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  1. I heard the cruises for Mardi Gras week sold out prior to the sale for the general public. It was offered to past Disney cruises and I guess Vacation Club members first.
  2. I really like Bayona in the Quarter. It is on the western edge though and I would not walk there late at night. It is great and not as pricey as the others. Commander's is definitely worth the trip. On the Canal St. streetcar line (and I agree - do NOT call them trolleys) is Mandina's - they have great seafood and lots of options. It is casual and more moderate in price. It will be crowded during Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday and the first Friday in Lent though (Catholics do not eat meet on Fridays during Lent). It is open for lunch - so you may want to try a late lunch. Try a local food critic's website - www.nomenu.com for more info on local restaurants.
  3. Try calling the Hotel Intercontinental. In the past, they have had stands with food and you can probably get a package deal.
  4. You did not post when you are sailing back to N.O. - what day of the week and what time of year? Sundays are easy - but not if there is a race, a parade, or an event in town. The port is right next to the Convention Center - even the Helen Brett jewelry show can cause a traffic jam. Most weekend days if you can get off by 8:00am and catch a taxi right away, you will be fine. But other days - who knows??? And what about the airport? If there is a big convention in town, you may have lines at TSA. Of course, pre-check is wonderful, but not always fool proof.
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