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  1. We stayed at Room2 Southampton (https://room2.com/) and loved it so much we will probably make it our home base next year before our next cruise.
  2. We stayed at Room2 and loved it. We plan to stay there next year, in fact. Walked to dinner at the Red Lion — oh my goodness—the food portions were giant, the beer delicious, and they were watching a football (soccer) game. Highly recommend Room2.
  3. Two at the most. One can be washed in the sink & dried out while you’re wearing the second. I’ve gotten by with taking only one, but it was a bit of a challenge. Two should do ya just fine.
  4. Thank you, all, for the suggestions! I think we’ve decided to go to Marlow, thanks to Cotswold Eagle’s Thames Valley locale suggestion. We still have time to do more research but this gives me a lot to look into. I appreciate y'all so much!
  5. I’ve always thought it a bit odd when folks seek recommendations for excursions or things to do in different ports, because what appeals to one person may not appeal to another. Now I find myself, however, on a similar quest 🙂. Here’s the problem I’m trying to solve: DH and I will be in London ~3.5 days before we go to Southampton. DH was an exchange student in high school in London, so we have a good idea of the sites to see there. I want to take a train trip through the English countryside to a town, explore for a couple of hours, have lunch, and return without spending the entire day away from London—maybe still have a large part of the afternoon to visit London sites, hit pubs, that kind of thing. Is there a destination that will provide bucolic scenery on the journey to it that keeps us about a half a day or so? Please understand that I’m not minimizing the beauty of the destination city, because it will be amazing regardless, I’m sure, but rather am trying to get the best of both worlds in the journey to as well. Not sure if it matters, but we will be in London the last week of August. Many thanks!
  6. My DH booked the hotel based on reviews. Looking forward to it! We booked all of our excursions through Celebrity because we had onboard credit we could apply to the cost of the excursions. We are doing a RIB boat tour in Bergen, Strandafjell in Alesund, riding the train in Flam & hiking down, and hiking to Pulpit Rock in Stavenger. 88 more days!! 😀
  7. JB, you have my gratitude for your thoughtful response and guidance—thank you. Even though it seems like the visit and cruise are so far away (we arrive in London August 27), I am tremendously excited! I cannot wait to visit your lovely country (and cruise the Norwegian fjords, too!) Have a blessed day!
  8. Might I ask for recommendations for restaurants around the hotel my DH booked - Room2 Southampton? Plus, any thoughts or feedback on the hotel itself? I’ve read reviews and it seems nice, but I’d be curious as to its location, safety, etc. We will be there the night before our cruise departs Sunday, September 1 of this year. Many thanks!
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