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  1. I found this on the Bahamas official website: What if I have a positive result on my rapid antigen test? All positive test results are reported to the Ministry of Health’s Surveillance Unit who will conduct additional clinical screening per their own mandates. If an on-island rapid test returns positive, that person will be required to follow up with a COVID-19 RT-PCR swab test. They will be required to self-isolate until the result of the test is known. With a positive result, the traveller may either:
  2. While I don't have an answer to the original poster's question we have asked Crystal (through our travel agent) the following questions: What happens if you test positive at embarkation or test positive before disembarkation. Also what will happen if a passenger or crew member become ill with Covid during the cruise. The answer was "TBA", so we are awaiting the answers.
  3. I would like to read more about this cruise. Thank you for taking the time to share this information.
  4. Excuse me - I meant Maitre'd
  5. We were saddened to hear of the passing of Albert, long time Head Waiter and Assistant Mairre'd.....we have many fond memories of his professionalism, long conversations about his interesting life, and the subdued grin on his face as he rolled over the cheese trolley! Rest in peace Albert.
  6. Finally............after filing a dispute with Amex, I received written confirmation today that Crystal issued credits on July 22nd. This was for the cancelled 5/8 Symphony cruise, I requested a refund on 3/16. Thank you SusieOft for the spreadsheet work.
  7. I would like to change my vote to The Bistro..................thank you
  8. SusieOft, Thank you for doing this. I noticed that the "Days since request" field for my entry is now blank, could you kindly fix this. And there have been no updates since my initial request. Thank you
  9. I have always felt the late night pizza was superior to the Trident and room service pizza, may have something to do with the libations consumed prior...…….
  10. The last time we were on Seadream was April 2012, and we sailed on the Esprit in February 2019. While I would enjoy my time on either, I would hands down choose the Esprit - it's a lovely yacht, in fantastic condition: light, bright and modern. The food and service were outstanding and we did not feel it was too small at all. If you have any specific questions, I will try to answer. One note - the Esprit does not have an elevator if stair climbing is an issue.
  11. Thank you for doing this: Sail Date 5/8/2020 Voyage cancelled by Crystal 3/19/2020, full refund requested 3/19/2020 No refund as of yet
  12. I don't know how this could be administered, but a wonderful idea.
  13. My travel agent just confirmed with Crystal Dubai to Rome is NOT cancelled. IT is checking out why it is not showing on the website.
  14. I hope this isn't too off topic, but I have a question for Keith on seating in Waterside. Thank you for the time and effort you put into your blog, you mention having the same senior waiter, waiter, head waiter and Sommelier on each segment. May I ask how to accomplish this arrangement? On our most recent Symphony cruise we asked to be seated in our favorite senior waiter's section and were accommodated when a table was available in his section, which was about half the time.
  15. We were onboard in the Caribbean last February and were able to have dinner outside at the Patio most evenings. We had requested and were accommodated weather permitting...…..just lovely.
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