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  1. Sailing in October out of the Logn Beach port with Carnival Cruise line and need a hotel stay the night before and leave our car for a week. Any suggestion out there? Thanks
  2. Anne - We arrive on March 16, 2020. Sorry for the typo . The Hop on Hop Off bus stops at the Holiday Inn and the cruise dock is close to the hotel too? Will the taxi take a credit card? Is Ube or Lyft available from airport? Thanks for your help, Frank and Sarah
  3. Yayayeff - Anne: We will be arriving on March 19, 2020 at 9:30 pm at DXB airport and want to get to our hotel, Holiday Inn Dubai Festival City (you recommended this hotel to us). What is the most reasonable way to get to the hotel? Does the hotel offer a shuttle? We are boarding the NCL Jade on March 18. Thanks for your help. Frank and Sarah - SF,CA
  4. Jayaeff - Anne: Thank you very much for your help. Is there a hotel with an underwater resturant that yuoi take a submarine too? Frank
  5. Jayaeff - Anne - We are Frank and Sarah from San Francisco and will be arriving in Dubai by on the morning of March 17, 2020 and sailing NCL, Jade on March 18. We will be leaving San Francisco on Sunday, so when we arrive I know we have a lot of 'jet lag". Can you suggest a reasonable hotel, close to a Hob on/off Bus stop? Because of the jet lag I am unsure about how much site seeing we will be able to do. At least the off and on bus will give us an option to see part of Dubai. Thanks for your help. Frank and Sarah. cheerytrekker@yahoo.com
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