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  1. Considering Royal Caribbean cruise from Seattle to Tokyo in early October 2024. Anyone have experience with crossing the North Pacific Ocean during this time? Wondering how rough the ocean will be during this time since we'll have lots of sea days. Any experience, advice (if there's a better time to travel) or suggestions is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Yes! We were there in October on NCL and took the shuttle into Soulac. I think it was $10-$20/pp round trip. if you’re interested in wine tour out of Le Verdon, I can check my notes. Her name escapes me now, but highly recommend her tour!
  3. @Jandrman, were there taxis that you could take into Soulac or it was necessary to use NCL Shuttle from cruise terminal into town?
  4. @Cruisingmarmi, were there any other options outside of the NCL shuttle to get to Soulac? Was hoping we could take a taxi there but perhaps it is not available.
  5. @Ladybug18 - good question - did you pay cash or use credit card?
  6. THAT'S the term I was trying to recall - lol. "All aboard". Thanks, @ontheweb! yes, so for a 5 pm departure, aim to be back at boat around 3:30 - 4 pm.
  7. On the Star leaving Southampton on Oct. 23 and got a slight schedule change from NCL (either arriving later/departing earlier for 3 ports). Not surprised, but need a refresh. Here's my question for the DIY tour folks: When in port, how much time in advance do you aim to be back on the ship prior to departure? It's been a while since we've cruised. E.g. if boat departs at 5 pm, what time would you (safely) want to be back in line to get on the boat? (and this is not in regards to embarkation day...it's for the different ports on our itinerary). I want to make sure that the on your own tours I've arranged will still work for our schedule.
  8. @BoundForSea, we travel in late October, so I'll let you know. We'll have a full day tour with them (including pick-up from cruise ship and drop off at hotel with luggage after tour).
  9. @njkruzer, how much time did you give yourself from arrival to pick-up? I'm not sure how much time to allow for deplaning, clearing customs and collecting luggage when we schedule Meadway pick-up. Also, what time did you have them pick you up at hotel to go to Southampton?
  10. @Ladybug18, how many people in your taxi? I'm guessing 4 pax? Thanks for sharing!!
  11. I guess I'm wondering average cost for a taxi that carries 4 pax from cruise terminal to Bilbao. I have a quote for a minibus to take us around Bilbao at roughly $125/pp, so I'm wondering if this is worth it. Or if we can save money and catch a cab to Bilbao to sightsee on our own.
  12. @Ladybug18, what did you end up doing in Zeebrugge? I'm curious if there were taxis available in port...thanks in advance for sharing!
  13. Update: The family wants to overnight in central London with the hopes of being able to do some sight-seeing, so I'm planning to book private transfers for them from LHR to hotel (two groups of 6 (one from IAH, the other EWR) and then my dad and me). The next day we'll have another private transfer from hotel to Southampton. The private transfers will take the pressure off of them getting to the hotel with their luggage - 😅
  14. We're on NCL Star - so in Le Verdon on Sun., Oct. 29. Now considering a private tour to a winery or two nearby.
  15. Still looking at options for when in Port with my dad and his siblings (14 pax). Does anyone have experience with catching a taxi to Bilbao? Cost? I'm thinking if we can get to Bilbao, then we can explore on our own. We'll be there at the end of October.
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