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  1. I'm traveling solo this trip. I could do it, but I'd want to wait until a few people got to the Ocean Bar to help run things there.
  2. Thanks, everyone. I will definitely ask them to post a sign in the Crow's Nest and probably ask someone to take guard duty for the first 5-10 minutes as well as alerting the bartender on duty. It is a bit of a mess, but we'll muddle through. Not much of a choice to do otherwise.
  3. I only have cabin numbers for 5 or 6 of them.
  4. Passport control had a line, but it moved pretty quickly. Customs is very quick - you just walk through. However, they can randomly take you aside and look through luggage. What took a long time was the walk to passport control and then the walk to baggage. Wear your hiking shoes!
  5. Yesterday I checked my email while waiting to board my flight to Amsterdam. I had received an email from HAL changing our Meet and Greet next Monday from the Crow's Nest to the Ocean Bar. I posted the information on our Roll Call, but at this point most of us are in transit and not checking the Roll Call. I did email the handful that I have email addresses for. I have cabin numbers for a handful of the 71 who signed up, but do not have any last names. Will the staff on the ship be willing to post a notice in Crow's Nest directing people to the Ocean Bar? Any other suggestions on what I can do to get the word out?
  6. I just arrived in Amsterdam this morning for my cruise tomorrow. I collected my bags at the carousel and went through the customs area (nothing to declare) and the HAL reps were waiting just outside baggage claim. There were two other couples waiting for transport as well and our driver arrived shortly after I did. He had a van for the 5 of us. The last time it was just me, so HAL paid for a taxi. The HAL reps have signs you can read from a distance and once you find them, you are home free.
  7. The same thing happened to us last summer on a Collectors Cruise Boston to Montreal to Boston. The front desk said we didn't have to attend, but the CD said we did even though it had only been 7 days since we last attended one. I am all for safely, but like you said, make up your mind already. Some ships require it and some don't. And you get conflicting information from different people on the same ship.
  8. I filled out the comment cards with praise for our waiter and his assistant a few years back. The huge big smiles on their faces told the whole story. It does mean a lot to them, so if someone has been extra helpful or nice, do fill one out.
  9. It happens and that is why I wrote the letter. I think I've only written a handful of complaint letters in my life, but this experience deserved one. My goal, as I said before, was to make it better for those who came after me. I will say that the last time I went through CDG the experience was much better.
  10. I forgot to include Canada and it was no problem. Just tell the officer if you remember a country later. Glad you finally had some movement.
  11. I am glad your experience was better than mine. Mine was bad enough it inspired me to write a couple letters of complaint. I rarely do that. My goal was to improve service for others who followed me. The worst of my experience was the security check point. The woman there threatened to deny me going further because she wanted to wand me and I was asking for assistance. She had taken away my cast and my crutches and I was standing on one foot and she wanted me to hold my arms straight out. I was really afraid I was going to fall. So, she gave me back the cast and told me to put it on. I was supposed to do that standing up. I kept asking her for assistance and she kept asking me if I was going to comply. I told her I needed help and/or a chair to sit in. Finally, she got it through her head that I couldn't do it myself and strapped the cast back on.
  12. A lot of it depends on the airport. I found de Gaulle to be the worst. I had an air cast on one foot and was on crutches when I arrived at the Frankfort airport. The staff immediately pulled me out of line, arranged wheel chair transport for me at Frankfort and told me they had reserved wheelchair transport for me in Paris. On the plane the flight attendant said she had confirmed the wheel chair transport. When I got off the plane, there was no wheel chair waiting. Since our connection was tight, I started walking. One of the carts came by empty but refused to take me because I hadn't reserved it. We found wheel chairs parked with attendants, but they refused to transport me because they didn't have my reservation. I made it to the plane just in time. Arriving in Cincinnati, the wheel chair was waiting patiently for me. Go figure.
  13. Thank you to Kazu as well. And Bon Voyage to Roy and we're sailing away. Roy, your great trips are an inspiration and we are looking at Grand South America for 2025 when my sister retires. In the meantime, you keep cool and I'll try to keep warm.
  14. I'll try to check in now and then and share with everyone. This cruise will truly be an adventure!
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