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  1. Thank you ! That does seem to indicate that it is only Carnival Corporation.
  2. Has anyone heard if all the cruise lines are being investigated or just Carnival Corporation? I wonder how this will fit into their plans to ease back into service. i tried to just post a direct link, but for some reason it will not post??? Sorry, you will have to type it in.
  3. Considering the last paragraph of CCL’s latest Corporate filing on Page 24... That Escapefrom Connecticut “ was kind enough to direct me too... “We currently estimate the substantial majority of our fleet will be in prolonged ship layup.“ Time to face reality.
  4. excellent information May I please ask for some guidance . The CCL filing is 113 pages of tiny print my old eyes can not see. Can you please direct me to the section you quoted ? I totally believe you but I have cruise friends that demand documentation. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the link . I was getting confused between this one and the first one !
  6. We cancelled a Back to Back in February. This was the Legend trip to Europe and we saw the writing on the wall. We always book Past Guest so we can cancel without a penalty before the final payment date. We were told 10-14 days . ( because it was before all the chaos ) They refunded the cheaper ( 2nd Cruise ) but not the first one one ( over $6,000). Both were cancelled the same day . So weeks later ... my Travel Agent filed an inquiry when the first refund did not come. Finally we got a letter from the Carniva
  7. Question: Was this issued March 15th? Thanks
  8. We usually book a minimum of 7 days.... but we are taking our son to the Monster Truck Finals in Orlando... so only a 5 day would fit. May 4th on the Ecstacy. Sadly I do not see either happening now that Talladega has been cancelled . 😪
  9. LHP

    Tours Plaza?

    Gerry is our favorite!!!
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