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  1. Stumblefoot

    Connoisseurs Corner

    Wente Chard and Cab are what was served in the Grill when we asked for an American pour from the free list. You can have all the Heidsieck Monopole that you’d like. Below are the wines being poured in La Terrazza and The Grill this past week.
  2. Stumblefoot

    Muse menus

    Was Anne-Marie your Executive Chef? I have no idea who ours is on the Shadow.
  3. Stumblefoot

    A muse on the Muse.

    Good to see Rojann having fun!
  4. Stumblefoot

    Silver Muse Alaska June 17th questions

    Hope you enjoy Anan as much as we did!
  5. Stumblefoot

    Muse menus

    No reservation required for lunch.
  6. Hi Lucille and thanks for your comments! We too hope we can cruise together someday soon. Glad to know Gene gets no more room for his shoes than I. 😉
  7. Today finds us in Siem Reap, Cambodia for our mid-voyage land adventure. Silversea has put together an excellent tour here, although I do get a bit irritated by the two drink limit and charging extra for decaf coffee. For the extensive price of this tour, one should be allowed to drink as much ice tea or coffee that they like, regardless whether it’s decaf or not. The ruins of Angkor and the Khmer empire are incredible. I do fear for the place long term as the temples were constructed out of sandstone and roughly five million guests visited last year. It felt as if the place was melting right before our eyes. Thankfully, key cultural pieces and pediments have been relocated to the excellent museum which we enjoyed immensely. Below are a couple of pics; one of our group at Ta Prohm built in the Bayon style largely in the late 12th and early 13th centuries, and one of me being my normal silly self.
  8. Stumblefoot

    A muse on the Muse.

    I was just about to ask Ron if Milford Sound ever saw the sun because it seems every picture I see it dark and dreary. Good to know the bright round orb in the sky makes an appearance from time to time.
  9. Stumblefoot

    Connoisseurs Corner

    When I return to the Shadow on Tuesday, I’ll see if I can get the current list to share.
  10. Stumblefoot

    Survey by Silversea new parent

    Interesting. Did you receive a hard copy on the Shadow, Charles, or did it come via email? We haven’t received anything yet. But, after the last SS survey fiasco that Barbara Muckerman ultimately apologized for and fired the research vendor, we may have been removed from the distribution list due to our voiciferous complaint.
  11. Yes, the basics have all be included. Only our mid-voyage overnight tours have cost extra.
  12. Ha! You have a good eye. Just about anything and everything, other than the kitchen sink, goes in those shoes. Also, thanks for your comments above on the street food tour. I think I got my CC contributors mixed up and should have referenced your previous comments on the tour. Much appreciated!
  13. Fun Facts 1. 343 passengers (87% occupancy rate) 2. 24 nationalities are on board 3. USA = 42% 4. UK = 30% 5. Canada = 5% 6. Australia = 4% 7. German = 4% 8. Switzerland = 3% 9. All Others = 12% Dining Venues Most are in tip top shape with only Hot Rocks running very slow. 1. Hot Rocks After standing for over 5-minutes @ 7:00p while waiting to be greeted during our first visit to the venue, we finally decided to interrupt a fellow to see if he might be the manager. He was (Pippin sp?) and seated us immediately. Everything was smooth the rest of the evening. It was just odd to be passed by so many servers and manager without a greeting while standing in the middle of the venue. Our second visit was last night @ 8:00p. We arrived 10-minutes early and were seated promptly. But, after waiting 15-minutes to order, I had to interrupt Pippin again to place our order. He was very gracious and took it for us so that we could get on with our evening. 2. The Restaurant Michelle is the star of the show here in the morning and for lunch. She is just delightful and has taken great care of us. At dinner, new manager Stefano, who joined the Shadow during the last voyage, runs an efficient operation. 3. La Terrazza Allan has had this venue humming from the beginning. It’s so nice to be greeted by name each visit and he always has our favorite still water available without us having to ask for it. He’s a true professional and I’m so glad 2 of our remaining 4 meals will be in his venue. In addition, if you ever have the chance to dine with Ricardo F’Arce, I highly recommend it. His service is the most impeccable and truly exceptional. It’s such a joy to dine with him. 4. La Dame Venue manager Abhay, along with his assistant Natalia, work magic in this most intimate of venues. Although full each evening, Abhay makes you feel as if you are the only couple dining. We had a great time in his venue and look forward to our next visit on Feb 19.
  14. You bet! My pleasure. Hopefully Les will chime in about the street food tour as I think he had direct experience with it, or someone that had, and it wasn’t recommended as I remember.
  15. Yeah, as an American, there is very little to take away from the Cu Chi tunnels that was positive. And, the Communist propaganda film was sickening.