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  1. So gad you made it home safe and sound. So sorry about you feeling so bad on the plane. I would love to read more of your reviews. I thoroughly enjoyed each one I have read.
  2. I am so very jealous of you being able to take a cruise. We are supposed to be on Regal out of Southampton for the trans-Atlantic back to Ft Lauderdale. My fingers are crossed that we will be able to take this cruise and it will not be cancelled. I can't wait to continue reading the end of the Hawaiian cruise as well as the review of your 3-day cruise. Marilee
  3. Not sure if you will see this or not but just wanted to tell you I have read your review on the Norwegian Forjds that we "hope" to go to in June/July 2022. I enjoyed it so much I also ready Cuba and this one on the Med. I enjoyed them all immensely. Thank you so much. Are there any more of your reviews available? Marilee
  4. We had a February cruise on Crown also changed to Emerald.
  5. Hi, Just found this review and wanted you to know I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I loved the detail. We are hoping to do a Norwegian Fjords cruise in 2022. I say hoping because we have had so many trips cancelled due to the pandemic. Marilee
  6. I am also reading it. We are (hopefully) doing a Norwegian Fjord cruise next summer and throughly enjoying your review and the beautiful photos. Thank you so much for sharing.
  7. I was able to make it through most of the Medallion App but when I got to the part to order my Medallion my cruise was not showing. I called the number and (long story short) they said they would get it fixed and to try again tomorrow. Next day I tried again and the cruise was there and I was able to order the Medallion. I set up my dining which I am not overly happy about because I always liked to decide the dining time each day, but what can you do. I could not set up my arrival and departure times as they were not available (yet!). Also, the health portion they said was not to be done till a few days prior to the cruise. It looks like once you make it through the Medallion App it will be good for other cruises (at least until your passport expires). Looks like I will only need to set up dining times, arrival and departing times, ordering of the Medallion and the health check going forward. I talked to someone who (at least) seemed knowledgeable who said once I arrived at the port they would basically scan my Medallion and I would then board the ship. If you can figure out the Medallion App the first time, seems like everything else gets easier (as in subsequent cruises and boarding of the ship). Good luck everyone.
  8. I thought I saw a phone number to call in order to get help on the Medallion App, but now cannot find it. Does anyone know what the number is? Marilee
  9. I thought I saw a phone number to call for help with the Medallion App, but now cannot find it. Can anyone give me that number? Thanks in advance. Marilee
  10. I am loving this blog, as I did the one prior. Is there a chance there will be another one after this? It really helps to pass the time while waiting to cruise again. I just had another cruise (this makes 9) cancelled. This was on the Enchanted Princess for a 22-day sail in the Med. It is depressing. I want to get back to causing. We booked as trans-Atlantic in November and am hoping that it will not also be cancelled. In the mean time, I live through your blogs. Marilee
  11. Just wanted you to know I am still with you and enjoying each and every word. We are from Maryland on the east coast of the US. Marilee
  12. Now that is exciting. Our next trip (hopefully) is October. Marilee
  13. So glad you are back. We missed you. What an adorable little boy you have. Enjoy every minute of him. Is he your first grandchild? Marilee
  14. We are not sailing from Venice. We are doing what Princess calls a "cruise tour." We start in Venice for 2 nights (which I am expanding to 4 nights, 2 on my own and 2 with Princess). We then leave and head to Florence for 2 nights and finally Rome for 2 nights. We will then board the Enchanted Princess. I have fingers and toes crossed that this will actually happen. The trip is in October which is still6 months off. I am hoping for a lot to happen, to the good, by October. Thanks again for all your help. Marilee
  15. I totally understand how you feel. I was so happy to get my second shot. Of course, I was also happy just to get an appointment for my first shot.
  16. I just wanted to say thank you everyone. This was most helpful. Marilee
  17. Thanks for the information. There will be very few people doing the cruise tour and the cruise and will plan to fly in a few days ahead of time. However, we are traveling with another couple so will be able to split the cost.. Marilee
  18. As soon as Princess posts the hotels they will be using, we will book it on our own. I do not want to cancel Princess' land package because it takes us from Venice to Florence and then to Rome and I definitely do not want to to that on my own. Because we want to fly in 2 days prior to the tour starting and because I know Princess will cost a lot more I plan on booking the hotel on my own. Unfortunately, I will need to find my own transportation to the hotel from the airport. I hope that all makes sense. Marilee
  19. Unfortunately, I do not know the name of the hotel--yet! We will be on a Princess cruise tour which starts in Venice. We want to fly in a few days in advance and stay in the same hotel where Princess will put us. They haven't announced the name of the hotel as yet. As soon as they do, we will book 2 nights on our own. Since we will be on our own, we will not have the luxury of a Princess transfer. Last time we were here Princess had us a private water taxi. I am also thinking that managing our own luggage could be a bit hard to do so the easier the better. Can you get a private water taxi right outside of the airport? We are traveling with another couple so will be able to split the cost. Is there a way to order a private water taxi ahead of time? Marilee
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