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  1. I think I've figured out the method HAL is using to process the refunds. It must be the throw them down the stairs method. When you get your refund depends on which stair your paperwork lands on. Otherwise, there is no rhyme or reason. People who have cancelled after me for cruises later than mine have received refunds, so they can't be going by cancellation date or by date of sailing.
  2. I received a refund of $2.95 for distilled water. A step in the right direction. No email notice, though.
  3. I have FCC and cash refund coming from my June 7 sailing that I cancelled on March 19th. So far, I've heard nothing about either. Happy for you.
  4. A lot of us retired teachers here.
  5. Jacqui, sorry to hear about your broken foot. I hope you heal quickly! For all the teachers out there: A Teacher's Song Chicken soup here.
  6. Knowing how close you were to cruising, are you receiving a cash refund for Flight Ease? How did that work? Surely, you were ticketed already.
  7. Yes, I did just that last summer. Different locations, but no problem using the Sky Club between segments.
  8. Please remove me from Nieuw Statendam, June 7, 2020 Voyage of the Midnight Sun. Thank you.
  9. Sorry, I was not being factual, just using an idiom. I'll check out.
  10. Princess is being hit with the plague. First Diamond Princess and now Caribbean Princess.
  11. On my upcoming 14 day cruise they had 14 day passes as well as 7 day passes. I called to check on that and they said it had been loaded incorrectly and that if I tried to purchase the 7 day pass it wouldn't go through.
  12. We had one of the N cabins a number of years ago. It was a good cabin. The only complaint was noise in the morning when we were coming into port. We were always up by then, but late sleepers might be bothered. There was plenty of room in the cabin.
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