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  1. You can email me at laenie at gmail dot com if you want to coordinate
  2. It was a package that was bookable, but I think you could just pay for it also $7? elaine
  3. I stayed last month at the Hyatt Place in Dania, it shares a shuttle with the Hyatt House. The location to Dania place was great, walkable to restaurants and stores (I ate at the Italian restaurant in the parking lot). Hyatt House is having construction done, not sure how that affects the hotel, Hyatt Place was fine, the breakfast was a grab and go and is included. The rooms were a little tired but fine for a nights stay. The bar/restaurant in HP is closed but you can walk across to HH. I found the restaurants close by to be a great option, and if you have forgotten anything lots of options to shop.
  4. I have a friend thats a TA touring the ship today and tomorrow. I can ask him where is a good meet up area. the massages are really expensive compared to other cruiselines! And you cannot book them u til we are onboard.
  5. Is anyone interested in sharing a cabana in Bimini? It’s $350 fir up to four, there’s just one of me. Elaine
  6. me also! I’m on the first three cruises. Will be sad if I don’t “fit in”!
  7. Hi All, just booked this as a b2b with Oct 6 one. It’s getting close! Anyone else in both cruises? Elaine
  8. We are also! Excited to try something different and new! elaine
  9. Hi all, just jumped on this cruise! Looking forward to trying out Virgin. elaine
  10. Hi Greg, welcome to the group! a meet up sound great! Maybe first day before sail away? elaine
  11. I am boarding the Edge today in a solo Infinite Balcony. I’ll take some pics and post here how it all goes! First time on celebrity. elaine
  12. We flew on an airplane first time in over a year last weekend, was packed!
  13. Thank you, I’ve searched where we are and all of them say results 48 hours or more.....
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