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  1. Thanks! Continue the fun times! Can’t wait until it’s our time on the Equinox!
  2. Following along. Thanks for posting and hope you and Will continue having a great cruise! My husband and I will cruise in an aft concierge cabin on Equinox 4/6/19. Could you please tell me who the cruise director is on Equinox? Food looks amazing and drinks sound delicious!
  3. Anyone know if Richard Spacey went to another cruise company? I cruised many times with him on Royal Caribbean and once on Celebrity. I have a cruise on Equinox and one on Solstice soon and had hoped he might be cd on one of them.
  4. Title is misleading. The November 2019 Symphony cruise is a 50th birthday cruise. I think Bob thought the op was thinking of celebrating their 50th anniversary on the Symphony.;)
  5. John read on msn eleven people were killed, but said maybe more now.:(
  6. Get well, Laura. I guess I missed what happened to Laura's glasses. Hope she gets them repaired before next cruise. I was thinking about all that "crap" given to y'all the other day, and thought if we had been onboard and received it, we probably would have given most of it to crew or Labadee workers. I'm in the clean out mode, and have tons of cruise stuff to go through......boxes full of those old martini glasses, blinking glasses, I'd like to eBay, and one old Schooner Bar glass I plan on keeping. It's a novelty.:D
  7. It's wonderful that y'all helped out in LaPerla today! I recognize one Pinnacle couple we've cruised with several times. Kudos to all!!! It's amazing the hurricane was over a year ago, and there is still so much destruction.
  8. I agree there's not much to do at Crown Bay port. In the first small shop, I bought some nice foam body wash, and then walked over to the yellow building with outdoor picnic seating. Enjoyed a couple of beers and watched the huge iguanas. I wish Royal would go back to other port in St Thomas.
  9. I don't recall which Royal ship, but one did have crepe station set up several times in the Solarium. I'm thinking it was either Vision or Brilliance. They were very good.:D
  10. I've never had a great tasting slice of pizza on any cruise. I don't eat many desserts, but after waiter found out it was my birthday last year on Allure at the Pinnacle lunch, he brought me a huge slice of cheesecake on a decorated plate. It was to die for!!! If I ate many of those on any cruise, I'd put on the pounds. My husband likes rum raisin ice cream on Celebrity. Celebrity definitely has Royal beat on ice cream always, not just occasionally. IMHO, I really like Celebrity buffet and MDR food much more than Royal's, but I can always find something tasty at Windjammer, too. Now, Coastal Kitchen is a very nice food venue for breakfast, lunch and some dinners on Royal for PC and Suite guests. Blu and Luminae on Celebrity for Suite guests. Some meals in Coastal Kitchen and some in Blu, I haven't enjoyed at all, but there are many other choices on where to dine on nights we don't like the menu, either cruise line.
  11. I look forward to hearing more about this. Celebrity points are are not awarded like Royal night at seas, solo and suites. They award more points according to the staterooms booked and nights at sea. (I think I've read recently that Celebrity is also giving double points for solo.) They changed all the points over several years ago, when they started this. So, I think Royal might be going to that system and changing over everyone's points like Celebrity did. We have hoped for a long time that Royal and Celebrity would combine points! We aren't Zenith, but are Elite Plus on Celebrity and, as you know, we are Pinnacle on Royal, so if they combined points, that would help us out on both cruise lines. A win win for us. I don't see how it would help or hurt us if they don't combine points, though. We enjoy perks and cruising on both lines.:D
  12. Tell Mario cruising grandma said,"Hi!" You can let him know about John if he doesn't already.
  13. Dazzles isn't and never has been a restaurant, therefore, no kitchen to prepare food.:rolleyes: Dazzles/Michael's Club has been open nightly to Pinnacles and Suite guests.
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