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  1. That's good to know, that you don't have to talk to your waiter and head waiter to request to stay at your area. I mean it makes perfect sense but as we all know in the real world if it makes too much sense it's not the way things work. I do need to say that one positive with the DMW is the staggered dinner times so now you don't get the crowds especially like with traditional dining right before the door opens. Grant you, you might have a slight line when you have to scan in at the door to the dining room but definitely helps with crowd control.
  2. Zumba is held all the way aft on deck 7 in the Vista lounge.
  3. Yes it's about all it may be used for is those meet and greets at this time
  4. I'm hoping once the Majestic gets fully back on its feet that they'll start to utilize that room.
  5. Unfortunately that VIP gaming room is just sitting there I want to say collecting dust. I mean anyone could go in there to sit and relax if you're looking for a really nice quiet place to sit which I have used multiple times when I was onboard. Otherwise it's a non-functioning lounge bar is not open in there and there's no activities or events that go on in there.
  6. Yat! You'll enjoy. I will say after my early dinner I used to sit up by the wheelhouse bar for quite some time it was just so relaxing and enjoyable with the live music.
  7. So what they were doing with the piano is they have two different piano players and a guitarist and sometimes violin is to play by The wheelhouse bar by Crown Grill which is lovely. And sometimes they'll play the piano and other live music down in the Piazza. The Ocean boulevard who's there band currently on board a lot of time still performing the Vista lounge in the back of the ship as well.
  8. She mentioned earlier that they did a covid test down at the medical center on the ship. Keep in mind when she joined the ship a week ago the covid tests were not required for the first three cruises.
  9. That's exactly what I'm thinking is shortage of staff. Because I know during that first inaugural sailing they ended up having to shift some stuff around to help with the room service department as there was an abundance of people using the ocean now to order room service which apparently got very overwhelming for them.
  10. Oooh. Definitely can't argue with them if they're directing you straight on to the ship. That's when I say "Lead me the way"
  11. Bellinis yes, ask for cleaners I believe they are adding it on to both the enchanted and Discovery because they've heard from so many people how it's a fan favorite.
  12. You guys are ROCKSTARS!!!!!! I strive to be at your level of cruise days. I'm working on it. 😍
  13. You are unfortunately correct there is absolutely no bellinis onboard the Majestic
  14. LoL!!! Yeah when I boarded some decided to try to open the doors. Besides the alarm sounding off then it would automatically start to close 🤣. I told the guy who did it well at least he was the one smiling waving at the video cameras so there was photographic proof that it definitely wasn't me who opened it 🤣😂🤣😂
  15. Oh that's interesting. I just learned something new. I had no idea.
  16. Yes, it's what they've always done on all Princess Cruises in the past normally they would host it in the dining room that last day. On the Majestic they'll do it right at the shops at the end of the hall there.
  17. Oh that's not too terrible they're doing in a medical center. At least it's not like you have to redo it while you're in the terminal or something.
  18. I'm so happy for you to see that you were enjoying yourselves to the absolute fullest well on board. Keep on enjoying my friend 😉
  19. No. Think of it as it's part of the excursion experience of catch to table.
  20. Ahh yes that would make sense, and would be very nice. Years ago if I was ever seated with others (which I no longer ever do) I use to tell the waiter and ask if they could kindly me order and serve me on the faster dude as I had activities planned for the evening. They were ways so accommodating. I also would inform my table mates to please except my apologies on the first night, as i had events to attend to please not be offended. They have always been understanding.
  21. I want to see if I can recall the arrival booking opening window may have been like a month prior to my sailing. You just got it and try daily unfortunately until everyone really knows when that window will become available. For my next upcoming sailing I will admit I do check multiple times a day just because I don't want to miss you opportunity to pick the earliest possible boarding time.
  22. Unfortunately I didn't have it in my heart to do that to my little kiddos. I was one of those that gave a thousand percent of myself and dedicated myself to making sure they all succeeded. It did prove to pay out at the end of the year, with the rough year we had. Which is why it's safe to say I've earned my right to all the cruises in the world that I want to go on. 🥰
  23. The DJ sets up a whole thing up in the Hollywood conservatory with all the pretty colored lights. Just no dance floor but there is some live music up there which is being used as their so-called club. Because there's no official club like skywalkers or club 6 on particular trip.
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