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  1. Has anyone used their personal cell phones on the Oasis class to keep in touch with family members?? If so, is it pretty instant or is there a huge delay where it wouldn't be worth relying on. I know we can "rent" the ship walkie devices, which I don't want to do b/c if you lose them they charge you $1000. I know we can bring our own Walkies on but like others have indicated there are never enough channels and you end up hearing everyone conversation over your walkies. I just want to be able to ask my kids "where are you?", "meet me here or there".
  2. I am so so so anxious to get on this ship! Can't wait to relax, drink, soak up sun and just be with my family! So when can that start? How early do they typically let passengers board the ship. I would sleep on the sidewalk the night before if I could get on first, but then I'll be too tired to stay up late that night. I know they have to let passengers off, etc. etc. I've been on many cruises but have never been there in Florida that a.m. to get on early or as early as possible. This time we are flying in two days before so I can get to the ship as soon as poisslbe. Any past experience or information with this for the Oasis would be much apprecited.
  3. Has anyone used a shuttle service from a hotel in Ft. Lauderdale Airport to the Pier for the Oasis that you would recommend.
  4. Hunter2

    Oasis ?'s

    I will be on the Oasis soon... but not soon enough! We are traveling with 7 families, and a few ?'s has come up that I thought I would ask. 1. I know you can rent the "walkie-talkie" on the ship (they use I-phones on the Oasis) but not too sure if I want to be worried about my kids loosing or breaking one of their phones b/c the penalty is $1000 (yikes). So I was wondering if anyone has used their personal phones to text to each other on this ship. Is it instant or is their a delay in timing for the texts to be delivered. I dont' want my kids walking around texting all day, I just wanted to use it as a way to say "hey meet me here or there, etc." If someone has experience with this on OASIS I would appreciate it. 2. Are there two formal nights or one? Can you tell me which days are the formal nights. We are travelling on the Western side and I was figuring it was probably two nights, night 2 (day at sea) and night 5? (Cozumel). Also is one of those night, seafood night? A friend travelling is allergic to shell fish and she wants to make a seperate reservation that night so she is surrounded by 6000 lobsters. 3. Soda package: I am considering getting a soda package for my kids. I have 4 children but don't think I need 4 soda packages. My younger two don't normally drink soda at home (unless it's pizza night). Is it easy for them to share a package? I know on Carnival they put a sticker on the back of your key card and you get a travel mug to fill with soda. How does it work on RCCL/Oasis. 4. Inside room with couch: I have two rooms, one with two in the room (me and husband) and a joining room with 4 (the kids). My room has the bed and then a couch, the other room has two beds and a pull-out couch for 2. My daughter doesn't really want to sleep on the couch with her brother (she is the only girl). Is the couch in my room (doesn't pull out) big enough for an average 12 year old to sleep on or will she be uncomfortable b/c it's too narrow or short for her. 5. Anybody know how to lose 20 pounds in 30 days! ;)
  5. I have walkie talkies from home that I can bring but thought I read someplace that you can rent devices on the Oasis that are smaller and also have other capabilities, i.e. Show times, etc. I tried to look it up on rcl website but only found walkie talkie rentals for other class ships. Has anyone ever rented them on the Oasis class? If so, do you remember how much and how many are in the rental.
  6. Is anyone going on the Oasis on the 14th of April that would like to be added to our group booking for a $75/on board credit per room?
  7. I know this may not be the right place to ask... But i was just wondering if any has taken the oasis to the western side and used private taxi's and knew someone specific that i could contact in Jamacia or Cozumel. Must appreciated.
  8. I have two inside rooms booked on the Oasis on deck 10 (rooms 10442 and 10444) for a cruise in April. I was wondering if someone could tell me where the connecting door is located. Is it across from the bathroom? Is it across from the couch? Also if you have any photos of a room like that could you post them so I can see.
  9. Hunter2

    Once upon a STAR

    Just got off the Star today... Need any info, just ask
  10. Do I have to show the non alcoholic beverages at the pier or can I keep them in my luggage. I want to bring some soda and was going to pack it in my suitcase but wasn't sure if I had to claim in when I get to the pier and show them what I have. Same with the wine actually. Im assuming I have to show that to them when I get to the pier? I've never brought bottles of wine on before would like to this time.
  11. Hunter2

    Star Star Star...

    How come I never hear anything about the Star. I leave in less than a week and aven't seen much of anything about her Carribean trips. Any good info for me??????
  12. Hunter2

    Star Dailies???

    Does anyone have the Dailies from the Star for the Carribean cruise?
  13. Does anyone know how it works if you bring bottles of wine on the cruise, pay the coorkage fee and then don't drink all the bottles. Will they reimburse you for an unopened bottle??
  14. I'm looking to see if anyone has photos of an inside room on the Oasis or photos of the large family room that sleeps 6. I know I can go on and get photos off of RCCL, but I want real photos. Can't seem to find many.
  15. Hello there, I am booked on the Oasis in April and I would like to know if anyone has any photos of the inside room and the large inside room so I can see what they really look like? I also have the option to book the large family room that sleeps 6 so I'm trying to figure out which is better.