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  1. After this Sea Dream mess, I would not be surprised if cruise lines will mandate vaccines for all crews and passengers once available. They may even require serologic confirmation of Covid antibodies for those who have had the disease or received a vaccination. Even for those who receive the vaccine, if immunocompromised, they may not mount an adequate response. If such criteria are met and passengers feel well, pre-testing may not even be needed. Social distancing on a ship will be hard despite passenger's good intentions.
  2. Day 120 - refund received for cancellation processed on March 20th. Good luck to everyone.
  3. Update: March 5, 2020 above refunded in full on day 100. June 12th refunded and posted to CC June 16th.
  4. Rob, My flight was cancelled by Qatar in early May. I had the money refunded within 1 week of the planned departure date.
  5. Interesting you say that....on one cancellation I am day 91. TA is going through sales to help and has advised me not to make any future Crystal bookings at this time. I had no intention anyway until all the refunds had posted.
  6. Sail Date - Dec. 22, 2020 - Cancel Date: March 5, 2020 - refund requested Sail Date - Dec. 22, 2020 - Cancel Date: April 23, 2020 - refund requested (same as above but different family members cancelled at different times - I paid for both) Sail Date - May 19, 2020 - Cancelled by Crystal March 18, 2020 - refund requested No refunds as of 5/27/2020. Thanks Chris
  7. In these cases, the temporary credit was issues against the line in favor of the consumer as frequently happens in disputes. However, the failure of Crystal to respond in the allotted time period per credit card rules resulted in the credit being permanent. Probably, both parties are overwhelmed but it is certainly an indirect way to receive your money.
  8. I read one of the these forms from RCCL and can assure you, as a health care provider, would never sign it even for a healthy person. As stated above, it was a complete shift of burden.
  9. My balance for the cancelled cruise has been long paid so as with others I await patiently (somewhat) for the refund. However, 2 friends protested their charge with the CC company and received immediate credit on their statement. The interesting part is Crystal did not respond to the CC company's request for information within the allotted time. Therefore the charge reversal stood and the case closed. Maybe Crystal thought it was easier to remove these passengers from the large list of refunds due instead of taking time to explain to the CC company??
  10. Maybe Crystal will take note and put your refund to the bottom of the pile as you don't appear to mind waiting.
  11. I read yesterday that the CDC has placed Italy on level 3 meaning nonessential travel should be avoided.
  12. I was reading an article this morning discussing how NCL has cancelled Spirit's sailings for the rest of the year. I will be interested to see what Crystal does. I realize they will be close to Singapore for dry dock before heading to the Middle East and Europe. Symphony is scheduled to return to Asia later this year for December and Jan/Feb 2021 sailings. In light of the issues and financial disruption over the past month, I suspect they will follow NCL's lead. Any thoughts? Chris
  13. csto


    I am considering the Dubai to Aqaba segment. I would spend a couple of days in Jordan. The split also seemed odd to me and likely most folks will be transported to/from the airport in Amman.
  14. The 16 day cruise from Dubai to Rome on Symphony in May 2020 has also been broken into 2 segments - 10 days Dubai to Aqaba and 6 days Aqaba to Rome. Does anyone have any experience disembarking or embarking in Aqaba? Thanks Chris
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