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  1. I think at this point, no one really knows. I would think the "fairest" way would be by booking date. However, my business side says it should be highest cabin rate. I don't think other than those two variables who knows how they decide. Maybe they start and go every other cabin and its the luck of the draw. Who knows at this point. I am just hoping cruising is back sooner than later!
  2. I'm still showing the cash refund option, granted you have to click read more and scroll down, they are def hiding that as an option so people take the FCC vs refund. One of the articles I read was only 45% refunds requested and maybe this is helping that. If they cancel you can def get your money back if you want, or you can FCC at 125% or lift and shift.
  3. Most questions are answered here. https://www.rclinvestor.com/faqs/shareholder-benefit/
  4. Dang that's fast, I cancelled on April 16th and nothing yet, but congrats! I am not expecting it until 45 days so anything inside of that is bonus!
  5. Yes you should be getting your deposit refunded on a RCL cancelled cruise.
  6. Did RCL cancel your cruise or did you cancel? If RCL cancels, I just cancelled like 5 days ago and I was offered the 125%, I turned it down partially to what you talked about being issues. If you want the 125% even on their website currently it talks about RCL canceled cruises are eligible so you can call I am sure and switch to FCC vs refund. I am not sure about the 2k left over if its attached to a new FCC or if there is residual value etc. I didnt like the pricing I saw for my same cruise next year so just going to wait some things out and see when things even out.
  7. If RCCL cancels its 125%, if you cancel its 100% (under cruise with confidence) poster asked what happened if RCI cancels hence the 125%. From RCL from latest cancellation period up until June 11th. "As a result of this change, we’re providing you with a 125% Future Cruise Credit to come back and sail with us by April 30th, 2022. Please re-book using your FCC by December 31, 2021."
  8. If everything stays the same the FCC (Future Cruise Credit) will be at 125% of the cruise cost. They may change that by the time your cruise gets cancelled but these have been the past 3 offers for cancellations.
  9. I used a TA but I was still allowed to cx through the link on RCCL so maybe try that and get your place in line?
  10. It changed to June 11th, then why we were discussing it went back to the old announcement May 12th, hence the confusion.
  11. And its back on RCCL, june 11th https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/itinerary-updates
  12. its funny its back to the May 11/12 warning now, I swear I saw it updated to June 11th.
  13. I I used the same click here and it allowed me to fill out info and submit refund request. The info I swear was on RCL now its showing the old dates. I used a TA so on the phone with them to see if I need to do anything on their side.
  14. YAY, now the waiting starts for refunds, heads up the form I signed did say 45 days so those that were told 1-2 weeks or 30 days maybe this is the new "window".
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