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  1. Looks like I have a new gin to put on my shopping list. Between learning about Nolet’s Silver and Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice on this forum, a third one would be quite a trifecta. JP, is that basil also from your garden? We lost ours with that crazy late summer freeze on Sep. 8th. All of our other herbs made it through and I transplanted them all last Thursday after building a shelf in the garage to see if I can keep them going all winter long.
  2. In honor of JP, I’ve been practicing today. At noon, I started making a marinade for a new dish I want to try; 3-Day Short Ribs. The recipe is from Thomas Keller at The French Laundry in Yountville, CA, so it should be good. The marinade is made with the red wine that will be matched with the dish (Petite Sirah), as well as a bouquet garni and mirepoix. Once made, the marinade had to be completely chilled, so I’ll be putting the beef short ribs in the marinade after I complete this post. Once the marinade was made, I started preparing Sunday dinner; Halibut Cheeks w/Pine Nut Couscous and Roasted Carrots. Oh my goodness, it was incredible. The Beurre Blanc sauce hit the spot, just wish I had more carrots on hand. I paired the meal with a 2014 Chardonnay made by Steve Kistler from the Durrell vineyard. This recipe is a keeper! In closing, the snowstorm today has been a big bust so far. Our grass isn’t even covered yet. You can see what I mean by turning on CBS and watching the Broncos game that is on right now. We’ll see what the news says @ 5:00p. I just hope that the massive fire area 50-miles north of us has received A LOT more snow than we have or they are going to be in trouble next week. p.s. Please don’t tell DW I eat in front of the TV while she is away from home. 😁
  3. Isn’t that the only way to get passengers in and out of the Amazon?
  4. Yikes! That sounds super frightening. Very true! Awoke this morning to a 62° temp in the house. Outdoors it’s in the 30’s with smoke and fog in the air, so I finally broke down and turned it on.
  5. Have you researched Generac? Our family wouldn’t have any other.
  6. I’m impressed Spins! I had no idea you were referring to sea truffles. I mistakenly assumed you were referring to the super expensive ectomycorrhizal fungi found in France and Italy. My bad!
  7. I was literally thinking the exact same thing! Poor, Spins.
  8. Not quite next weekend, but the weekend after, yes. Sun., Nov 1 is the date.
  9. I just looked back at our Chronicles and it was 7:00p on our voyage. Now, keep in mind, that was early after the launch of Muse when there was much consternation about how dining was being managed on the new ship.
  10. LOL Mysty! I don’t think a grin is what I was wearing on my face. Don’t you go telling her anything, JP, while she’s away from home. What she doesn’t know about my kitchen cleaning and shaving habits won’t hurt her. 😆 Now, where’s that extra serving of dessert?
  11. I cleaned our kitchen today, inspired by the messiness of Emtbsam's. Well, "clean" as in I emptied the dishwasher and put 4-days of dishes into it. AND, I shaved today. Well, my neck. Partially. DW would be so embarrassed by my bachelor lifestyle if she saw it in person.
  12. No. 7:00p is the opening time, same as other venues.
  13. I thought along the same line as you. They must feel pretty confident they are going to start cruising again, because most rational people will not accept a 100% FCC in lieu of a 100% cash refund.
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