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  1. Morning! I'm wondering about the Adults only Spice H2O. Do you have to be registered to enjoy this area? Is it reserved for specific suites? I thought I read somewhere there was a limited access. Would that be per day or voyage? If so, are we able to do something online before boarding? I'd prefer to skip the line ups. Thanks everyone! There is a wealth of information here Deb
  2. Yes, I was wondering that also. The two beside me is the part of the ship that bows out and I wondered if this would impede our view to the right.
  3. I'm sure that it's been asked but I can't find it in my search... How far out are the upgrades offered? I understand not every sailing has them, but I just wondered if I should be watching or has the time gone by. My sailing is January 5th. 85 days! Thanks for your imput :) Deb
  4. WE BOOKED! Chose a balcony that I picked rather than take a chance. That way there will be no disappointments.
  5. Thanks! I appreciate your feedback, very encouraging! I love this forum and all the folks on it. I'll let you know how I make out
  6. Hey Everyone, just getting ready to book on the Epic for January and I'm torn. I was about to book a BX balcony but after looking at a few reviews I am feeling like they stick you with the balcony with an enclosed area with only a small hole to see through. I don't mind at all a lifeboat below. So, I looked at the mni suite, which doesn't seem to be any larger, other than the shower. I'm finding mixed reviews about them. My question is: what are the chances of getting a good balcony with the sail away or do I have a better chance at a good balcony with a sail away mini suite? Any
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