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  1. We usually do the same thing some nights if can work it in with show schedule 😊. Actually, I end up really craving the little sandwiches at the various other little meal venues which names escape me right now as haven’t had my morning coffee yet! Sometimes I find them more appealing than dinner menu.
  2. Yeah, I have to say it was slightly chaotic one one or two nights of our Anthem cruise in 2016- hopefully they worked that all out by now. We did that all MTD or whatever they called it at the time as can’t remember now. The other thing is this upcoming cruise I can tell just tell my college ages kids to show up at this table at 5xx for family dinner. I know sometimes MTD can be as consistent if book reservation same time each night, but sometimes hiccups😳 with that.
  3. Oh, thanks😊. About where MTD sometimes is.
  4. Ps. I thought on Allure, that traditional vs MTD was separated by decks? No?
  5. Never thought about it being an impact of more MTD. That’s interesting. For our upcoming cruise, decided to give myself the planner a break, and just booked early seating. My parents like to eat early and not a port intensive cruise so thought would be simplest. I’m ok with early dinner as we usually go somewhere to snack after show, though when really interested in maximizing port time - like late or MTD. 5:15 is going to be a little tight with changing clothes, especially on one of the port days but guess will manage. Off tangent, I just booked the shows and seems like one or two nights, we end up show free... so wondering what other entertainment will be available on those nights. Guess will need to look at old planners.
  6. Thanks, but wow... I didn’t think it was ever earlier than 530!
  7. Quick question - what time is early dinner seating on the Allure? We will be on her in December. thanks.
  8. Nope not in a suite 😊, but thanks for all the input. I am leaning towards 10:45am flight, but was curious what others thought as never been in FLL airport before.
  9. So, I’m waffling on which one to pick... They all connect to same flight thru ATL to get home. Wondering which one involves least stress 😊😳😊. A 9:45am flight with 3 hr layover, 10:45am flight with 2 hr layover, or 11:45am flight with 1 hr layover. I also do not want to miss flight out of ATL! Again, we would be coming off Allure in FLL and heading to FLL airport after cruise. decisions... Thanks for input.
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