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  1. Yes, but now it is 160 days (tad over 4 months) we were on the last cruise before shut down and i know it wasn’t paid off that far in advance.
  2. But for the cruise i booked today it was due 4 months ahead of the cruise (regular balcony cabin). I rarely pay attention to this but it caught my attention today.
  3. In the past it seems we paid off out cruise off approximately 2 months. Prior to cruise and suites 2 1/2 -3 months ahead. Now it is 4 months before the cruise. Is this another COVID casualty ?
  4. Does anyone know if you can use two of the certicates at this time when booking a balcony?
  5. Yes, healthy or not get insurance.had a December cruise all paid for. 4 days before sailing my 51 yr old son had a brain bleed and was flown to another hospital. So even though my husband and i are over 70 he was the one with the health issue. The insurance paid for our cruise. Cruise line paid us for the tax/port charges and Tax’s.
  6. Are you sure your OBC can be used for gratuity? I know many times you can’t.
  7. I am not going to expect or count on any refund. It is only 250.00 they have always been hard core and stuck to the rules in the few times i have changed dates on cruises charging me the 50.00 per person. Regardless of any situation carnival has always been less likely to work with you on a problem. I will never forget the time we had a flooded cabin and they acted like we broke the wall pipe.At this point i just have no desire to cruise.
  8. Thank you very much. This is exactly what i was seeking.spot on.
  9. Thanks for the replies even if none of them addressed my question. my question was if you cancel do you lose your total deposit or is it 50.00 per person. I have never cancelled a carnival cruise. Have switched dates before and charged 50.00 per person.
  10. We have a January 2021 cruise booked. Been debating back and forth between going and cancelling. Personally i feel with the country opening up this will just continue the cases of the dreaded virus. Here in Louisiana we had close to 600 new cases in one day (Sunday to Monday) we just feel if things get better i can just rebook. My question is ( i have never cancelled a carnival cruise) i remember there being a 50.00 per person when i changed booking date. So if i simply cancel this cruise is it a 50.00 per person or do i lose the whole deposit. I booked early saver and later switched to casino rate. I would rather lose the 250.00 deposit than pay it off in November and decide we just best not go and lose the whole thing. thanks in advance
  11. Well things being better in New Orleans still leaves a lot to be desired. The mayor did cancel any big events for the remainder of 2020. Jazz festival is a no go. Even with the cases decreasing every day it will be forever before it all stops. Since about half the cases and deaths in the state come from orleans and Jefferson parish (New Orleans and closest parish) it will take some time. Also people cruising out of New Orleans needs a place to stay so hotels.taxi’s, restaurants all need to be up and running. I would think after the nightmare they have had going on the city wants to handle with caution.
  12. Well i would certainly say it could of well been. How often do they do a deep dive clean.
  13. Curious how they got these numbers. I read an article weeks ago that showed the Bliss and Breakaway had two straight weeks of the virus. I believe it is the Breakaway that was still floating around with sick crew. This is a sugar coated report. As one poster said his case wasn’t reported because it was once he got home, as be willing to bet there were more. Not everyone does cruise critic to tell their story, or maybe too sick to tell it. BTW the article i read was from CDC reporting
  14. I did a screen shot of all effected ships. Bliss was listed as March 1- March 8th cruise and March 8-March 15th cruise. This was a list put out by CDC.
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