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  1. I sailed on the Freedom last week out of PR, even though the Compass said Formal Night the dress was anything but formal, very casual. I wore a blue blazer with a button down shirt and jeans and I was over dress.
  2. Both, doing a b-2-b and this cruise is the first week.
  3. I am sailing on the Freedom out of PR this Sunday and received a notice today from RCL today saying that boarding for the cruise will start after 4:00 P.M. is there a possibility of an earlier boarding.
  4. Following along, nice photos, will be on the Allure for a b-2-b next month.
  5. Following along, good luck with your new job.
  6. A couple of years ago my wife had a mobility problem so we purchased a transport chair, the chair worked great on the ship, however off the ship the chair was unpractical due to the problems Doug S noted.
  7. I did the trip once, never again, to many things can go wrong, traffic, weather, and scheduling of the ferries. Went with a group of about 20 from the ship and our group leader was an experienced travel agent who had transportation scheduled and the day all planned out for the group. Almost did not make it back to the ship, the ferries were running late due to the weather, and when we got back the traffic was bad because of an accident, the last 3 hours of the trip was a white knuckle experience.
  8. Thanks for your review, will be sailing on the Allure next month.
  9. Thanks for your review, will be on the Allure in 3 weeks, for reasons stated about the MDR, I now eat my evening meal in the Windjammer.
  10. Following along, enjoying the great photos.
  11. Thanks for your review and photos, will be on this cruise shortly.
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