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  1. In our house the motto is, “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit”. A phrase to live by in all manners of life, I suppose. 😁
  2. Are you saying they no longer publish the dress code for each venue daily in the Chronicles? Yes, I understand the overall code is always shown on the front page, but each venue was then shown as well, typically on the very last page. To try and stop the incessant whining complaining, or make it even more confusing for some? 🤷🏼‍♂️ Want to bet? Agree. For us, when we were deciding between ultra-luxury lines, it was our TA who informed us. We didn’t find it a big deal at all, just packed the appropriate clothes. Then once on board, we’d just decide where we wanted to dine on any given evening during breakfast and dress accordingly that evening after 6:00p. Seemed easy enough, but what do I know?
  3. 💙💛💚 Amen! There is absolutely nothing wrong with your “tad”. At all. For what is pleasant to one person may be unpleasant to another. And, for that, we are thankful. For what a boring place this world would be if we were all the same.
  4. It’s actually published every single day that you are on board the ship. This way, no one has to worry one bit before the day in question. Quite lovely, really.
  5. Odd, I couldn’t find any pics in the Ruminations thread. 😉
  6. Wait until you see the motorbikes at night in Hanoi!
  7. Damn, Que… your 3-glass minimum has served you well!
  8. Santorini, like Venice, is so romantic, especially when the cruise tourists leave in mid-afternoon. It feels as if you have the place to yourself.
  9. Oh, that would be just awful to experience. So very sad.
  10. Holy smokes! Glad everyone was okay. What speed do you estimate the vehicles were traveling? Looks like it was much lower than the 90km/h head on crash I was involved in once.
  11. Well I’ll be damned. Gotta luv kids these days and their acronyms.
  12. Scrooge! Oh wait… wrong holiday. Sorry, JP.
  13. Well, this has been A LOT of fun. Now, what in the holy heck is YMMV? Some sort of whacked out new Canadian airport code? 😁
  14. Completely agree Mayflower1. Those views are certainly a concern for us and should SS not have the issues fixed over the next 16-months or so, then our 2025 voyage will be our last. Too many other options in the ultra luxury space, with more coming in 2026 and beyond, to remain loyal to a company that no longer offers discernible differences.
  15. Yes, of course. No one has ever said otherwise. Check the record of others who have expressed the same opinion as you. Everyone is entitled. Which is why folks will continue to question certain POVs. I for one have never found SS to be discriminatory, but rather very inclusive, providing great variability to all who wish to dress however they like.
  16. Totally understand what you’re saying. But, what you find silly another finds sensible. This is what makes a market, I guess. I’ll just never understand why some feel they need to continue complaining about a subject that has been discussed ad naseum, let alone ruin someone else’s joy.
  17. If true, then why do people who want to be casual all of the time continue to book SS? And, then when they discover they don’t like the policies, why don’t they cancel their booking knowing full well they aren’t going to enjoy themselves? I get RonWL’s point, because he wanted to try SS, which was more important to him regardless of any dress code on any given night or restaurant, even though he wasn’t crazy about said code.
  18. When I saw its origin, I figured you had tried it. Someday I’ll get over there to explore the region’s wines.
  19. Agree. Wish people would stop with the complaints. They know what the line’s dress code is when they book, so why complain about it? If you don’t like it, move on to a line that better meets your wishes. Pretty easy from my POV. On land we don’t question a restaurant’s dress code. If we don’t like it, we just choose a different one, rather than incessantly whining how we wish they would change.
  20. Ha! I’ve seen your steak and there’s no way the center is warmer than whatever red wine you’re having with it. 🥩vs.🍷 I truly look forward to the day when I get to cook a steak for you. It’ll be the easiest grilling job I’ve done, ever. When I remove my steak to rest, I’ll put yours on. Shockingly, I do worry that it may be too early for yours though. 😆 Lincslady, your meal sounds fun! Hope you can take a pic, or two, for us here to enjoy.
  21. Hasn’t that always been the case here in the forum? I remember there was a fella way, way back, possibly from the UK, who used to moan and complain about the most trivial of things, even including SS’s surveys. Some just have that disposition.
  22. They already have. A man sailing SS never has to wear a jacket if he doesn’t want to. Plenty of dining options for those who don’t, as well as those who do.
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