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  1. I think the internet could be the end of my cruising. I loved getting on a ship and not seeing people on there phones. I loved not having mine and not using it.
  2. Very sorry for your loss. My wife and I will think of both of you tomorrow as we set sail and gaze at the Pacific.
  3. I am coming along for the trip. Just got caught up. Enjoying your posts, Thanks.
  4. I have done 4 Hawaii cruises. One out of SF in Winter, One out of LA in Winter and One out of SD in Winter. So far this trip has been my favorite. Out of SF the November temp will probably be in the 60s. The first two days will be chilly but it will warm up each day. Reverse on the way back. You don't say how much your cruise so I don't know how much you like sea days. I love them! Princess will have many activities going on from morning to late night. If you enjoy sea day activities you will enjoy it. But 4 or 5 day at sea is a bit. No sight of land. You really get to know your ship and create a routine. I think of this trip as 3 vacations. First you relax going over, then you have very busy days while there and then a few days to recover on the way. Enjoy
  5. To each their own. I don't understand people who go sit by a pool or on a beach. I have many nice pools to sit around at home and in California, we have some of the best looking beaches in the world.
  6. I visit Wal Mart and other stores while visiting different ports. It not to really buy things, (but I do if I see something I want) but to see how others live in this world. It is great insight to walk into stores and see how they are set up and what they are selling. It is interesting to see how they function. If you know anything about sociology it is amazing. What I try and avoid are stores set up just for us, the tourist. They are not real and give no impression of the country.
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