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  1. I needed a scooter in Feb and had never used one before. They show you how to work it and you can drive it. We picked it up at the line to get on the ship. Its almost impossible to get it in a room that is not accessible (just FYI). I would mention that they can go pretty quickly and caution should be observed. Betty
  2. I am looking forward to seeing this ship all dressed up for the holidays! Betty
  3. Don't know where I have been - but obviously asleep at the wheel! This will be great. Anyone staying in NYC for a few days? I am thinking I need to do that. Would love to see Rockefeller Center - haven't seen it for decades. Betty
  4. Great! Don't have to pack a large cup! Thank you. Betty
  5. Hi - I was wondering what size are the cans of water and are they "pop top" or a screw on lid? Thanks in advance! Betty
  6. Thank you for such a great review! We have not done the cities you cruised to. We will be on Beyond in 2025 - 40th wedding anniversary. Betty
  7. We like Aqua. Have not done a regular balcony on Celebrity.
  8. Keith & Anne Marie, I have followed your blog for years now & loved to follow your adventures. I just saw this great article and I hope a new cruise report will be started at the end of July! Safe travels & Bon Voyage. Betty
  9. Being tested on only one ship - I think its the Dream.
  10. Hi - Betty & Bill from Ocala, FL. Looking forward to sailing this ship. It looked beautiful and we couldn't resist! Betty
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