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  1. Hi, Jeff. Noticed you had checked my profile. Wanted to let you and Carol know John passed away 6 months ago tomorrow from cancer. Would love to cruise with y’all again. It’s been a long time.....
  2. I booked a gty ocean view balcony on Allure leaving Sunday, and was assigned cabin the next day. I think was booked in June. It may depend on how many cabins they have left when you book.
  3. Over 100 cruises and always tipped porters and always received luggage.....only time I know of anyone NOT receiving cruise luggage was years ago in Barcelona. As the porters were loading a huge cart full of luggage, the entire cart, luggage and all fell into the water! Dock workers quickly”fished out” all they could, but we spoke to several cruisers who never got their luggage, others who got theirs all full of salt water! Royal Caribbean cleaned the clothes, but other items were ruined. I personally would rather tip porters and not fool with lugging luggage, but to each their own.
  4. I’ve heard complaints and greenbacks work magic for many cruisers.🤑😡
  5. Yep, I heard about those. I have friends (a couple)who booked 2 solo cabins. It was cheaper doing that than getting one cabin, and they’ll receive double C& A Points. Then, there was the $18 a day drink package glitch for many cruises. Royal Caribbean is honoring the price.
  6. My husband and I did a similar “contest” on a cruise years ago. It involved even going to bars in ports for items. Like you, it was days to find all items. This was very time consuming. We won.....a coffee mug each! Learned our lesson..... We’ve been on winning teams of Quest....took a couple hours at most....lots of laughs and we didn’t care what the prizes were. Like you, when you know the time and effort involved, you feel the prize should be much better.
  7. Guess I’ll go check out the main board...so how long do those new disturbances take (generally) to get to Florida? My Allure cruise is 9/8.
  8. I know this is all about Dorian, but has anyone noticed there’s another disturbance right off the African coast?
  9. I must agree with your mom. If at all possible, I always fly in a day pre cruise.😉 Good luck to y’all!
  10. Do you cruise with your brother and mom? I think we’ve met.😀
  11. Have you checked with your airline? Many are allowing a flight change free if you were flying to Florida.is your hotel non refundable? Check your travel insurance policy and determine what they should cover. Mine even covered a non refundable, non changeable three nights hotel in Waikiki I had booked on Priceline
  12. Concerning travel insurance, read the policy. Different insurance covers differently. I purchase yearly travel insurance through Allianz and have had to submit a claim for full cruise refund on Celebrity from Honolulu to Vancouver and three nights hotel refund in Waikiki. Keep all your receipts and your trip itinerary. Delta returned my sky miles to my account and credited back the fees to my credit card.
  13. Those future cruise credits bought onboard did not have expiration dates. I just used one I bought in 2013 for my next Allure cruise. However, the future cruise credit I received from a hurricane affected cruise did expire in a year.
  14. Royal Caribbean has on their website the changes for cruises. They are showing several ships leaving Wednesday. Of course, I know these changes can be updated, depending on port conditions and closures. I recall Miami having a sailboat in the port area they had to get removed before reopening that port a couple years ago. We have many cruise friends living all over Florida, including Port St Lucie. Hopefully, your dad won’t be in his winter trailer home next week.
  15. The future cruise credit will have a number, and $ amount and can be used toward a cruise, probably within a year. I’m happy for you and your family making other plans, and hope you all enjoy Seattle. My daughter’s family were there pre Alaskan cruise in June and really had a great time.
  16. My plans(right now) are to fly into Ft Lauderdale a week from tomorrow and cruise on Allure Sunday. However, plans can change, depending on the damage in south Florida and power outages, hotels closed and airport closures etc. I've been through these scenarios before dealing with a hurricane cruise.(3 on Allure). Prayers for all in the hurricane path. Life and safety is much more important than a cruise.
  17. I personally really enjoy a port day at Labadee. You can use it as a totally free beach day, with buffet lunch included. Or you can do excursions on the world’s longest overwater zip line, or the coaster, or rent wave runners, or hike all around, or shop in the local Haitian market, or relax in a shaded hammock....there are clean restrooms, several bars for labdoozies or your favorite beverage. Music, fire dance show, hair braiding..... it can be a very relaxing day or a very busy day, whatever you decide.
  18. My first hurricane Allure cruise(2012), we didn’t learn of anything until we arrived at the pre cruise hotel the Saturday afternoon in Ft Lauderdale for a Sunday cruise. We stayed there until ship came in on Tuesday. Then, two years ago I was scheduled on b2b Allure and ....flights and hotel cancelled and first week’s cruise delayed until Wednesday....The coast guard or port authority closed port Everglades to any ships going or coming both times. FLL closed several days and hotels evacuated. I have ave an iPhone XR, but never thought my photos were that great! Guess I’ll have to
  19. Enjoy Cozumel. Best of luck the rest of your cruise, and hoping your flight arrangements are easily changed. I’m sure it’s stressful for anyone onboard or those expecting to get on Allure Sunday. I’ve been affected by three hurricane Allure cruises, and hoping to have no problems for my 9/8 cruise. Also wondering..... what kind of camera are you using? Your photography is fantastic!
  20. Although Blaze is a beautiful lounge, I hope they don’t move nightly happy hour there on my 9/8 cruise.😟 I purposefully booked a cabin on deck 11; right around the corner from the Diamond Lounge. At least if they do move happy hour, I can still get my coffee and a pastry in the mornings.
  21. I totally agree that the lady from LaQunita should not have told them “just a bad storm”, because if the predictions are correct, the hotel WILL be evacuated. I’d keep informed from Royal Caribbean, and I’d reserve a hotel by MCO, or like someone suggested by the hospital. (Never thought about their power grid being better) John and LaLa witnessed first hand a very bad hurricane a couple of years ago (not decades) from their condo ON Cocoa Beach. There was major damage to the port restaurants and the hotels and condos had mandatory evacuations. LaLa will never stay again in her con
  22. Oh, I’ve been affected by hurricanes many more times, years ago from NJ or NY to Bermuda and others from Florida !😃 My husband and I began cruising in 1995, and both us loved it! Sadly, my husband passed away May 14, 2019. We did go on our last cruise together a month before he died. I’m so blessed to have many, many great cruise friends, several who will be on Allure with me. With all the stress from the last three months, I am just ready for a cruise with friends. It really doesn’t matter where the ship goes, or if we have to hole up in the hotel a few days.....we are staying in the same hot
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