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  1. I can stream our home TV service with an app on my iPad anywhere we happen to be. Since TV selections on HAL are so abysmal I was hoping to use the app on our upcoming cruise. (Earbuds if in public areas of course). With what I have been reading here I am in a quandary as to whether to purchase the premium or mid package. Any suggestions?
  2. I heartily agree with you. I can count on my fingers the number of times I have posted in the last six months or so. CC used to be fun but the introduction of this new format as well as the general nastiness has dampened my enthusiasm. We are taking a 14 day cruise this summer and for the first time ever, I have not signed onto the roll call as soon as it appeared. It’s possible that I may in time, but I doubt it. I am sailing with my very good friend and shopping buddy from the West Coast and that’s good enough for me. I am am very grateful for some enduring friendships I have made in the past because of CC. Maybe if I start lurking a bit after a long absence my enthusiasm will return.
  3. The double sinks and separate shower stall are worth the price of admission all by themselves.
  4. We were booked on a 14 day Montreal-Boston-Bermuda-Boston cruise on the Zaandam for June 2019. We booked as soon as it became available. Shortly thereafter the cruise was cancelled with no explanation and we were offered a 14 day Montreal-Boston-Montreal as a replacement along with some OBC. We agreed to this. I cannot find the 14 day cruise we were offered on the website—-Just 7day segments, so I am guessing the 14 day combined cruise was for those who had Bermuda cancelled. Our travel mates from the UK and British Columbia also received the 14 day offer. It allows us to also receive $250 shareholders OBC instead of the $200 we would get as a total for 2 seven day cruises.
  5. I always tip 15 dollars for our four heavy bags. I have yet to encounter a longshoreman who overtly expected a tip. I am Canadian so am not actively promoting what you refer to as American culture. I am just pleased to receive friendly and efficient service and don’t mind expressing it in a tangible way.
  6. I only see one person preaching on this thread and it isn’t Kazu.
  7. That was our experience this last April as well.
  8. Me too. It’s just another case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing. That’s always been an issue on HAL in more areas than one. Things vary from ship to ship and on the same ship, depending on who you are talking to.
  9. Bon Voyage to all and special best wishes to Ruth C. Hope everyone has a wonderful cruise.
  10. On our Hawaii cruise out of Vancouver last spring only one person on our roll call received a boarding time email. We all ignored it and there was no problem. Our group of six was among the first on board.
  11. Oh Louis, you have such a talent for getting to the root of the matter. :D
  12. Believe me, you would still look young. :D
  13. Just a comment on your annoyance with people who take the elevator for just one floor. I see by your photo that you are young. My husband is elderly and unsteady on his feet. Using the stairs on a moving ship is dangerous for him. We take the elevator even if we are just going one floor. There are others who may be younger but who suffer from COPD and cannot do stairs. I have a cruising friend whose husband suffers chronic pain from an old injury and stair climbing is not an option for him. I could go on and list many ailments that prevent a person from doing stairs. As you age you may have to join the “one floor elevator “ club and no longer include them in your list of annoyances. I must admit that if I had been cruising when I was young I probably would have been annoyed as well. Age is a great teacher.
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