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  1. Depends on your embarkation / disembarkation points. As a U.S. citizen, if both points are U.S. ports, I’d say, yes, you will find there are some voyages sailing for you. But, the ability to leave the ship in ports other then U.S. cities, or privately owned cruise line islands, will be unlikely.
  2. I agree with Lois; pretty! However, I have a feeling Davey will tell you those aren’t proper. The only other time I had heard that term was by a Brit who was complaining to a Hotel Director you know, Sujit, about the bartenders inability to make a proper Pimm’s. This went on throughout the entire dinner. DW and I looked at each other, because neither of us had even heard of Pimm’s, let alone a proper one. Needless to say, Sujit excused himself from the table mid-meal to get away from the bore. We were sad, but totally understood why, because we had never dined with an officer before.
  3. I think the big difference between our voyage in January, and possibly yours too, fdnycruiser, is that the Wind voyage MCCooch is pondering is scheduled to spend days in the circle, whereas our voyages were never intended to go that far south.
  4. The Antarctic Circle is not fixed and was approximately around 66°35' south when I was there this past January, 2020. During our voyage on the Cloud, we made it as far south as 65°5'23", so didn't quite pierce the circle. For us, it was worth the cost because of the sheer magnitude of wildlife and the ability to spend 3-days in South Georgia. Our fare for 15-days was $10,800 (after EBB) per person, resulting in a per diem of $1,440 per couple. Personally, I couldn't imagine paying +91% more to sail on the Wind with a per diem of $2,745 per couple just because it goes south of the circle.
  5. Sorry about that, HappyLadyTravels. I just checked it on my phone, iPad, and desktop, and it’s working from my end, so maybe something in your security settings is keeping it from working for you. Since it’s hard to say when, or if, the Moderator will actually move your topic into the Roll Calls section of the website, you may like to start a new topic there on your own. Navigate to the “topic” page of the Silversea Forum and look for the third topic in the sticky section titled, “NEW! Silversea Cruise Line ROLL CALL forum”. When you enter that topic, click on the link titled, “Silversea Cruise Line Roll Call Forum” and it will take you to a landing page with all of the ships. Click on “Silver Origin” and then once on that page click the “Start New Topic” button. Hope that helps!
  6. Agreed. The post was reported to the Mod yesterday, but no action has been taken yet. HappyLadyTravels, here is a link that will take you to the Silver Origin roll calls where you can start one for your voyage. Enjoy your cruise!
  7. Correct, all Alaskan and Canadian voyages are canceled, including the Russian Far East that was scheduled to depart from Nome.
  8. Just returned from a trip down the hill and couldn’t find Davey’s “Aromatic” FeverTree tonic at either of the two large monster sized liquor stores. Both stores had tags for the item, but no product on the shelf. They seemed to have every other flavor known to man. Wonder then, is Aromatic a seasonal item? Or, maybe, a supply disruption due to Covid-19? Anyway, was able to find your recommended Nolet’s and prepared a G&T exactly how I make it with Midsummer Solstice for comparison purposes. I like the nose and find it quite a bit more floral on my palette. Will head to the grocer for some raspberries and see how they might liven it up even further. So, thanks for bringing Nolet’s to our attention. The store where I bought Nolet’s was out of Midsummer Soltice and said they wouldn’t have anymore. So, I made sure to pick up a bottle at the other store. I didn’t realize it was a limited release product, regardless of the name. Speaking of limited release products, has anyone tried this Hendrick’s version? If so, please tell me more about it.
  9. OMG... so embarrassing! I was so worried about spelling repertoire correctly that I totally missed what autocorrect had done to the previous word. Oh how I wish CC had FB’s editing capabilities so I could change that offending post right now. Sorry about that!
  10. I think that Grand Voyage is pretty spectacular. We did a very long segment of it on the Muse in 2017 and the destinations were all very enjoyable. When I return home, I’ll compare the 2017 price to 2022 to lend a little more perspective. I realize the Australian dollar was much stronger in 2017 than it is now, but in U.S. dollar terms the comparison will be apples to apples. The voyage from Buenos Aires that takes in several Brazilian ports, including the Amazon River, has certainly caught our eye.
  11. The price on existing voyages are unchanged. It’s only the new Fall ‘21 / Winter ‘22 itineraries that are at a lower per diem price compared to similar and previously released 2020 and 2021 voyages.
  12. I know some people have reported issues, but on our two Muse voyages with connecting suites, we never heard a peep.
  13. Pricing is out and the per diem on every voyage we have under consideration is down in price vs. 2021. Japan, -17% Australia / New Zealand, -24% Australia / Singapore, -15% Singapore / India, -8% Panama Canal, -15% Amazon River, -11%
  14. As the world opens up, I had no idea there were still in the neighborhood of 62,000 crew on board the worldwide cruise fleet awaiting repatriation. According to this Miami Herald article, it sounds like the industry is close to reaching an agreement with the CDC to begin getting these crew members home.
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