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  1. If our ship is only there from 7-1, is that enough time to go?
  2. I use binder clips for the shower curtain! 👍🏻
  3. Hi all! In July 2018, Caveman helped us find Anthony & his son, Anthony Jr. to take us on a shark/ray excursion. We really enjoyed the excursion with them and was wondering if anyone else has used them, and possibly know how to get in touch with them? I don't know what company they work for, and I would feel bad reaching out to Caveman about it, since they are both in the same business. Hoping to hear from someone here...our trip is in April! Thanks!
  4. Yay!!! So excited, thanks for posting!!!
  5. Trying not to worry as there is nothing we can do about our cruise this weekend...6/30 sailing. However, am praying Roatan doesn't get dropped! We are so looking forward to a visit to Little French Key! And, now I'm wondering if I should be packing a little fan??!??
  6. Wow. I can't believe they haven't notified everyone on that sailing yet! We sail on the 30th, and I'm a little nervous!!
  7. We are on the 6/30 sailing, and would also be bummed if they cancelled Roatan!
  8. Sorry to hijack the thread... ;) Going in a few weeks to LFK for the first time... Do they mind taking you to Daniel's also? How much is it? Any suggestions on where to sit, or food/drinks to try? Thanks in advance!!
  9. Also sailing June 30, and would love to know! :D
  10. Hoping all is ok, as we are on the June 30 sailing also!
  11. A rolling duffel bag for port days! Great for carrying the towels, snorkels, etc. And easy to throw in souvenirs after shopping in port!
  12. Not sure about how strong it is, but we LOVE the Kiss on the Lips!
  13. Sailing at the end of the month...thanks for the review!
  14. Would love their info as well! Thanks for everyone posting about their experiences!
  15. Thanks everyone! Just what I needed to know! When I cruised Disney, it was always best to rebook onboard! Doesn't seem like Carnival has any incentive at all to do so.
  16. Do they offer good discounts to rebook while onboard? I will be cruising at the end of June, but have found a good deal that I'm afraid I may lose, if I wait to book while onboard. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks in advance!!
  17. Hi all! Looking for recommendations for a Belize shark/rays/snorkel tour. We did one with E-Z Boys 2 years ago, but are open to other suggestions! Thanks for any help!
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