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  1. By any chance does anyone have a list (or know where to find one on the Princess web site) of which ships offer club class mini suites? We really enjoyed club class on the Grand in 2018 and would like to look at cruises that offer this option. When looking into a Greenland cruise - I realized that not all Princess ships offer club class. Thanks for any info! Jerie
  2. We were on our 1st Regent cruise in October. Yes, it is pricey - but you do need to add everything into the price of a non-inclusive cruise to compare. The small size and very friendly passengers were one of our favorite things about the Mariner. The bridge instructor was a nice surprise - we'd never played and definitely learned the basics to start us off. Excursions were managed extremely well! We were on a large cruise once, where we sat and waited and waited in the theater to be called to leave. On Regent we arrived in the theater a bit before the listed time-
  3. We found a couple really wonderful food items on our first Regent Cruise earlier this month. Thought perhaps people might want to share their favorites.... In Compass Rose for breakfast there is an item on the left bottom part of the menu that was fantastic - called "Frozen Blueberry and Banana bowl" - was pureed bluberries, frozen (think sorbet) on top of small squares of various fruit (banana, kiwi, watermelon, etc - seemed to vary by the day) and topped with almond slices. Really tasty and a good start to our day In Chartreuse - the scallops were very good, as was
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