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  1. THey have the right to ban them if they wish. But, as Shmoo stated, they are no more a health hazard than all the flyers that are delivered to the doors/on the beds, etc. And they didn't take the step of restricting them when Noro was on the ships.
  2. You could also choose to either stay on the ship or get off and visit the shopping center right at the port. There is usually a man with a burro in there posing for photos, etc. I agree that I would not do a long excursion with a child that age. Also, the kid programming will continue while the ship is in port, so if you choose to stay on board there is plenty to do.
  3. September can be good as most traditional schools are in session--that means fewer kids in the OC. But as above, the CMs are not permitted to have any role in toilet or cleaning up issues--they will page you if she needs attention. You can find many reports of kids sitting in an area being ignored. That depends on how busy they are. In general, the CMs MIGHT alert kids that an activity is starting, but they can't assist her in participation any more than they can any other child. They are very clear that one on one assistance is not available.
  4. This woman was out in the community for more than a week after disembarking the ship, claiming that she felt well. (per the linked article) There is no way to determine where or when she was exposed.
  5. Only because it was asked above...we were at Aulani in February. I had some hesitation about that, but based on available information, we went and are glad we did so. Since we just had a vacation, we don't have any cruises booked in the near future. I honestly don't know what I'd do if I was cruising in the next few months. Based on the new cancelation policy, I'd probably wait until as near the cruise as I could and then decide. I agree that different government agencies are saying different things--the CDC policy makes complete sense while the State Department policy sounds
  6. This afternoon, the State Department issued a recommendation that US citizens not travel by cruise ship. travel.state.gov At present this is a recommendation, not a warning.
  7. We love DCL, but they have gotten way too expensive. We did 2 weeks in a suite on Princess (Alaska) for less than a single week on DCL in a balcony would have been, so I clearly understand the issues. Princess in a normal cabin does not compare to DCL, but the suite was.....well, sweet. I would not do a 3 night cruise for a lot of reasons (I've done 2 of the. One was part of a 3/4 B2B and the other was a special offer). All said, DCL is the best line we've ever cruised. But, as above, I wouldn't do less than a 4 night. If I could get 4 or 5 out of Miami, that would be a good situation
  8. As above, DCL's policy is NOW to back in at Castaway Cay. It was not always that way. We've had the island view many times, and it is lovely. But reality--how much time are you going to spend in your cabin gazing out vs. getting out there and enjoying the island? That said, starboard has the better views.
  9. DCL typically had a bin at the gangway both when you are leaving and when you return. This allows you to drop the used towels before you re-board the ship and not have to carry them around to your room or the pool deck bins. We often get them from the pool deck the night before, but always take advantage of dropping off the used ones before boarding.
  10. You might hear some deck chairs being moved in the cleaning process, but that's about it.
  11. It they follow previous release history, they will be showing the film on board. They won't announce ahead of time that it will be happening and it won't be on the "movie line."
  12. I honestly don't know what I'd do. Yes, a ship is a "close quarters" environment. On the other hand, DCL is the "cleanest" cruise line I've been on. They are constantly cleaning and sanitizing everything. The only time I saw anything that resembled DCL's level of cleaning on another line was when they openly admitted they were expecting cruise line execs at the terminal. I've been on cruises that had Noro and saw them ramp up their existing policies. My state now has a "we don't know where it came from" case, nearby states have "explained" cases. I expect that soon my risk of exposure a
  13. Longer is always better. Remember that a 3 night cruise is really only 2 1/2 days. That's barely enough to find your way around the ship. DCL has an exclusive terminal at Port Canaveral which was all done by the Disney Imagineers, so lots of Disney touches. On the other hand, you spend maybe an hour in the terminal and much of that is spent on necessary business. I've boarded DCL cruises from what looked like warehouses (Europe and Ft. Lauderdale). The appearance of the terminal did not affect my cruise! And most of those locations had more seating than the PC terminal!
  14. We did 2 weeks on Princess in a suite for the same price (actually a little less) as one week on DCL in a verandah. OK, there is no way that a regular Princess cabin compares with DCL, but the suite and suite perks are more than what we'd get on DCL. We also got 2 specialty restaurant dinners each week at no extra charge--one for the suite and one for a special promotion Don't get me wrong--we love DCL. But we go to Alaska for the scenery, animals, etc....not for characters in parkas. And I no longer have young kids, so I'd rather have the longer trip. Suite perks on Princess are ni
  15. Platinum booking starts tomorrow (2/25). Nothing much new on the schedule....Europe, Alaska, Caribbean.
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