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  1. Whew! Good. The way you wrote that original post sounded like he had first hand knowledge. While I may love the formal aspect of the classic fleet, it certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. So, now we know he’ll be just fine in the attire you proposed as I certainly agree with your assumption.
  2. I didn’t realize the Moon’s dress code had even been announced yet since the ship has never sailed with paying passengers. Where did he see the dress code of the ship at? I’d like to examine it myself as we’re booked on her next winter in SE Asia. Regardless, the Moon has more dining options than any other SS ship. So, I would imagine even if these 10-day voyages have a formal night, you will find plenty of venues allowing him to dine wearing a sport coat and collared shirt, or even a venue or two that is completely casual.
  3. In addition to Philly, you can fly nonstop from O’Hare on AA as well. AA is presently selling seats on this route, but it hasn’t been approved by the government yet.
  4. They have in the past. Hard to say if they will continue, or how they may be adapted, during this age of Covid-19 though.
  5. Good summary! A couple of notes: 1. If you don’t take SS air, the SS transfers are still available, but you must pay for them. We’ve found when sailing the classic ships we can usually arrange a transfer at 1/2 to 2/3 less than SS cost. 2. We didn’t take a SS hotel transfer upon arrival in Santiago, Chile for an expedition voyage, but was still able to use the first night hotel and transfer to the airport the next day for the Antarctica charter flight.
  6. Why not? That seems exceptionally unfair and not good faith.
  7. It will be interesting to see how this ‘booster’ process will be managed. Hopefully, it’ll be much better than the Hunger Games model employed so far with the vaccines. And, will anyone be able to take the Moderna booster even if their original vaccine was from AZ, J&J, or Pfizer?
  8. If that price comes to pass, it’s got to be the priciest the Greek Isles have ever been at $1,600 per day per couple.
  9. 😳😳😳 Would love to do the Kimberleys some day. When is your cyclone season and does it tend to have a peak like ours here in the U.S.?
  10. Can’t speak for ALL cruise lines, but for SS the odds are 0%.
  11. Try QueSeraSera’s three glasses of wine. 😉
  12. Nothing official yet, but I have it on good authority they will require vaccinations in place as they start up. Pretty sure that passengers will be tested prior to embarkation and disembarkation as well. The big unknown is what they will do if a positive test appears on disembarkation. Also, it’s going to be interesting to see how many suites will be taken out of service in order to accommodate crew in single cabins.
  13. We were on her in the winter of 2019 with ZQTChas and his bride, a few months before the big remodel, and thought she was quite grand. Every bit as good as we remembered her from 2008.
  14. LOL JP! Read it as a metaphor, rather than literally, and you’ll see the diet is just fine. 😉
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