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  1. My choice dining is only available to Aurea Spa guests at present. The theory is you pick a time you want to eat each night (instead of first or second) and that's the time you turn up. The downside to my time is that the show times are built around first and second seating so if you choose a time between those you might not get to see the show any night. I'm on the Fantasia in six days so I'll give you more updates as to how My Time is run. From my ipad
  2. We will be staying at the Grand Hotel Savioa on the 24th March based on the recommendation of this board and also Trip Advisor reviews. I will pop back here and give a quick review the day after if it helps you make a decision? From my ipad
  3. I've been looking forward to this too! I'm on the cruise with Jules and co. I did this itinerary on Splendida in October 2015 so it's also interesting to compare. From my ipad
  4. I'm on her in just under five weeks so hoping for a review! From my ipad
  5. 1 - You will have a time to board on your tickets. Don't bother going any earlier than that time because everyone will be queuing and going early. If your tickets say 2.30pm then get there for 3pm and you'll be on with no queuing. 2 - The daily charge gets shared amongst all staff, not just wait staff. I have very strong opinions about this and think it's very churlish and mean to remove it and tip individually. I give tips to staff who have served me in the dining room, my room steward, specific bar staff who remember my drink order and/or make me illegal concoctions like Mudslides using Allegrisimo ingredients. I tip these people over and above the daily charge. The ship staff work damn hard. Most of them are conversational in three or four languages. Most all of them don't have English or Italian as their first language and I've lost count of the number of times on an MSC cruise where I've been embarrassed and ashamed of the way a passenger has spoke to or treated them. So please, keep that daily charge on your ship account. Don't punish everyone just to please a few. 3 - As Amo said, you can get a "Coffee Cuddle" package which is good value. The coffee served in the bars is great quality and very reasonably priced including the speciality coffees. No kettle in room. Water in the room is chargeable. You will see two glass bottles of mineral water in your room when you embark. These are NOT free. 4 - Work on the proviso that ALL food and drink that you attempt to take on board will be confiscated and given back on the final morning of the cruise. That way you won't be disappointed if it happens and you'll be surprised and pleased if it doesn't. From my ipad
  6. moomoocow


    I got off the Splendida a week yesterday and I can assure you prosecco (both dry and sweet) was available everywhere by the glass on Allegrisimo. Please have one (or three) for me! From my ipad
  7. Allegerisimo purchased on board/at port is subject to a 15% service charge so unless you are supremely confident that the exchange rate will shift that much in your favour in the interim then I suggest booking it now. The only other benefit of buying on board is that the spend will contribute to points for your MSC Club status. So if you have joined the club then that's a way to get approx. 3 points in total per 2 people purchasing 7 days of Allegrisimo. Those points will only appear on the account of the person who puts the credit card against the room, not both parties.
  8. Thanks Pete! The price difference from the suite compared to what I've paid is so much more because I booked this last September when they had the early booking promotion - should have booked suite at the outset. I'll learn from that. Managed to get 12021 and a note on the booking not to change that cabin. So result. Thanks again!
  9. Morning guys Fresh off the Anthem of the Seas and now looking forward to my next two MSC cruises - one in October on the Splendida (lowly inside) and then March 2016 on the Fantasia in an Aurea Spa cabin (oooo get me!) I would like to know what Aurea Spa cabins would be best for balcony etc on the Fantasia as this will be my first balcony cabin. I've been allocated 12003 but need to know if it has a dreaded metal balcony and if so, which cabin would be preferable in this class? Thanks in advance!
  10. My husband and I have shared an inside Divina cabin for 21 nights. He suggests you let your wife and mother holiday together without you. [emoji2] Seriously I wouldn't have liked a third person in there with us. And which one of you will be taking the bunk bed if that is the extra berth? From my ipad
  11. Every single time I've tried to get a price online this year that message has come up. I thought it was because I was looking at booking cheap deals or special offers but now I'm not so sure. I'm not in a financial position to book another cruise until July but when I do I will not be happy if I do not get the discount, irrespective of the original cruise price. From my ipad
  12. Me too! Want to book now! From my ipad
  13. We are on the 25th March 2016 trip so I look forward to your review. When I see it I'll know I'll have less than a month till my cruise. It will be strange this year not having an MSC cruise after two a year for the past two years. But we are trying RCI instead. I hope we don't get hooked on them because they're so much more expensive! From my ipad
  14. I reckon they will still run a ship tour to Capri. A half day tour will give you a good three hours on the island which is more than sufficient to experience it and the advantage is if you are late back the ship will wait. From my ipad
  15. The reason the railings are unbolted is to give them a thorough cleaning and check for any repairs. From my ipad
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