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  1. Sailing on the Koningsdam in March - first time on this class of ship. On other HAL ships, we have enjoyed the lounge chairs on the Promenade decks looking out over the ocean. I understand this is not available on the Koningsdam. Where can one enjoy the ocean and relative quiet on a lounge chair in the shade on this ship (we do not have a verandah)?
  2. We paid less than $1400 for both of us for an oceanview room. We don't spend a lot of time in our room, so the room category and size was of no significance to us.
  3. Boarding the Veendam a week from today and hoping we don't have too many issues, particularly with plumbing and A/C. Got a fantastic price for this cruise so will bear that in mind if we encounter problems. It will be warmer than where I am, so will go with a positive outlook.
  4. My husband will be disappointed with Deck 3 being narrow and without lounge chairs. This is where he spends his days, relaxing and looking at the ocean through the rails. We will have to find an alternative location on our cruise in March.
  5. Can anyone tell me if the unlimited Social Media Internet Package that NCL offers at $14.99 per day is available on the Jade? Am booked in October, but it doesn't give me the option to pre-purchase this package.
  6. We just booked the Jade for an 8-night Southern Caribbean cruise leaving Miami on October 15th, with stops in Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. Not a charter - on the schedule.
  7. Just curious - when is your booking? I'm on the Eurodam on March 25th and was hoping we'd miss spring break. :(
  8. Just off the Eurodam and can confirm that there was NO SMOKING allowed in the casino. Still lost money, but more enjoyable.
  9. Downloaded the app for our Nov. 19th cruise on the Eurodam. Completed all the information on the ship, no problem. Saved enough internet minutes to complete all that was necessary on the morning of disembarkation at 8 a.m. All the required options were available to chose, i.e. Port Everglades, terminal number, etc. Took our time at breakfast because we were not concerned about any lineups since we had the magic app. Entered the terminal and asked where the Mobile Passport lineup was. Response was "there isn't one". Did not believe him so I asked another person, same response. So we had to get in the lineup. When we finally got to the customs agent, I said I was disappointed that the Mobile Passport was not available. She told me they didn't have a scanner in that terminal. Boo. When I got home last night, I posted this on the Mobile Passport page on Facebook and got a response from them saying they checked and it was definitely available in that terminal that day. I responded that if that was the case, then that made my experience even more annoying. :mad:
  10. Just off the Eurodam and we all gathered at our stations in the sun and heat and waited for our room number to be called out. We used to go early to these drills as it is in our nature to be on time, but now we plan to arrive late so that we do not have to be smushed in the middle.
  11. Who is the best person to ask which terminal you are in when you arrive?
  12. Does Port Everglades have wifi so that I can use Mobile Passport on my ipad as I don't have a data plan?
  13. Hope to be able to use this app in Port Everglades when I return on the Eurodam on November 26th. I am still unclear about whether Port Everglades has wifi available as I do not have data on my phone or ipad. I know that I can complete all the info on the ship with my internet plan, but I'm assuming i will need wifi for my ipad at customs.:confused:
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