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  1. You guys have provided just what I was looking for. Thanks for all your responses.
  2. Thanks for this information. Are the balconies on both decks covered or uncovered and did you feel a lot of motion. We usually get a cabin lower and mid ship to prevent the motion.
  3. About to book a balcony on the Glory. Does anyone know of any difference in Lido and Panorama balconies. Trying to decide which to book.
  4. I've always called them "Drunk Taxies", but that is just from my experiences with them.
  5. Bookbug53, I'm happy to see that one person was intelligent enough to provide an answer to the original question!
  6. Thank you for a great review. I enjoyed every day of your cruise and all the photos made it special.
  7. Why would it matter to you what brand of liquor is in the drink if you are putting juice, sugar, etc. with it. you have killed the reason for buying top shelf.
  8. Never ceases to amaze me to what lengths some people will go to get a refund. They were in a night club after midnight!
  9. Agree with Coeven. Always enjoy a laid back day that is very inexpensive. Enjoy!
  10. I think you will see heavy traffic form Daytona and Jacksonville, etc. leaving the beach areas following the week of the 4th.
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