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  1. You are very right! Totally missed your voyage. Thanks for letting us know! Hopefully by then some of the sillier CDC requirements will be a thing of the past.
  2. If this turns out to be true, then I'm super impressed. With that said, sounds like a good question for the Barbara Muckerman forthcoming event.
  3. Thanks, but I don't think you could upset me even if you tried. Sorry that I gave you that impression. And, I missed the comparison to the UK numbers. I mistook your comment as a comparison between where the U.S. is now versus where we've been.
  4. Woah! 9,000' is up there! We're only at 7,500' thankfully.
  5. It's so surprising to think you'll get snow at your altitude. Typically, you are safe by now. Big bummer! Pretty much until we get past Memorial Day on May 31.
  6. Silversea is not bound by CDC guidelines in foreign waters. And, considering the Silver Moon is not scheduled to reach the U.S. shores until March 2023, I don't believe you have anything to worry about.
  7. No smuggling required. Both are available on the ship. 🙂
  8. Great posts by SSCAF001 and Onserver. Atlantide is exactly like The Restaurant on other ships. And, we adore the Arts Cafe for its ease and simplicity. We always try and stay on the same floor as Arts for the sheer reason of just rolling out of bed and a short walk down the hall.
  9. IT has started about 5-hours early. If it keeps up this pace, look out, we may get more than 18”. Snow blower is standing by. IMG_5922.MOV
  10. I don’t dispute what you say, Ron. And, I certainly don’t think our country has done a good job managing the outbreak. But, to say the U.S. #’s haven’t improved much just isn’t accurate, especially when you consider where we were just 2-weeks ago, let alone a month or a quarter. Vaccinations are working. So, literally, we are in the best shape we’ve been in 11-months.
  11. Not sure what data source your using Ron, but according to CDC official reports the U.S. case #’s have been falling off a cliff, thank goodness. As of the May 9th report, our daily cases are at their lowest level since June 15 last year. They have fallen by two-thirds since April 29.
  12. Food looks fantastic! Love the onion board idea. So cool! Enjoy every moment with your daughter! I can only imagine how joyful a time it must be to have her home with you.
  13. Yeah, I have no idea since I don’t follow any other cruise line. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.
  14. This is a Silversea forum, so I just focus on them. I would imagineif you post your question in other cruise line forums on Cruise Critic you will receive more answers to your question.
  15. Silversea announced on April 8 their requirement that all embarking crew and guests have to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to embarking on any of its cruises starting from the 18th of June.
  16. Look forward to reading your posts about the maiden voyage. Going to be curious about how SS manages the S.A.L.T. venues which are sure to be popular, even more so without a dining fee.
  17. It’s been a fun and busy Mother’s Day weekend. Started off Friday night with poached halibut in a white wine, vidalia onion, roma tomato, and castelvetrano olive compote with wilted basil and fresh parsley garnish. Saturday was spent raking out the native grass area of our property. Removed 20-yards of yard waste made up of nothing but pine needles and cones. Daffodils are just starting to peak their heads above ground, so since nothing is ready to be cut, went to the florist for a pretty bunch of tulips. This morning was a kitchen sink omelette with
  18. Caviar has been included and available anytime shortly after the original RCL investment. Specialty dining still has charges ($60 La Dame, $40 Kaiseki). Supposedly, S.A.L.T. will not include any dining fees.
  19. Mr. Silver, do you think the new Expedition fleet livery will make a change to the temps now that it is a light color instead of dark?
  20. Nope. That’s what we love about Silversea; everyone is treated equally well regardless of cabin type.
  21. Guinea pig In the name of science. 😉
  22. Got my 3rd dose of today. Should REALLY be good to go now!
  23. Don't rain on my parade quite yet, Terry. Lots can change over the course of 9-months.
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