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  1. I got a $6100 refund today. I cancelled my Baltic Cruise and Easy Air flight scheduled for May 30th on March 18th. They said expect payment in 30 days. At thirty days I filed dispute charge on my Chase Sapphire card. They gave me a conditional credit right away and this morning notified me that they had resolved the charge. I was refunded all but $100, and as of yet my FCD has not been returned. I am very happy with the result. I hope everyone has the same result shortly
  2. I tried to do this last fall. I finally called Princess for help and they told me you can’t book two one way tickets for the same cruise. Hope you have better luck.
  3. Trying to talk my husband into renting a car after spending a few precruise days in Berlin. Being able to drop off car close to where we board the ship might seal the deal for him. Do you mind naming car rental agency that allowed this?
  4. Worked perfectly for me last month on the Emerald Princess
  5. Thank you for all the helpful comments. Based on them, I booked a refundable fare for a 29 day cruise almost a year out. The cost was $1800 more, but included internet and $600 onboard credit and Pinnacle Grill dinner. Now will be busy watching fares and sales.
  6. If you book a nonrefundable deposit are you allowed to refare the cruise if a better price becomes available prior to final payment without it affecting your deposit?
  7. Lessons learned-will definitely include name and address, plus itinerary in bag in future. Never got a straight answer as to why it took so long to locate my bag. I believe a few people dropped the ball initially, one person told me that the 4th of July holiday may have slowed progress in tracking the missing bag. Although the luggage tag was in a heavy duty cable locked tag they said tag was missing. I truly believe if I had not gotten corporate email contacts from bEwAbG my bag would have remained in a storage room at the port. In any event glad we are getting our bag back. Husband swears he will only do carry on from now on, as long as we can continue vacationing I am a happy camper! Again thank you for all the help and positive feedback.
  8. You are my hero bEwAbG! Sent an email to corporate names you provided at 4:30pm Saturday. At 6:30pm Saturday I received a call from the manager of property claims. She said that she would be in contact with the port first thing Monday morning to try and locate the missing bag. I got a call this morning from the port saying they believed they had my bag. After confirming the contents, they said they would ship it Federal Express at no charge to my house. I highly recommend saving the contact numbers provided by bEwWAbG, they work wonders!
  9. Thank you so much for contact numbers.
  10. Thanks for the phone numbers to port, I asked Holland and they wouldn’t give them to me. Cruise critic members are the best!
  11. I posted a couple of weeks ago that I had used Port Valet in Seattle and one of my bags didn’t make it. I wanted to report an update about the disappointing service I have received from Hal and ask for any suggestions from Cruise Critic experts on what they would suggest I do. Both Southwest Airlines and Port Valet showed no record of receiving the missing luggage. Holland told me to email a lost luggage report and they would then search for my bag. I received an auto reply from Holland with a report number Id. I called them a week later and I got a “don’t call us, we will email you” response. Today, I got an email saying they were continuing to search for bag. I called them to ask what the next step would be and they told me, sorry we don’t have any record of a report! Why don’t you submit another report? Is this unusual- getting very frustrated! Any suggestions would be most welcome
  12. On Port Valet’s tracker, my bag shows up with the tag number and the message “Your bag has been delivered to the airport and checked by Southwest.” I receive this bag at my home airport right after I departed my flight. Port Valet tracker shows my husband’s name but nothing else. No tracker number, or anything else. i believe his bag was never picked up by Port Valet. I am hoping it is locked in a room at the Seattle Port. Both Port Valet and Southwest have been great and very responsive, even though they haven’t been able to locate my bag. I called Holland America Monday and they told me to email a claim form. I did Monday no response. I resent it Wednesday still no response. I will call again tomorrow.
  13. I did. It tracked the bag that I received, but showed a blank ticket number for the missing bag.
  14. Actually my husband arrived, his bag did not!
  15. My husband and I got off the Amsterdam Monday in Seattle and we were excited to use Port Valet. When we arrived at our home airport, my bag had arrived, but my husband did not. We went to Southwest baggage agent and they showed no record of receiving our bag. Port Valet also showed no record of picking up the bag. I then called Holland America and they directed me to email them the information. I did, but have yet to hear anything. Does anyone have any advice as to how I should proceed?
  16. Thanks for your responses. I was given the number of Luggage Direct by Holland (877-847-0045. ) For $39 they will pick up two pieces of luggage ($10 for each additional bag) right off the baggage carousel, no need for you to wait at baggage claim. They will take them to the port and they will be delivered to your room. This will allow my husband and I to ride the sky train to downtown Seattle and spend a couple of hours at Pikes Market before boarding our ship. The only holdup is I have a guarantee cabin and they can’t book service until cabin is assigned.
  17. Arriving day of cruise around 9:00am to SeaTac. Are there any services that will transport our bags to the ship so that we can enjoy a couple of hours at Pike’s Market before boarding our Holland cruise?
  18. Just off the Ruby-no prime rib the first night, but served the third night. Happily the first lunch was the old menu-love the avocado shrimp, salmon and orange soufflé. My favorite way to start a cruise.
  19. I enjoyed your review. As you said, what is important to one person may not matter to another. We are elite on Princess but a November cruise on the Eurodam worked better with our schedule. We fell in love with Holland America and will always choose it over Princess, (at least in the near future) even though we have no status with HA. Our balcony room bathroom was hands down larger and more functional, the food was awesome, and enjoyed the musical venues. The size of the ship was smaller than the Ruby or Grand which we had recently sailed on, and the ship was in better condition. That said any cruise is a great cruise!
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