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  1. @atexsix Bruno, I am so sorry about the death of Michael. Warm thoughts and healing across the miles. @St. Louis Sal I hope all is going well for you today. Forward! @Horizon chaser 1957 I agree with the others. The comments are rooted in feelings of inferiority and jealousy. I thought the dye was spectacular. Who cares about the latin name? @mamaofamiWhat fantastic news about Sam! I bet he is excited as all get out. Now we really have to have a party - Sam and Miss Camilla! And, @JazzyV Vanessa's eye is so much better. And, @Sharon in AZ's mom is doing well.
  2. @kazu Thank you for letting us know that @Hflors husband passed away. Condolences to her and prayers for your friend's husband in the ICU. @smitty34877 Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that Miss Camilla comes home today. We can then have a big Welcome Home party, virtually of course. @mamaofami You didn't miss much with the comments on Lisa's thread. Just two people trading snide remarks with each other. Not worth looking back for and I think they may have been removed. @cat shepard Oh, my goodness, I am loving your trip report from Iceland. When I
  3. Good morning, everyone. The forecast calls for sunny and 84 degrees. I can handle that. What a great collection of days for today. Great job, Rich, in ferreting them out. I'm going to a different pool today. This one does not blast music at you at 7:30 in the morning. In fact, it is delightfully quiet and peaceful no matter what time you go there. The changeover may become permanent. Prayers for all those on the prayer list. It has gotten too long again and I hope that we will see some people move to the celebrations list soon.
  4. No idea, but if it had been included with booking information, there would be no surprises.
  5. Since this is a new policy for the time being, perhaps it should go out with the booking information.
  6. Many thanks to @StLouisCruisers and @kb4683 for sharing their pictures. Those rock formations are out of this world. I have a feeling this thread could get expensive as I now have another entry to the bucket list. I have to go and walk between those rock walls. They are truly amazing. Sandi, I get up with back pain every morning. I gave up on medication as it isn't always effective. I think the morning pain is from laying flat for so long each night. Getting up and moving helps me the most. Of course, the pool is my best friend for my back issues.
  7. Good morning, everyone. It is another glorious day in northeast Ohio. Sunshine and mid 80s. Ok, it could edge up towards 90. An update on the stained top saga: soaking it in OxyClean bleached out some of the color, but not all and not evenly. So now the top is a splotchy mess. I jumped straight to the suggestion from @puppycanducruise and ordered a new one. From now on, I wear a bib. Today's meal sounds great, but I'll pass due to sugar content. I'm thinking the orange marmalade is kind of a necessity to the recipe. I've tried the sugar free varie
  8. Good morning! All or nothing day, why not! I am an aunt, so today is my day. I am all for holistic therapy. It is supposed to be a nice day today. Rain is holding off for a few days and we'll enjoy the sunshine. I'm off to the pool this morning. Today's meal sounds yummy, but I tend to stay away due to the carbs. In the recipe I chose, I like the idea of roasting the vegetables. That adds a tremendous amount of flavor. I could do this using eggplant or zucchini in place of the noodles. https://www.loveandlemons.com/veget
  9. Yes, he does. He actually claims I'm a better cook than he is. Hah!
  10. Thanks, Sharon. I have made pulled pork with a vinegrette sauce that is excellent. It cuts the sweetness a lot and has a touch of fire to it. Even my brother, the culinary arts graduate, thought it was good.
  11. Good morning, everyone! It is a cloudy day here with temps forecast for the mid 80s. Nothing planned for today, so it will be kick back and enjoy. Great days to celebrate and I do like chili dogs. Haven't had one in decades, but I remember the ones we used to get as kids. The people across the street owned a hot dog stand and the chili sauce was a secret recipe. Mrs. Hop used to make it at home and take it down to the hot dog stand. Anyone who was there when she went was invited along and she got chili dogs for all of us! Today's meal sounds great.
  12. I use a bipap machine and it has never been questioned. Just ordered the distilled water for it yesterday.
  13. No, bipap means there are two different air pressures - one for inhaling and one for exhaling. You would use an oxygen concentrator for the oxygen component.
  14. Wonderful news, Carolyn! God bless your cousin.
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