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  1. Saint John, New Brunswick was expecting 200,000 cruise visitors this season, starting in April. I love going uptown on cruise ship days as you can sense there is a ship in port before you see it. The air seems alive with excitement and I never tire of it. Having said that, I was dreading the cruise ship season this year. The thought of so many people from all over the world descending on our small city at this time was quite scary. That seemed to be the general sentiment among people I know as well. We welcomed the PM's announcement that the season would be postponed.
  2. I saw our mutual friend's post on fb regarding his power outage.
  3. It’s pretty wild here in Saint John but at least we have power at this point. I don’t mind it too much when it is daylight but in the dark everything will seem worse.
  4. I have always had a Canadian passport but my country of birth is noted on it.
  5. Americans used to be able to travel to Cuba from Canada but I found out that has changed since the last time I was in Cuba. I am a Canadian citizen whose mother didn’t make it home to Canada in time so I was born in the US and ,within a few weeks, brought back to Canada. I am a US citizen as a result but as a Canadian I have stayed at all inclusive resorts in Cuba in the past. A few few months ago I was browsing trips on the website of the Canadian company we have used in the past for trips to Cuba. I got a pop up asking if I had US citizenship and when I answered yes I cou
  6. Thank you for confirming my suspicions and also for the excellent suggestion re the multi port charger. What a great idea.
  7. Oh my, we will be boarding the Zaandam in a month. From your description I suppose I shouldn’t even ask if the Zaandam has been refitted with the lower sided tubs or USB ports beside the bed. Silly me but I’ll ask anyway. Has it been?😀😀😀😀
  8. You are correct in your guess that locals still refer to “the Falls”. In fact the only time I hear the term “rapids” is from tourism promoters. Even though rapids is a more accurate term, old habits die hard. We do love our “Falls” 😀
  9. I have reported babies in the swimming pool a few times and a staff member has asked the parents to remove them.
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