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  1. As others have said, I will know when my time has come ! While I am not at all happy with all the negative changes over the last 2 years or so, I appreciate the ability to cruise solo via CAS with no single supplement and a small discount. I cruise lately to "run away from home" and enjoy some alone time . IF NCL no longer offers me a reasonable priced cruise or the onboard experience is no longer what I have known, I will move on.
  2. I totally agree. While a nice touch, I feel the steward would appreciate the extra time for other things and always told them so on day one.
  3. Enjoyed "sailing along" with you via your review..! Thanks !!!!
  4. I am a NCL cruiser who has been following this thread since post #1. All I can say, besides thank God for the PAX now safe, kudos to the Viking crew and all who assisted in the rescue.
  5. Thanks for a great 1st hand report....!!! And I am so glad you had a good time !!
  6. Following ...thanks for posting !
  7. Never had a problem with CPAP..I bring own cord...and pre order distilled water (sometimes already in room..sometimes I need to call desk and remind them).
  8. I sent it back while on the Gem a few months ago..VERY fishy and off tasting..(and I like fish)..had fraijtas instead and was very happy.
  9. Years - ago maybe 2012- we had a great butler (suite) named Roy Peregrino..I saw him onboard a couple of years later..and said he had been moved to being a haven butler . Could this be the same Roy?
  10. Have not been online for awhile...just saw this thread..will be following for sure! PS...I am not surprised by now at anything NCL does..👎
  11. Off Gem Saturday...docking was to be 8AM...we were in the Hudson at 4:30 AM...and docked about 3 hours early.
  12. On a previous solo cruise, I met another solo at the CC M&G and we did share our coupons !! Last solo cruise, I went alone to both restaurants and asked if I could have 2 appetizers and was told you can have 2 of anything if you want.! Did double up on appys and desserts, but no way was I going to eat 2 entrees !!! LOL
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