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  1. HAL never posted our hotels name and address on our visible on line itinerary at any time. I was very concerned by this. When I contacted my PCC- she reassured me of our reservation- but that they could not add on the extra night. So I took a deep leap and did it myself and hoped nothing would get lost in translation. When printing out our HAL documents- information not visible on screen prints- all the hotel- tour- & cocktail party event time & date were already there. Wish I had thought to do so sooner, could have spared myself a lot of planning worry. On the morning of "Day 1" of the "2 Nights Included"- HAL set up a table off to the side in the lobby for ships services. They checked guests in & helped with all supportive needs. I heard they also helped some arrange Vatican tours & other things... On the terrace evening, the appetizers were plentiful, but included a shrimp option. I am highly allergic to shellfish and avoided it all, so I am unsure exactly what else was passed about... but there were meats and cheeses & wine. There were very few chairs & we ended up sitting on the Terrace walls. I wish I had dressed less cocktail and more sharply tourist. We were not told about dinner and it was a real treat! We were a good sized group and filled several tables of 8. A 4 course dinner was served at table side. We were with HAL from 4PM-10PM that evening- before embarkation. I hope this info helps with your planning- keeping in mind... this was just our experience-
  2. We're just back from our 10-DAY MEDITERRANEAN MOSAIC Cruise 4/11-4/21. As suite residents, we were fortunate to participate in their new 2018 Signature Experience. I wanted to share our experience for those interested: Our ship sailed an hour outside of ROME and they put us up for 2 nights at the HOTEL MEDITERRANEO VIA CAVOUR in ROMA. (We added on an additional nights stay at our expense- disqualifying us from airport pickup- so I cannot comment on how that service might have gone. Also, on the recommendation of another CC member, we paid the difference and upgraded to a suite in the hotel. I want to reassure those who have asked- this hotel does include full breakfast buffet. Though not in the center of it all, this hotel is within walking distance of most and transportation is readily available as needed. We ate dinner one night at thier rooftop restaurant (breakfast served in same place) and it was fantastic. Now, about "The Experience" Here is a C&P from HALs description on line: A Night out in Ancient Rome Begin a magical evening in the Casa dei Cavalieri di Rodi (House of the Knights of Rhodes) on a terrace overlooking the Roman Forum. Dine on hearty appetizers as you drink in the spectacular view—and your choice of Prosecco, white or red wine—before departing for an exclusive, after-hours tour of the Coliseum given by one its most elite guides. Our Signature Experience Evening: Bus drove us from the hotel to the Coliseum first for a late afternoon tour. It is a long walk on uneven terrain between bus drop and entry. It was very warm that day & crowded. The tour itself was good... especially if you had never been there before. However, I would have skipped this part (since I had visited previously during daylight hours) if I was offered the option. It was truly the opportunity to experience the after-hours tour of the Coliseum that had appealed to me. We then walked 15-20 minutes over further uneven terrain until we reached the Casa dei Cavalieri di Rodi. Once you climbed its many steps, it did indeed offer a rooftop terrace overlook with a spectacular view. They passed around drinks and appetizers as we mingled. There were very few chairs, and frankly- I was waiting for the ride back to the hotel. Then to the surprise of all- they announced "dinner is served" and summoned us all in & down more flights of stairs. Dinner? Yes- HAL surprised us all with a full course 🍷🍴 dinner! By evenings end- we had all shared enough food and wine that the exhaustion from the earlier schlepp & disappointment seemed irrelevant. It was really a very pleasant and unique evening. NO- it wasn't what they "advertised"... but they made it special & memorable! The next day we did not meet until 11:30 for the bus- disappointing many hoping to arrive at the ship early. A few folks did opt to pay a cab and head to the ship on their own. The rest of us were all aboard the Ms Koningsdam by 1:30 and went straight to cabin without any boarding delay. We shared a magical anniversary cruise... enhanced by the Signature Experience!
  3. TY so much Kazu & to all at CC for helping me prepare for another cruise. Sharing the planning excitement, learning the current do's & don'ts... counting down. This week, I even found a vintage tea length dress to renew our wedding vows! I'll share some specifics on our experience with HALs Signature Experience when we return and review for all. Bon Voyage...:D
  4. Has anyone returned yet from a Signature Experience? I am in the final stages of packing & need to decide if I should bring anything "special" for "the experience". As Part of the Rome package their description reads: "a magical evening in the Casa dei Cavalieri di Rodi (House of the Knights of Rhodes) on a terrace overlooking the Roman Forum. Dine on hearty appetizers as you drink in the spectacular view—and your choice of Prosecco, white or red wine—before departing for an exclusive, after-hours tour of the Coliseum given by one its most elite guides." Ordinarily, I would pamper for a cocktail party... but for an evening of coliseum touring about, I am thinking- perhaps not? Any recommendations?
  5. I am allergic to shellfish and always anxiously fill out the allergy forms and have never had a problem. On the first night I am sure to speak with my head waiter, and his crew... During a behind the scenes tour on one of the HAL ships I discovered "THE WALL". All "our" special diet boarding pics- table numbers (if assigned seating)- and allergies posted as a reminder to crew. I commented on it. She promptly said... its only the backup. All our ID boarding pics ALSO identified our allergies and keep special needs records that follow with us to reservations in restaurants... and while I know that info offers little relief for lido, I hope it does offer some insight in behind the scenes main dining. For a child- I would also consider an allergy bracelet or necklace as an additional precaution.
  6. I am sorry you were not aware of the signature experience before finalizing your travel arrangements. This is the first time I have ever seen this perk offered... so I honestly don't know what to expect or its value vs. those airline rebook fees. I hope everything works out for you & you have a wonderful cruise whatever travels follow.
  7. I do not know if many (if anyone) on CC have participated as of yet. We are counting down and I promise to review "package" as soon as we return. Included with a Neptune Suite- it is a very exciting perk. But as a purchase- I think it comes down to the value of the bonus "event" or excursion they can create for us. We needed to add an additional nights stay in Rome. I learned our Rome stay would be at the Hotel Mediterraneo. HAL was unable to book the added night, so I did it direct. In doing so- I was told our HAL booking included the standard luxury accommodations with breakfast- and offered the option to purchase upgrade. I would figure out your investment in accommodations and what the excursion is worth to you to help make your decision.
  8. Less than a month to go! We are confirmed for our precruise stay at HOTEL MEDITERRANEO in ROMA for 2 days prior as per signature package- and we paid to add one additional evening & suite upgrade... I arranged the additional evening & upgrade myself- NOT THROUGH HAL. This hotel does include breakfast (a concern in previous postings)
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