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  1. That was what put the skids on for me.
  2. Greetings to everyone tonight. I was in 5th grade when President Kennedy was shot. We had TVs in the classrooms, so we turned it on and watched until it was announced that he had died. We were also dismissed early from school that day. I remember I was home when they were moving Lee Oswald from the Dallas jail and watched Jack Ruby shoot him. Quite a bit for a 10 year old. Shortly after that I learned that a friend I had had when we lived in Texas also died on November 22nd of leukemia. Happy Birthday to Angelcat. Prayers for Hflors family and Happy Annive
  3. Columbus is in bad shape with COVID. I'm sure Franklin County won't be alone in the purple category by next week. I have many friends in Columbus so I keep them in mind all the time. We really need that vaccine!
  4. Good morning, everyone. The county I live in has issued a stay at home advisory. They haven't made it mandatory which means most will ignore it, but they are advising us to only go out for emergencies and food or medications. I pretty much do that anyways, except for a few hikes out in nature where I am well distanced from anyone. The hospitals here are nearing capacity. That is the real issue. If we exceed capacity then we begin to triage and people who might normally be admitted will be expected to suffer at home as only the extreme cases will be treated in
  5. It may have been Bad Day Day, but I had a wonderful day. Some friends came over for a socially distanced outdoor brunch. We lucked out with the weather. It was sunny and bright and in the sun it felt quite comfortable. We set up snack trays on the front porch and ate out there and before we knew it, it was 2:00 pm and Bob had to go back to work. I really enjoyed preparing the brunch and even though we went inside one at a time to fill out plates and ate outdoors, it felt kind of normal. Who would have thought that we could do that on November 19th in northeast Ohio! After
  6. Good morning, everyone! Home made bread is the best. There is nothing better than that yeasty smell while the bread bakes and then to slice into a warm loaf and butter a piece. Mmmmm. Haven't done that in years due to my diabetes diagnosis. i gave up the bread, pasta, potatoes, etc. This week's hike is planned for tomorrow. Homemade chicken soup for dinner tonight. Prayers for everyone as we are all affected by this horrible virus in one way or another. Stay safe!
  7. Good evening everyone! What a difference a day makes. Yesterday was a nice sunny day. Today we had heavy rain, thunder and lightning and high winds. The power kept flickering all day long. Not out for long, just enough so I had to reset every clock in the house a couple of times. I thought I was going to have to redo all the leaves. At one point that was a definite. But, by the time the storm was over, there were no leaves in the yard except for the piles at the curb. I guess they redid themselves. Thank you, Roy, for including my brother, Bill, in the prayer list. May
  8. Thank you! I appreciate the prayers for my brother. He needs them.
  9. Here in Ohio we had 7715 new cases today, down from 8101 yesterday. We are totally out of control. We have an active group of "freedom fighters" who protest mask mandates and who sued when businesses were shut down. They showed up at the statehouse and tried to over run it like they did in Michigan. Funny, they don't protest the requirement to wear pants in public. I have neighbors up the street who have been having large parties at regular intervals. I just don't understand that thinking. I worry about my brother who is a respiratory therapist. He gets all the COVID patie
  10. This is what I got. Still a box, but the option to edit was there.
  11. Hmm, I see the three dots in your screenshare. Posting this will be the test.
  12. I don't seem to have the three dots. I have a box and the options are share and report, no edit.
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