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  1. I heard the cruises for Mardi Gras week sold out prior to the sale for the general public. It was offered to past Disney cruises and I guess Vacation Club members first.
  2. Lynda59

    French Quarter restaurant recommendations?

    I really like Bayona in the Quarter. It is on the western edge though and I would not walk there late at night. It is great and not as pricey as the others. Commander's is definitely worth the trip. On the Canal St. streetcar line (and I agree - do NOT call them trolleys) is Mandina's - they have great seafood and lots of options. It is casual and more moderate in price. It will be crowded during Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday and the first Friday in Lent though (Catholics do not eat meet on Fridays during Lent). It is open for lunch - so you may want to try a late lunch. Try a local food critic's website - www.nomenu.com for more info on local restaurants.
  3. Lynda59

    New Orleans 2019

    Try calling the Hotel Intercontinental. In the past, they have had stands with food and you can probably get a package deal.
  4. You did not post when you are sailing back to N.O. - what day of the week and what time of year? Sundays are easy - but not if there is a race, a parade, or an event in town. The port is right next to the Convention Center - even the Helen Brett jewelry show can cause a traffic jam. Most weekend days if you can get off by 8:00am and catch a taxi right away, you will be fine. But other days - who knows??? And what about the airport? If there is a big convention in town, you may have lines at TSA. Of course, pre-check is wonderful, but not always fool proof.
  5. Lynda59

    Mardi Gras

    Cafe Adelaide closed two weeks ago. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. There should be lots of options - I would recommend checking the menus on restaurant's website and then calling the restaurant. There should be lots of seafood and beef choices. A good overall restaurant website is www.nomenu.com which is a local food critic. It has links to the websites.
  7. There are two Marriotts on Canal ST - the big one is at 555 Canal St and the JW Marriott is at 614 Canal St. Both are very convenient and walkable to all of the major attractions. You are on the Canal St. streetcar line and right next to the St. Charles streetcar line (please do not call them trolleys). The French Quarter is right behind the big Marriott, but Jackson Square will be about 5 blocks down (towards the River) and 6 blocks to the left (as you look at the River. You are also walking distance to the Insectarium and the Aquarium. Close to shopping - fancy at Canal Place or outlet at the Riverwalk which is adjacent to the port. You are three blocks from Acme Oyster House. There will be lots of excellent restaurants nearby. I suggest http://www.nomenu.com for ideas.
  8. Lynda59

    Departing Breakaway?

    I would think so - you usually get into New Orleans around 6am and can probably get off around 8:00 - 8:30am or so. Taxis will be readily available after Customs. On a Saturday, if nothing is going on in the city, you should be able to get to the airport in 20-30 minutes. The Sugar Bowl is 1/1/19, so that won't interfere. I loved this ship when I was on it from NYC to Bermuda.
  9. Lynda59

    New Orleans hotel

    Please also look in the New Orleans section under Ports of Call. There is a lot on hotels and things to do while in New Orleans.
  10. Lynda59

    Transportation from Airport to Cruise Port

    The airport website is www.flymsy.com. The current cab fare is $36 for one or two people and $15 each for three or more. There is the Riverwalk Outlet Mall adjacent to the port, but the French Quarter is also within walking distance after you drop off your luggage. Enjoy your time.
  11. Lynda59

    Best plan for pre and post NOLA ?

    Please see the New Orleans section under Ports of Call. There is a lot of information there.
  12. Lynda59

    What broadway play?

    Just saw Hello Dolly with Bernadette Peters in May - fantastic! Hubby enjoyed it and he is not a fan of the show. Bought on TKTS for $91 each - center orchestra. Come From Away was also great. Highly recommend. Did not enjoy Carousel - and those seats were so tight (orchestra right) that I could not cross my legs and I am only 5'5".
  13. Please go to the New Orleans section under Ports of Call for more information about things to do in New Orleans. Almost all cruise ships dock next to the Riverwalk Outlet Mall which is next to the New Orleans Convention Center.
  14. A difficult time finding places to eat??? In New Orleans?? I have never heard that. It all depends on what you want and how much you want to spend. Near Harrah's I would stay away from any chain except Ruth's Chris. Right across the street at the Loewe's Hotel is Cafe Adelaide which is a sister restaurant to Commander's Palace. I love Madina's on the Canal St. streetcar line. You can try Maspero's in the Quarter on Decatur. There is Drago's in the Hilton Hotel - famous for its charbroiled oysters. There is Acme Oyster House in the Quarter and if you want something a little fancier, try Bayona on Dauphine (but you will probably need a reservation). If you need very causal & cheap, there is a food court in the Riverwalk Outlets. It will be busier on days when there are ships in town (usually Saturday, Sunday and then every other Monday & Thursday), but it is always manageable. You do not list the ages of the people in your party. The French Quarter is walk-able from your hotel. The Aquarium is closer and then you can go along the River to get to Jackson Square. The World War II Museum is amazing for ages 10 & up (especially the planes) and it is fairly close, too. If you have little ones, there is a great Children's Museum. The Audubon Zoo is also excellent. Since I am from here, I have never been on a tour, but there should be reviews. Also check on sites like Groupon for deals.