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  1. Just a personal opinion....love Bar Harbor. and enjoy walking /shopping/eating in Portland ..can do without St.John. Enjoyed Price Edward Island...great seafood. Not been on Breakaway...or any larger ship...like the jewel class and don't need all the "bells and whistles" of larger ships...but price difference is a factor for sure.
  2. I am with you ! Cancelled my Nov 30th cruise. Will not book again till I truly feel comfortable doing so, with restrictions I can live with (not what I see proposed now) and prices are better. I am truly disappointed not to be cruising, but there is no way I will.. as things stand now.
  3. Not all I believe......plus your original post specified a beach...😉
  4. Not many ports have a beach and/or stores, etc inside "gates" in secure port area.😉 ! I see no way around the "ship excursion" policy . 😉🤭 Sorry...
  5. just re checked...it is on DH's card..but not mine......
  6. thanks....but not appearing on my Blue Sky card..
  7. Sadly..days to my next cruise.....about a zillion as of now......😷😢
  8. LOL--BUT--our NJ list changes almost every day. You never know what will happen ....
  9. New Jersey's quarantine policy about the same as NY.
  10. This is like slowly pulling off a bandaid.....
  11. Yes--I recall it was to go into drydock prior to what would have been 😢 my Nov 30th cruise...
  12. While I can't help with your specific questions, I was on the Jade once and the other Jewel class ships as well , and I love the size and amenities. Never felt crowded and always great service. Enjoy!
  13. While I can't answer your question directly, I have noticed that over the years the Gem from NYC was almost always more expensive than other NCL ships. Too bad, as I love the Gem and not the bigger ships.
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