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  1. The #1 money maker on a cruise ship is alcohol. It is the cruise line's business to keep you boozed up all day every day. There are bars every 50 feet in the public areas. Also, each ship has at least one "Disco" lounge for dancing and flashing lights. No matter what you choose should be fine, but some lines do skew to older crowds. Go with Carnival or NCL or Royal Caribbean.
  2. Once every two or three years. Too many other things in life to do more than that
  3. Already got my Limit Order in for $13.37. I don't think it'll go down to $8.00 again but I do want in at a low number.
  4. The biggest obstacle is that the CDC, instead of classifying cruise ships in the same category as airplanes, hotels, and theme parks, which are still operating, classified cruise ships in the same category with prisons and retirement homes, which are thought to be much higher risks.
  5. Just a really odd time to take the website down. People are getting home from work. They've been thinking about it all day. They want to check on some stuff and plop! There goes the website.
  6. I did it! I finished it! All 1,536 posts. Where's my gold star?
  7. In the cruise lines, the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.
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