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  1. jaja

    Gem, Oct. 20-27 - Refundable credit

    I asked about it onboard..was told it was refunded to everyone on the sailing and was from a "change in taxes calculation" for one of the ports.
  2. Just to add another "success" story...I applied last week for stock OBC..sailing solo via CAS. Already received confirmation of OBC.
  3. Just thought I would pass this along. On all my previous cruises the gift shop always offered multi carton packs which were a better bargain than single cartons. I saw none and inquired. Was told "we offer them on some itineraries, but not this one:" (Gem sailing 10/20). . Also cartons were $47.99..which I believe was higher than last year.
  4. GEM Oct.20 2018 HD Richard Janicki F&B Director Metin Camurlu Cruise Director Lorena Tapia Exec. Housekeeper Orlando Manuel ONeil Exec Chef Bijesh Chandran Restaurant Manager Ivan Volek Beverage Manager Mohamed Siyabdeen Guest Services Alfie Barrete
  5. Thanks for the added info..which I had not considered.
  6. jaja

    On Breakaway now, course change.

    I was also on the Gem !! It was absolutely the worst weather and longest and most frustrating disembarking I ever experienced! I do know none of this was anyone's fault, except Mother Nature, but it was still not a great way to end a cruise. I thought all would be better once we FINALLY docked, but with no porters available, it was very difficult (esp being solo) to manage my luggage (almost fell twice) and then find out they still wanted car service pax to cross the street and wait for pick up --in the middle of a Northeaster! (ps--I got on the elevator and called my car service to pick me up upstairs!--I am no fool ! )
  7. May be on a CAS "free cruise"..but of course there are admin. fees, prepaid grats, and beverage package grats, etc. IF I need to cancel after final payment...there is actually no fare for me to forfeit and would I be refunded all the other prepaid costs? Will also have the NCL Booksafe insurance..but assume that does not play into anything above. Just trying to figure out...what it would cost me to cancel IF I had to.
  8. I just completed my 12th NCL cruise. Up to this one, I have never had complaints about the food. I was disapointed with the food on the Gem last week, sad to say. Overall, I found all food lacking in flavor/seasoning, or served cold. (exception was La Cucina). Ate breakfasts in Grand Pacific..food and coffee , while good was cold ! Had some lunches at buffet, selection was ok (though it seemed like less selections than usual) but seemed like some items were not replenished often enough, with some looking a bit dried out . I also noticed a lack of sandwich/ wraps selection. One item was offered while I recall on previous cruises a tray with a selection (2 ir 3?) being offered. Biggest disappointment..the Indian food was well below par! I was introduced to Indian food on NCL and always loved it. This cruise it was horrible, sad to say. Only ate at 2 specialties. Cagneys steaks were not up to par. While cooked perfectly, they were lacking in flavor . Sides were served cold. As I said, La Cucina was very good, everything done properly and service very good. Had soup and salad at Magenta late one night...salad ok, soup tastless (but at least hot!) I know food opinions are very subjective, but decided to add my 2 cents anyway.
  9. Last week on Gem...saw no straws..asked at Casino bar ..he said its been months without. 2 days later was at atrium bar..and they had paper straws. So seems they just got them and I guess not all bars did not stock them yet. !
  10. jaja

    New and Improved CC

    I am really having a problem reading the screen! Text too small and screen too white! Kind of glad leaving for a cruise in a few days..hoping all will be easier when I get back LOL
  11. 12 days!! Solo on the Gem..."running away from home" cruise.:D
  12. Ok,,,am I the only one who missed this announcement...As posted at top ?:confused: "New Community Forums Coming in October - These Forums Will Be Read Only Beginning Tues Oct. 10th"