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  1. MissMet

    Favorite Restaurant OSJ

    We also always eat at El Jiberito. Last time we were there (a Sunday) they had a man playing guitar and singing. The whole restaurant broke out in song. It was great. Food is awesome too!
  2. I cruised with my son when he was 1 and we're about to cruise again with my 1 year old & 2 year old. We scheduled nursery for during our dinner (late seating). We would order room service and have him eat in the room while we got ready for dinner and then put him in the nursery during the evening hours so we could enjoy dinners together and then enjoy all the adult only activities. Aside from the adult only pool, all the adult only activities happen later on. Also, if you put them in somewhere between 5:30-6:30pm (don't remember exact time) the nursery WILL feed your child dinner. They also feed them snacks & milk throughout the day. You can also send them with food. Uncrustables through room service are the best!! I order them unopened & bring them ashore too. Also, we book the nursery so we can go to Palo brunch and enjoy some time at the adult only pool. The busiest times are dinner times, so I would book in the evening, the hardest hours to secure, and then adjust once aboard. They're really easy & flexible, however they're at the mercy of how full of "babies" the ship is. You could have a cruise where there's always availability or one with next to nothing. So definitely book all the hours you can ahead, you can always cancel or change. Plus, you won't be able to see & do everything, so don't stress if you miss something. (hopefully you saw this in time)
  3. MissMet

    Rent stroller for day at port?

    We're going to PR in April with a 1 & 2 year old & we're renting supplies from this company. https://www.travelingbaby.com/puertorico/
  4. MissMet

    1.5 Year Old Cruiser

    Late to the party but... Took my son when he was 1 and had such a great time that we're going again in April- my son with be 2.5 and my daughter will be 1. I didn't see it mentioned here but I may have missed it. In addition to the clubs having open houses, the nursery itself has open hours where parents could play with their kids in the nursery. Also, there were baby/toddler playtimes in (on the Fantasy) the "meeting room" where they hold weddings, I'm assuming. It was in one of the "smoke stacks" & a little hard to get to- only one elevator went to that floor- I think 18? Otherwise, you'd have to transfer elevators. This was on the Fantasy. Anyway. They had all kinds of soft play mats, cubes, blocks to climb on and all kinds of toys. Some of the cruise director's staff were there to play along. And they had cookies, juice boxes, pitchers of lemonade, water and coffee. The cruise staff were so great playing with the kids. Make sure you watch for that event in the Navigator. We went every time it was available. Stinks about the pools though!!!! The splash area on the bigger ships (Dream & Fantasy) are awesome, but I hate that they allow older kids in since this is the ONLY wet area for diaper kids. The smaller ships' (magic & wonder) have smaller splash areas with a lot less to offer, BUT only 3 years and under are allowed in them so that's good. We used the nursery & it was awesome!! This cruise we'll be doing late seating- our favorite seating. We'll feed the kids normal time probably via room service while we get ready & then put them in the nursery so we can ENJOY dinner each night just the two of us. Don't hesitate using the nursery- it's great! And the staff are awesome!! They'll feed them for you, change them, put them in their PJs, put them to bed at a time you want, keep them up if you want. It really was great. We were even surprised at the end of our trip with an envelope full of pictures of our son with Cinderella and another character that visited for story time. So cute!
  5. MissMet

    Beach recommendations for 2 year olds

    Thanks! :)
  6. MissMet

    Beach recommendations for 2 year olds

    We'll be there in May with a 1 year old and a 2.5 year old (who hates the sand) so we're looking for a dayroom or at least a day pass at a resort where we have the option of a pool in addition to the beach, as well as all the comforts needed for little ones.
  7. MissMet

    Sandals Antigua Day Pass?

    We honeymooned at Sandal's Grand Antigua. It's a beautiful resort with lots of space. Many different pools- some with swim up bars, mats to lounge on, tables & umbrellas (in the pool), some with activities like water volleyball, etc,. The beach is pretty and very quiet, but calm water so my husband & I didn't last there long (my husband is a ride the waves kind of beach goer). We preferred the main pool's active & fun feel. Although, be warned that on any of the beaches locals will approach you to sell stuff since the beaches are public. It wasn't bad and a nice "no thank you" was all they needed. They had tons of restaurants & an awesome Pizza stand. A few shops. An ice cream place. The spa was amazing! They also had a pool room with other games. There was also a small casino next door. (this was about 5 years ago so I don't know if it's still there) I'm not surprised to read about your trouble communicating with them though as the workers seemed aloof at times. Our room came with a butler so luckily we didn't have to deal with the front desk at all. If you can somehow get through, I don't think you'll regret spending your day there. It's a gorgeous resort with a lot to offer.
  8. I'm trying to figure out which of these islands would be best for snorkeling excursions. From what little info I've found none of these islands seem to be stellar for snorkeling, but we love to snorkel together & rarely get to now that we have two little ones. Which two would you snorkel in? St. Kitts Antigua Barbados St. Lucia Martinique Thanks!!!
  9. MissMet

    Will we be safe & reccomedations

    My SIL's family lives in Jamaica and when they heard she was going on a cruise with us that stopped in Falmouth they warned us NOT to go off on her own. Only go with a tour guide. I'm disappointed as it has now caused my entire family (we're all cruising together) to not want to do anything on their own. As annoying as it is, I'm gonna go with the locals' advise. Better safe than sorry.
  10. MissMet

    Transportation to Horeshoe Bay

    The Breakaway sells 1 & 2 day passes onboard @ Guest Services, 3 day passes & tokens are sold once in Bermuda. I have been quoted cab fare of $40 for 1-4 passengers. Will see for myself this week. :)
  11. MissMet

    Carry ons and embarking?

    The newer ships, like the Breakaway, allow you to drop your carry-ons at your room before your room is ready. Don't know the timing of it all until we board on Sunday. :D
  12. MissMet

    Qs about free UDP for BA/GA

    Ditto... :)
  13. MissMet

    Hawaii Cruise in a wheelchair?

    I wrote this in your original post on NCL but just in case...
  14. MissMet

    Hawaii Cruise in a wheelchair?

    I have been on the POA twice & both times I was pushing a wheelchair- the first time was expected, the second was not & was supposed to be a make up trip for me since the first I was helping my mom!! :mad: The first time my mom was about to have a hip replacement so we brought a wheelchair. My parents did not have an accessible room & they did fine- although they had the folding wheelchair. The second time my husband re-injured his knee during our pre-cruise stay on Oahu!! :mad: We had to buy crutches & rent a wheelchair. Again, we did not have an accessible room. I am only 5'2 & 120lbs & I had no problems maneuvering my mom & my husband, both very hefty compared to short me, in the wheelchair around the ship. You also can most definitely get off in Kona. They were great helping us off the ship. Not to sound mean, but Hawaii is primarily filled with tourists that are "a little more seasoned". ;) Everywhere we went was very accessible. The only time I had trouble pushing my hubby was first getting on the ship in Oahu. The ramp is VERY steep, but you can just request help & they will push the wheelchair for you. I did not realize that & I thought my hubby was gonna go flying over me, down the ramp & make a grand entrance onto the ship. Thankfully the CAPTAIN came & helped me- didn't realize it was him until I went to take back the helm. :D
  15. MissMet

    2 insides or family balcony

    I'd choose 2 insides for the 2nd bathroom every time. Balcony's are nice, but I need my sanity & I wouldn't have it crammed into one room with one bathroom.