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  1. Hi Pia, you lucky lady being on the first cruise to Alaska! We are on the Majestic on Sept. 5. Are you winning at trivia??
  2. I would love to see an embarkation lunch menu from the MDR. Hoping they still have the avocado appetizer and the raviolis!!
  3. I'm disappointed that there is no more prime rib on the first night. Also, the Market Place opens at 11:30? What about breakfast?
  4. Lisa, I read the entire 13 pages of your "Live From" and will continue to follow. It is getting really fun now!! We are on the Majestic in Sept. and can't wait. Where in Las Vegas do you live? We are in Henderson near Anthem off of Eastern. Meredith
  5. Please find out how long Carlos Oscar will be on. Hopefully, he will still be on the Majestic for our cruise (Sept. 5). He is extremely funny without being crude. So refreshing.
  6. Am I to understand that we will be charged a fee for them to send us the medallion in the mail?
  7. If you are fully vaccinated you can get off the ship in any port. If not fully vaccinated, you have to go with ship tours.
  8. I think Princess is making a huge mistake to take away elite benefits. We have over 70 cruises with Princess and up until now, we didn't even consider going with another line. Now, we have very little incentive to stay with them. For the first time, I am looking at HAL. Apparently, with them you don't need a smart phone to do your business and I sure do like that!
  9. Losing the loyalty OBC is very disappointing to me. I'm wondering if the "loyalty events" they are referring to are the Captain Circle Cocktail parties and also the MT luncheon or MT cocktail party. I think they are shooting themselves in the foot by targeting their most loyal guests. Not to mention that we had to go out and buy a new phone to accommodate their app which is necessary to do everything. Not very happy with Princess.
  10. Any news on whether Kelvin Joy will be back with Princess? He is our favorite, but several others run a close second.
  11. Thanks, everyone for replying. I love the lunches and definitely prefer them over the cocktail parties. The cocktail parties are only 45 minutes and are quite rushed.
  12. I wonder if the luncheon for the most traveled passengers will be happening. Thoughts?
  13. Has there been any news about allowing B2B's before Nov. 1, 2021?
  14. Is there any new information about allowing B2B cruises before Nov. 1?
  15. We stayed at the Queen Mary a few times and I'm so happy we had the opportunity to do so. She is so full of history and we loved just walking around. Very sad to hear she is in such bad shape.
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