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  1. Would love feedback on my Amber Cove port day. Our group of 6 arrives at the AC port and were planning to sightsee first…Umbrella St., Pink St., lil shopping. And then would like to maybe go to Sosua Beach. 
    I’ve seen taxi prices from the port, yet was curious how we would catch a taxi when sightseeing in “town” or when at the beach? Are there plenty of taxis around? I’m nervous about being stranded at a beach without a return taxi back to port. And I’m not interested in local excursions because they tend to be 5 hours and we would like more time at the beach. 
    Any advice is appreciated! We are going in 3 weeks!

  2. What's your thoughts on this... If I were to sign up today, and ordered cards today, would I possibly receive them today?  My daughter JUST decided she wants to go on the cruise I booked months ago, and I have a hold on a cabin for her that expires today. It's in Sept., so we are fully paid on our other cabins.

  3. The Marriott hotels in that promotion are typically $300+ a night, even in off season. So, the free cruise parking may not be a great deal, depending on where you would typically stay. I travel a lot and stay at Marriott 99% of the time, but am unwilling to pay that amount per night for a basic hotel. 

  4. On 5/31/2023 at 9:01 AM, cruisegirl1976 said:

    Sandbar Sports Grill - Cocoa Beach (good vibes, can't vouch for the food)


    Food is really good, and the atmosphere is pretty good!

    We ate there a few years ago, before a cruise. It was great, loved the fish tacos!  Everyone in our large group loved their meals. It’s right on the beach, and pretty rough looking, but the food made up for it! 

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  5. Does anyone have the Carnival credit card? I just got it and am trying to determine if it’s a better deal to use it to pay off the cruise (earn points), or to buy gift cards that can save 10%?  
    I don’t know details of their point program, so any help is appreciated! 

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