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  1. Emtbsam, You are a trusted voice here in the SS forum. I appreciate your candid assessment of your recent Cloud voyage. I waited and waited to book our first expedition voyage because we wanted it to be on the Cloud. To think this ship has been fully committed to the expedition market since the fall of 2017 and yet the food and service levels are not up to par is exceptionally disappointing to read. And, after reading about George’s unsafe hamburger at the Grill, I’m concerned. Who was the F&B Manager and do you know how long he/she has been with SS? Clearly, they need to up their game immediately. And, I certainly hope SS gets the dining situation rectified before we board in Jan 2020 or I’m going to be one unhappy camper.
  2. She’s trying awfully hard for the inaugural Moon crossing, Dr. Ron, but I’m steadfast in my opposition. 😁 If she finishes her degree early, maybe, just maybe, we’ll spend those university savings on a splurge trip to celebrate. 😉
  3. Could you imagine if the people of the middle to late 18th century were to return today? They would be absolutely aghast at the manners of today’s society.
  4. This is the very reason we chose the Cloud over the Explorer for Antarctica (oh, and the price too 😉). If we’re going on expedition, then I want all the creature comforts, and them some, for the price premium we pay vs. the classic ships. 😊
  5. I’m with you Davey. I watched a poor woman on FB get practically torn to shreds when she posted some minor quibbles with the first day of her voyage, yet someone says “kids”, which is apparently akin to “FIRE” in the vernacular of many SS cruisers, and the moderator lets it turn into a wildfire and burn the whole place down. Most curious indeed!
  6. No, no, no... they just know ALL Americans are packin’ heat and likely to start shootin’ at any moment. 😉
  7. I understand. I was just merely answering the question as when they launch the brand, their strategy is targeted at a very different segment of the market while trying to redefine what luxury is at sea. Not agreeing with it, just pointing it out. My whole point on this subject is while so many are in a tizzy here and over in the Facebook group, this is nothing new. It’s just merely formalizing pricing. Silver Princess started cruising with us on SS when she was 10. The cost of her fare has always been less than the new “family” discount. So, it appears, poor ol’ SS Marketing has shot themselves in the foot once again by promoting what they’ve always done rather than keeping it quiet (to those who think SS should be child free), while at the same time promoting a price increase (to those who already know what a 3rd passenger discount typically is). Oh, by the way, Silver Princess wanted to celebrate her 21st birthday on board SS in style and grace. Imagine that! A kid not looking for a wild drunken party, but rather a refined and elegant experience amongst those who appreciate the same. Why? Because she’s experienced it on SS first hand. She remembers the conversations she had with likes of Duct Tape and Rojann who treated her as a young lady, not a child. As such, she’s as loyal to the line who has doted on her for a decade, as her parents are. Seems to me that is sound marketing to gain a customer for life at such a young age.
  8. That’s exactly what it is to the tune of several million additional dollars versus what was originally planned.
  9. Without hesitation... 1. Les Amis; 2. Candlenut;
  10. Don’t be scared off. Oia is awesome. You don’t need a tour either. Just grab a cab and walk at your leisure. Best gyro of my life was had Oia, as well as some of the most beautiful fresh fish too. Oh, and the vistas are stunning too.
  11. Although we have never had the pleasure to meet, being on CC makes one feel as if we are at least, acquainted. I am terribly sorry to learn that you have lost your dear companion. May he rest In peace and May He comfort you in this time of sadness. Best wishes to you and I do hope our paths cross someday.
  12. To a fella who lives in a cold climate, but at least gets a good 3-months (usually) of warm weather, 43° in August sounds brutal, especially when I think of the poor souls who live there.
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