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  1. Does anyone have experience with American cruise line? TIA E
  2. I’ve done 3 AQ river cruises and as others have said it’s all about the ports. From my experience, the demographics were mostly over 70 with a few younger people sprinkled in, one time even a family with two young boys! Depending on the ship, some do habe a very small pool and a small gym. Lots of people walk the decks and I enjoyed just getting off the ship at the small towns and wandering. Meeting others was very easy as the ships are small. And yes, you will be paired with others to make a larger table. I was at one that seated 4 but I was solo so we found two more that were seated at a larger table and we joined them for more fun conversation! It is nothing like cruising on a large ocean going ship, but there was always good music, someone to play cards with, and fun entertainment at night. If you want to be active, I would suggest going on an ocean liner instead of a small river ship. elaine
  3. Check out a US river cruise. We did two last year and they were both wonderful! You can be as active or lazy as you want. We did American Queen and they have bikes available for each port. Viking also has some US cruises. Both are really enjoyable and so interesting!
  4. Yes, it would be rude if you are sitting with others to bring a book to read at the table. I was suggesting this if you are sitting alone as a way to enjoy your meal/drink, etc and not be bothered. I feel it is okay to be reading or writing, etc. while sitting alone and have seen many others doing this. As this is the OP’s cruise, they should be able to enjoy it how they want, and not have to worry about how others perceive them. elaine
  5. Why not just take a book to dinner or a journal. Enjoy your drink and or meal and read/draw/write and if others try and bother you, just motion to what you’re doing and continue on. My daughter does this and has no issues. People get the hint and move on.
  6. Hi! I will be flying into FLL mid day and cruising out of the port of Miami the next morning. Is it best to Uber to a port hotel the day of my flight or stay at a fll hotel and Uber over day off? TIA
  7. Oh, I did t realize there was one, thank you!
  8. Anyone on the Memphis to St Louis cruise?
  9. Was just boarding on Sunday and no testing on Saturday! Check in went so quickly! I agree that it is pointless to have people tested at check in as people are on and off the boat almost every day and from my last few cruises, many have developed covid as we sailed!
  10. We were on the Queen a couple weeks back. We were assigned a specific table for the entire cruise. It happened to be a two person but we met the people across from us and they had a six top so we asked and were switched to their table for the rest of the cruise.
  11. American queen River cruise, NOLA to Memphis. June -26-July 4, 2022 One night hotel and Transfer to boat included We booked one extra night ourselves We had a Nola tour. On boarding day, Very good info. Three stops. Then Transfer to ship after tour Our buses and drivers stay with us the entire time, they drive the buses at night and then on our tours during the day The shore excursion staff are also our tour helpers and we pick up a local for the day on each bus The tour guides are all very knowledgeable and friendly. Lots of good info and stories Boarding: Easy quick walk on, champagne welcome, music playing Rooms ready quickly Suite 509 which was deluxe suite. We loved the location, which was on deck 5. The only bad part is if it rains hard the deck gets flooded and slippery but they do try to come around and clean off the area as quickly as possible. We had fast access to the Front Porch for drinks and food and quick access to inside the ship. Had more room and a few extra perks which included: early boarding, a bottle of wine, a box theater seat, Choice of dining times Queen bed, sofa and two chairs Dressing area with closet and drawers Dresser in main area Very antique and southern feel Full tub with shower and commode and sink inside bathroom Extra sink area outside of bath Easy walk off and on at all ports. They offer golf carts to shuttle anyone who wants or needs it to the buses or the ship. lobster offered every night Danced to fun music Shows are music and very good performers Our cruise director performs in the shows A lot of the crew do multi jobs Food: very good and flavorful, portions are on the smaller side which is fine by me At breakfast and lunch there is a buffet and also order off the menu in MDR. Buffet upstairs is all three meals plus ice cream and snacks Breakfast and lunch was usually 7-9/930am Dinner was two seatings: 515 and 8pm Buffet was also during these times Coffee and tea, juices and lemonade, etc available self serve 24 hr At least one bar is open at 11 and one stays open late We were sad the River Grill was never opened but understand they are short staffed. Tours: at all ports there’s a free included tour. Usually a HOHO bus. The buses follow the ship from port to port and are used by the cruise line to transport us while in port. We got to know the drivers well. Tours have been interesting and informative with people coming from the towns to be our guide. You meet pretty much everyone on board. We had French doors that led out on the deck with two chairs and a table. Plus to this was we had a nice view of the water and could chat easily with neighbors or people walking by. This was also a downside some days. No photographers but fellow passengers will happily take your picture Drinks are included and they do have a premium package we didn’t find it necessary No bar service except in dining room, it’s all walk up at all three bars Walls are very thin, we could hear our neighbors tv very loudly. And their talking also. If you have French doors you will have spaces that look outside. Also sometime water comes in! The ship is still being worked on, it’s a beautiful vessel but still needs a lot of work. Crew can be seen cleaning all the time. Right now they are very short staffed. I would recommend just doing HOHO in each port unless you need to see something specific. We had booked two preferred tours, one was mostly just a bus ride and the other we were five hours behind so they ran an abbreviated tour which felt rushed. Was disappointed they wouldn’t let us cancel the tour. Would have liked a bigger pool, the one in this ship is more large hot tub size. A covered area by the pool would work well. The calliope is a very interesting, we loved getting a chance to play it! Our fav crew: Vaughn David bartender Guitar player who is also security guard Phil piano Mike I felt a few things would be nice: Bar table service Leaf blower Ingredient lists for buffet Coffee/tea cart in morning Real coffee cups We really enjoyed our time on our first river cruise. Looking forward to another one in the future!
  12. Hi Cris! We are Jim and Elaine and we own in lake Wales, Florida but only winter there as we also have a place in Michigan also! this will be our first river cruise, two cancelled before this one. Looking forward to something different! elaine
  13. I am doing a 15 day Princess cruise Aug. 15.
  14. We just booked this cruise and was wondering if anyone else is onboard?
  15. I have a few solo trips planned, anyone on NCL Getaway, sept 29, or Caribbean Princess, Aug. 15?
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