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  1. LHP

    Tours Plaza?

    We have used them several times. It is so nice to be able to design our own tour!
  2. Thank you so much.... We love to just “kick around” so this will let me know which ports to do excursions in!
  3. Does anyone know a website that lets you know which British Isles ports dock in a convenient area ( close to town etc) where the port is walkable? Thanks
  4. Thanks so much for the info!!! I am use to horrible selections on Carnival. lol
  5. Brand new Princess cruiser here.... Does the Princess karaoke system have key control? ( some call it pitch control) This is where you can change the key of the song. Thanks!
  6. LHP

    Tours Plaza?

    I second this comment. We have used them many times and have love being in control of our whole day!
  7. LHP

    Tours Plaza?

    We have always used Gerry with them and he is excellent as well.
  8. We sailed on her in April and she was fine. We have done 35 days on the Dream, 6 on the Conquest, 5 on the Triumph and 13 Vista so far this year and the Paradise was just much fun as the rest.
  9. We just got off the Vista TA and did not have any issues. It must have just developed??? Personally, I am glad they are using a new shipyard for the new ones. The Dream and Magic both had propulsion issues brand new. There is no excuse for that.
  10. LHP

    Tours Plaza?

    We have never sailed with Jorge, but thanks for the recommendation. Sounds like they have many drivers to select that do a wonderful job. We have used Gerry many times.
  11. We sailed on the Conquest for the 3rd time last month. The food we tried was fine. The service was good. I am not a fan of the 2.0 (Hasbro) but a family would probably like that. Entertainment was a bit lacking but nothing that would ruin a cruise.
  12. Janice....your credit is attached to your booking. Therefore, your Travel Agent must handle it. (Especially anything to do with money)
  13. He mentioned Legionaires as well, so perhaps it is the same system I just hope it works!
  14. Just got off the Conquest. There was a Contractor I chatted with in the piano bar . Apparently, the Conquest is the first ship to get this new ventilation system that destroys Noro and other viruses AND eliminates smoke. Fingers crossed. They were still working on it when we were there..... It is a new system that hospitals and nursing homes are installing. Again...time will tell.......
  15. Thanks for the heads up about Debarkation. Do you remember who your Hotel Director was??? (on the front of your Fun Times.)
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