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  1. We had that offer as elite on the reflection in January. Had to be a day when we were in port.
  2. We just sailed Reflection in January. When we did our check in it asked for a pic, which we did. When my sister checked in it did not ask for a pic.
  3. We didn’t care for the canapés, talked to the concierge and she had it changed to cheese plate with dried fruit.
  4. In the past they’ve offered several martinis (small) that you could use classic beverage package. In January on the Reflection we were told at the Martini Bar that there is no smaller size-if you have the classic package you will be charged the difference. I love the banana split martini 😋
  5. I’ve always wondered if you make it to port but are denied to board because of sickness if you get your money back.
  6. Was check in any faster or different because you used the app?
  7. Have you tried Silver Moon in Barbados? We’ve sailed with them several times, sounds very similar to Calabaza 🙂
  8. I just completed my check in online for Reflection. After putting in my passport info I got a screen to do a security photo (I did it), have never seen this before except for RCI . Also I was not asked for departure time when debarking. my sister also did the check in, she did not get the screen asking for a photo and she did get asked about departing time. what has your experience been?
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