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  1. To solve the garage parking problem I purchased an 8ft 4x4 and placed it where I wanted wife's car to stop, works great.
  2. But officer, in my defense, I was left unsupervised. Due to Coven my vacation this year is to Puerto Backyarda.
  3. I live in SC, we have road kill Helper.
  4. I live in N Myrtle beach SC, after watching the news I make a gasoline run to get gas for my generator in case the storm moving up the Gulf hits our area.
  5. I once got a decoder ring after 6 weeks.
  6. Today was a great day for me, this was first time since my chemo and radiation treatments that I was able to run some errands even though I don't like shopping.
  7. And you thought your colostomy was fun.
  8. Remember, the purpose of insurance is to cover a loss that you can not afford, therefore if you can afford the loss be a self insurer.
  9. Great beach day here in N Myrtle Beach, temp in the low 80's, water temp of 72, nice breeze, and the tourist have not shown up in large numbers, also the gas shortage is over with the average price of $2.89 a gallon.
  10. One of the side effects of getting old is no reruns on TV and you are always meeting new people.
  11. John, BIG THANKS for your contribution!
  12. Great day for me, my doctor said in about 3 weeks I will be able to get up and about, he was correct, today I was able to go food shopping, take a short walk on the beach and ate lunch at a local restaurant, Yeah!
  13. Received my shot today, had to wait until my treatments were finished, let's go cruising.
  14. This guy is not going to get his 10,000 steps.
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