. Well the whole picture is better than when Katrina hit New Orleans tearing out the whole port for. Year or so. Drowning most of the cars anywhere near New Orleans. No ships brought people back there. Galveston was a nightmare not too many years ago when a hurricane hit. The port wasn’t as bad but every car was flooded. This is just two places i am aware of . So that being said i am just wondering how it is people still get on a cruise ship in peak hurricane season and expect perfection.
  11. Finally someone hit the nail on the head with a hammer. Living on the coast my 72 years i have seen some hurricanes. I remember one hurricane was Living in Texas . Worked at a hospital and they didnt know what to do. My whole family so 5 mins before them leaving in caravan with me i was told ok go. We got to our destination and wasn’t there long before the latest news was the thing has turned and we should be ok. We started back home and people was steady going north. I guess my point is if cruise lines cancelled for every threat days ahead. Wow what a mess and our prices would sore. The way i keep reading things sounds like the coast guard messed this one up. i will say in 24 cruises the closest i have came to hurricane season was November 15. So we sit home and worry.
  12. This is correct. They wanted an extra 1000.00 for just me going rather than the 2 of us. Yes, on top of the fee i paid for both of us wanted an extra 1000. I said no way!! He will be a no show.
  13. I was told to tell the waiter we need to speed thru our meal. May have to forget dessert.
  14. I think the same time. It will say when you go to reserve. You do know you have to reserve all shows (this is something new to me). Or at lease on the bigger ships it is. It is a mad dash to eat at 5:30 and be seated for a 7:30 show. You have to be there at lease 15 mins before show because they open it up to walk in’s till full. The Getaway is one you have to have reservations for.
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