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  1. Last update - final amount credited to our credit card on July 7th. Not impressed. Took several interventions by our travel agent to get our March 23rd cruise fare refunded. If it wasn't for her, I know we would still be waiting.
  2. Update - Finally received our cruise refund for our March 23rd sailing on June 25th except for $357.35. Still waiting for the rest.
  3. Here's my timeline for my March 23rd cruise: March 13 - told travel agent to cancel our cruise and non-refundable airfare through CruiseAir. As directed by our travel insurance company, we refused any future credits. March 14 - Celebrity announces our cruise is cancelled meaning we would have been eligible for a full refund. Travel Agent contacts Celebrity and was told by a Supervisor that since it was less than 12 hours between my cancellation and theirs, they would honor the refund for the cruise fare and set the refund in motion. May 15 - after reading that many people
  4. Just spent an hour on hold and spoke to Celebrity. The agent was very nice and said I should have received my refund by now and there must be a glitch, but unfortunately she can't investigate at my request because I booked through a travel agent and they can only follow up with the travel agent. She did confirm that a refund was forthcoming and not an FCC. Very frustrating. Sent another email to my travel agent, but I'm sure all I will get back is that refunds are taking longer than usual, blah, blah, blah.
  5. I am envisioning a large fishbowl in the accounting office from which refund requests are chosen. I suspect mine is stuck at the bottom.
  6. It's good to see that some people are seeing the refunds on their credit cards. I understand completely that it is going to take some time to clear all the accounts. But I find it frustrating to hear that people whose cruises were in April and May are getting their refunds and I have yet to see anything from my March 23rd cruise. What possible criteria are they using to issue refunds if not by date?
  7. Cruise date - March 23, 2020 Cruise cancelled March 14th by Celebrity, full refund requested Received notice of cancellation from Celebrity (via TA) on March 24th indicating refund would be applied to credit card. Still waiting - closing in on 60 days from cancellation date.
  8. Still waiting for my full refund for March 23rd cruise on Reflection which was cancelled by Celebrity on March 14th.
  9. I got a second set of luggage tags last week for a MARCH 23rd cruise - never mind that it was cancelled, if not, it had already sailed, lol.
  10. Odd - I just got a second set of luggage tags for our cancelled March 23rd Reflection cruise in the mail today. I too am hoping these don't replace my refund and continue to check my credit card account a couple of times a day.
  11. According to the WSVN Live News, these ambulances were arranged and paid for by Holland America.
  12. Celebrity cancelled my March 23rd cruise on March 14th and I asked for a full refund. My onboard purchase was refunded to my credit card within a week. On March 24th, I received an email with a revised invoice showing that a refund of my cruise fare was being processed to my credit card. I expect it will take another week or so, but I am checking my credit card account every day. Will be happy once it is back in my bank account.
  13. If you chose a non-refundable airfare when booking with Celebrity Air, you will not get a refund of your airfare. What you will get is whatever future credit the particular airline is offering, i.e. the value of your flight to be used by a certain date - again, depending on the airline.
  14. Just got off the phone with Johnson/Medoc (actually Global Excel) after a 2 hour hold and have confirmed with them that I am eligible to claim for the March 23rd cruise on Reflection that I am about to cancel. They have opened a claim number for me, have sent me claim documents by email and have instructed me that I need to reject Celebrity's offer of Future Cruise Credits to be eligible for full reimbursement of my cruise, flights and non-refundable hotel. They did warn that in view of the current situation, the claim may take 2-3 weeks to settle. I'd prefer to be sailing on March 23rd, but
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