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  1. That's bad news for cruisers who enjoy Princess Cays. 🙁 I will be cruising her March 6. I have been to Princess Cays many times so I stay on the ship anyway. A win for me.
  2. I am new to medallion cruising. I downloaded the app and took care of everything including uploading passports with no problems. My brother is cruising in another cabin and not computer savvy at all. I downloaded the medallion app for him but when I click on the "get ocean ready" tab I get a message saying "could not start ocean ready". I tried different devices, apple and android, no luck. Is there another app we are supposed to download also? Anyone else experience this problem?
  3. I would care. One of the best perk for us, we really enjoy that relaxing start to the day and club class. I only stay in suites if I get an upsell offer but would most definitely rethink taking an upsell if they eliminate the perk. There is enough space in a mini suite for us so extra space not essential. We are elite so laundry and mini bar also not essential. I would really miss it if gone.
  4. Just curious...is Embassy breakfast a buffet like Hyatt? Another vote from me for Hyatt although bfast not good.
  5. She did sit out a couple times but noise of the wake bothered her hearing aids. You can enjoy that view from inside the cabin too. It was beaùtiful!
  6. You are very welcome! I also could not find any info on these suites before we sailed, so happy to help. You are correct, cabin door is just behind my mom's head in pic 3. I'm posting another pic I found that shows the closets and door to bath area and a view from the balcony. Cabin door is between the couch and these closets. Glad you booked 726 instead of 727, you will love it! Enjoy your cruise!
  7. Hi crazy. My brother and his wife stayed in PR726 in Feb. this year. My mom and myself stayed in PR727 which is the identical suite on opposite side of ship. I have pics below of mine, which like I said is identical to PR726. He had no complaints about the cabin. My suite was awful for noise. The bathroom pipes were constantly making loud noises and about 4 of the 10 days the sewage smell was terrible. If you are in a wheelchair you cannot access the balcony. My mom couldn't get her walker through also. Lots of motion in the back which you may be used to but we were not. That's not the cabins fault. These suites do not have the layout of other suites we stayed in but does have all the perks. If not for the noise, smell and motion I would book it again. Like I said earlier my brother was in PR726 and did not experience these issues.
  8. Here is my report as promised, lol. Cabin is PR727. This accessible suite was more like a mini suite. Not very accessible for a wheelchair user. Balcony doors dont open wide enough for my mom's small walker to go through so no way any wheelchair will. There was a sewage smell for awhile each day. The drains in the bathroom make loud noises. On the plus side we were able to use the balcony while going through the canal. My recommendation is not to book this cabin. Another accessible cabin on a different deck maybe, but not this one! I have to say I was not a fan of the crowds at the grill and ice cream counters. I guess I became used to the larger ships. Have a great cruise!
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