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  1. Good morning. Thanks for the Daily. Interesting days. Being an only child, I was never an Aunt. Not a fan of all or nothing. Good quote. I like the meal, but too carby right now for me. I like the drink and wine. I haven't been to today's port. Thanks for the pictures. It's going to be hot here the next few days, but cooler by Friday. Hopefully I'll be cleared for yardwork soon. I have an appointment tomorrow to get the stitches out of my cornea 😲. Also it will be the last day of wearing the eye shield 24/7; I'll still have to wear it overnight for anoth
  2. It was the NCL Bliss and yes we went through the new locks. I think it was the biggest ship to transit the new Canal when it first did a canal trip in 2018.
  3. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily. Good days. A salute to culinarians and parents. I've never had a chili dog. Excellent quote. I like the meal, drink and wine. Also Roy's meal sounds tasty. I have cruised the Panama Canal, although on NCL. We did not disembark in Gatun Lake. My last cruise before the shutdown. It's hot and humid here today, with perhaps scattered showers. Not doing too much today. @smitty34877 So sorry Tana is struggling. Prayers. @cat shepard Thank you for the Iceland pictures! @dfish I make a Carolina pulled pork that has
  4. Good morning. Thanks for the Daily. Hoorah for the first HAL post-pandemic cruise to Alaska! Good days. I like the quote also. The meal sounds interesting and I like the drink and wine. I haven't been to today's port. Thanks for pictures from those who have. My eye feels irritated and a little painful this morning. I think it's either the stitches and contact lens (I've never worn any) or some overnight dryness. I'll try putting in lubricating drops at bedtime. I usually use a gel, but didn't want to put that in with the contact in. It will feel better as the
  5. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily. Interesting days. I never knew any grandparents, sadly. Vanilla Ice Cream is ok; i prefer other flavors. It's 76 and low humidity; that's hot enough for me. Good quote. Another fish meal for me to pass on. I'll take Roy's meal. I prefer White Russians and red wine. I have been to Spain on a land trip, but not Alicante. Thanks for the pictures. Things are going pretty well. I had light sensitivity with pain yesterday, and some eye irritation this morning. But both improved after my morning drops. The tape for the shield is ir
  6. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily. Lovely days. I'm at leisure today and will have a refreshment. I don't havve a hammock. I like the meal and wine. I'll pass on the drink. My BFF brought me chili, so that's dinner tonight. I haven't been to today's port, nor Scotland at all. Anticipating pictures. It's very nice here today. Low humidity and in the mid-70's. And the smoke effect from the PNW and Canada is clearing. Windows are open! I'm feeling pretty good. I slept almost 9 hours last night; I was so tired. Maybe a sedation after effect. So, I'm puttin
  7. @mamaofami Sorry to hear you had such a hard day. Take care. @Sharon in AZ Good news that your DM won't require surgery. @AncientWanderer Oh no on having to jump in to retrieve DGD! Scary.
  8. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily. Good days. We're all someone. I like a good hotdog. I don't eat much junk food. I'm not sure of what all qualifies as junk food. Funny quote. I rarely eat scallops; just not a seafood person. I like the drink and wine. I haven't been to today's port. I had some concern yesterday due to very fuzzy vision in the right eye. Fortunately the pain is gone. I'm just back from my post-op check, I have some corneal edema which explains that. It should slowly resolve. I did know I have a couple of stitches in the cornea as it was fl
  9. From my first cruise on HAL in 2006, on the Statendam Auckland to Sydney Cruise. I have it labeled Dutch Treat. This was on Nov 30th.
  10. Just popping in with an update. Thanks so much every one for your thoughts and prayers. I appreciate it. This was not a walk in the park. The doctor said the lens was like cement, so getting it out took a while. I was quite uncomfortable during the procedure and tried to say something, but I couldn't get the words out for some reason. The cornea was floppy, so she had to put stitches in it, which will come out in a week. Anyway, I'm home. Still in some discomfort, so I'll take some Tylenol as advised. I had better vision earlier right after surgery, but now it seems more cloudy. No
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