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  1. Great beach day here in N Myrtle Beach, sunny mid 70's slight breeze and the tourist have left.
  2. My last cruise was on the Vision out of PR, I was doing a b-2-b and was kicked off the ship between cruises because of the shut sown.
  3. This is why donkeys don't go to school, nobody loves a smart a@@.
  4. I remember sailing some 20/30 years ago and looking forward to our annual cruise so I could dine on real prime rib, rack of lamb, cold water lobster, nice thick pork chops, great salads, wonderful appetizers, and bread/deserts made by onboard personnel.
  5. Remember, spring forward and fall back.
  6. If you like to have a few drinks with dinner and also have a few more drinks in the evening then take some water and drinks down to cabin to call it a night, it is a good deal.
  7. When doing an AK cruise a balcony is a must, just like a Panama Canal cruise, so much to see.
  8. Can not w Can't wait until the fitness center opens.
  9. The highlight of the day was cleaning the fish pond for the up coming winter, the task was E-Z , because the local raccoons had come by and ate all the fish, just need to trim a few plants and add some fresh water.
  10. Today's mistake, I gave my wife some steel wool and asked her to knit me a fender, that did not go well.
  11. An elderly man goes to the doctor and brings his wife because he is hard of hearing, after the exam the doctor has a sit down with his wife. After the doctor leaves the examining room the man asked his wife what was going on, she said, the doctor said you need a blood test, an urine test, and a stool sample, so you need to leave your underwear .
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