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  1. Yes, for sure, I am with you! I'm so happy to hear you say that your hubby is making good progress and is hopefully on his way to be fully recovered. Such a worry. Stay healthy and safe!
  2. We just booked a cruise to Hawaii out out Los Angeles for Jan. of 2022. Keeping my fingers crossed that we sail. My thoughts and prayers are with your husband. I hope he gets a little better each day. Meredith
  3. Ellie, I am blown away with your awesome cakes!! I can see why you have not been around here for several days. What a talent you have. They are gorgeous!! Happy New Year to you and your family.
  4. We miss you Ellie! Hope all is ok. Here's to a happy new year!
  5. Hi Ellie, I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.
  6. I thought that there were no Princess cruises until 3/31/2021. This offer appears to be applicable to sailings until 3/21/2021. What am I not getting?
  7. What a great tour!!! If you have already mentioned the guide's information, I missed it. Please post it again. We were booked on a cruise to Hawaii in Jan. 2021, but of course, it was cancelled. We are planning on booking it again in 2022. I absolutely loved your orchid photos!! Meredith
  8. DH and I are all unpacked and waiting to get out there in the open seas. We always enjoy our embarkation lunch in the dining room. This time was no exception. I have the same thing every time: avocado appetizer, raviolis and the salmon. No dessert. Recently, we were on a ship that had a different menu. I actually complained to the maitre d. LOL.
  9. I am really enjoying your visit to the LA area. When we leave out of San Pedro, we drive directly to the hotel by the pier because of the awful traffic in LA. I have a question about the new CC format. I can't seem to find where they have a post number. I like to make a note of where I leave off so I can go right to the next post when I return, but I think they have eliminated it.
  10. I have caught up with you and am hunkering down for our long flight. We have been on several 18+ hour flights (Singapore, Sydney and Cape Town) and it is grueling, but necessary if you want to get to those parts of the world. Once you get to your destination, you soon forget the flight. I loved your stories of your past cruises. Our first cruise was on the Regent Sea (a now defunct Regency Cruise Lines) to Alaska. The ship was old and rusty, but I didn't care. Now, 80 cruises later, my favorite ship is the one I am on. We have sailed out of San Pedro many, many times because we can driv
  11. Ellie, I have enjoyed your cruise so much! Such beautiful pictures of the flowers!! I'm so happy you are doing another virtual cruise!! Meredith
  12. So, what about the 2 sailings July 2021 on the Crown R/T out of LA that are 14 days? We are booked on one of those and will be really disappointed if they are cancelled.
  13. Well, that is good news. We were also booked on the Sun Princess going to Alaska R/T out of LA that Princess cancelled and they promised the same bonus FCC. Thank you for posting the info.
  14. We were booked on the Jan. 31 Hawaii and the Feb. 14 Sea of Cortez. We used an FCD of $100.00 for each, totally $400.00 for both cruises. My question is: will we get 25% bonus or the minimum of $100.00 totally a bonus of $400.00 of non refundable FCC.
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