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  1. Kirk and Ruth, Thanks so much for your quick replies. I think I will stick with 2669 for now...closer to the dining room than 2531, but not too close! Thanks again to you both!
  2. We are booking late and are wondering if anyone has any thoughts as to whether L2531 would be better than L2669? We are currently booked in 2669 for a 12 day cruise with 4 of us in the room. Thanks.
  3. If you are going to be in only one cabin (which is what our family of four does), consider cabin sizes. In general, HAL and Carnival have decent size interior and exterior cabins as compared to RCI and NCL and even Princess. If you are all in one cabin, an extra 20 square feet makes a big difference. We have cruised Alaska, the Mediterranean, New England, and a short cruise to Mexico with our kids. This summer, Bermuda---they wanted relaxing and beaches this summer.... Sounded good to us as well....
  4. I'd just as soon do away with formal nights also. DH hates ties and I hate having to drag the extra luggage for the four of us. But not a deal breaker either way....
  5. My kids have been on three HAL cruises and one Carnival cruise and actually prefer HAL. They have always loved the HAL tween-age club and just hanging with us playing ping pong or swimming. They will be just turned 13 for our cruise to Bermuda on HAL and not sure they will like the teen club as well but I think the HAL staff does a great job with the kids.
  6. CCMP

    Question about Veendam and Bermuda

    We have daughters who will be just turned age 13 when we take this cruise at the end of August. They have been on three other HAL cruises and one three day Carnival cruise. They prefer HAL and have enjoyed the HAL tween programs, although the HAL cruises we have been on were a bit dressier (but not much) at dinner than the Carnival cruise. Frankly, my kids thought some of the adults were poorly behaved on the Carnival cruise.... (Which makes me chuckle when I think of how many posts I have read about adults wanting to avoid children due to misbehavior of children.....) Even on formal nights, your sons will be fine in nice slacks and a sports coat, shirt and tie. My husband wears a suit. The first cruise he wore a tux but he won't do that again. You do see some tuxes, but not that many and I would think to Bermuda in the summer you would see fewer tuxes than some of the other cruises.
  7. CCMP

    1 night in NYC, which broadway show

    We will be seeing Wicked with our 12 year old daughters in August pre-cruise. When they were 9-1/2 we saw Mary Poppins and The Lion King. They really liked Mary Poppins and did not like Lion King that much. I must say I agree with them. Have heard that Billy Elliott has a lot of adult themes/sexuality, depends on what you want your kids exposed to, I guess. But a friend of mine who has a 12 year old son, recently say Billy Elliott and says she would not take him to it. Wicked is still selling out, we bought our tickets full price three months in advance. Everyone I know who has seen Wicked has loved it.
  8. CCMP

    Which Cruise Line to take?

    Karen, My family has been on three HAL cruises, starting when my kids were 9 (they are now 12--twins.) They have always had a great time, but each cruise was in the summer and there were other families and kids on-board as well as some older folks as well. My girls and I took a short three day cruise on Carnival and enjoyed it as well. However, I believe my kids actually liked the kids club on HAL better than that on Carnival. But perhaps it was because the other HAL cruises were all either 7 or 10 days long. We are considering taking HAL to Bermuda this summer as well. We can cram the four of us into one cabin on HAL as the cabins are roomier than some of the other cruise lines. I think there is so much to do on Bermuda that is kid friendly--aquarium, snorkeling, zoo, beaches, etc. that I think you can't go wrong. CCMP
  9. CCMP

    A new HAL Blog! (Yes, I'm a HAL employee!)

    Dutch, I hope that HAL considers putting something "official" out there other than just the "tender required" note on the HAL website itinerary page for the Bermuda cruises on the Veendam. As of last night, the Cruise Critic forum discussing this issue was more than 18 pages long. Many of the posters had previously visited Bermuda, some on numerous occasions. I obsessively read the entire string last night and many people have voiced concerns and questions as well as the recommendation that HAL just give up on docking near St. George and dock for the entire time in Hamilton and perhaps comp some land travel (bus voucher?) over to St. George. I hope someone in a position of authority at HAL pays attention to this issue and considers reading some of the Cruise Critic postings. By the way, I did email HAL twice for more information and got very polite but clueless answers (comparing it to tendering in Sitka, Alaska). It is clear that not everyone at HAL is giving the same answer regarding this situation. I love HAL and have been on three HAL cruises already and was planning on signing up my family of four for this cruise, until I saw the CC pages regarding the tendering situation. Not that I have anything against tendering per se, but a 40-45 minute tender, if there is only one ferry doing the tendering, could mean that you would spend most of the day waiting to be tendered, if you are not in a "priority" cabin. Plus there is the issue of whether or not you have to be back onboard during the ship's move between the two ports. Until these issues are more fully addressed, I won't be booking this cruise. In any event, I understand that you cannot answer these questions in a public forum as per your prior response to the other poster, but please considering passing along the information to the higher-ups in Seattle that if that many people are commenting on Cruise Critic about these particular issues, then perhaps HAL should take a more proactive public relations stance and communicate more clearly to those who already have tickets, as well as putting something more explanatory on the website and responding to folks who email or phone with informed, complete information. Thank you very much and I loved the pictures of the birthday presents for your dog! Very truly, CCMP
  10. Thanks so much for this rental car listing. We are considering driving ourselves to the Fortress of Lousibourg and this info is so helpful.
  11. CCMP

    Roy's Cab in Saint John, NB

    Sacred Heart, Did you use Roy's Cab and were you pleased? I am considering using Freedom Tours, but am looking into other options. Thanks, CCMP
  12. Thanks for the tip. You are right--her posting is impressively thorough!
  13. Thanks. I forgot to mention that primarily we will be cruising and didn't think I would have easy access to a land line which is why I was looking into the Mobal. But you answered my question, I was dreaming! Thanks for the information.