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  1. This is a supplement to the "hull balcony" listing that I provided here: http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1522322 Because of the shape of the Epic there are a fair number of balconies that are not covered by the balcony of the room above it (say that sentence fast 3 times). Sun worshipers may seek out these rooms due to the greater amount of sun on the balcony, but the downside is that these balconies are viewable from above and do not offer much/any privacy. From what I can tell, all of these open balconies are on the 8th and 9th decks. An additional issue with the deck 8 rooms are the fact that the top of the life boats are close to even with the base of the balconies, obstructing downward views. The exceptions are the rooms directly at midship (mostly uncovered on deck 8), and the rooms at the fore and aft ends of the ship. You can use the following deck plan diagrams to overlay each deck on another, showing where these uncovered and extended balconies are: http://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/Main/dragit2.php?ship=Norwegian%20Epic Deck 8 Forward: Deck 8 forward has approximately 26-28 rooms with extra exposure. The "approximately" comes from the angles of the deck 9 "humps", which provides some partial coverage of some deck 8 balconies. 8020, 8021, 8044 and 8045 are partially covered. 8046 and 8047 are mostly covered. Rooms 8022 through 8043 are fully uncovered and exposed. Deck 8 Midship: 8074 and 8075 are mostly covered, while 8076 and 8077 only have a small sliver of their balcony covered. 8110 and 8111 are about half covered. 8078 through 8109 are fully uncovered. Deck 8 Aft: There are only a handful of aft rooms on deck 8 that are uncovered. 8152, 8153, 8162 and 8163 are half covered. 8154 through 8161 are fully uncovered. Deck 9 Forward: There are a handful of rooms towards the front of deck 9 that are partially uncovered. The good news is that these have larger than normal balconies, so half of the balcony is covered while part of it is not. This might be a great compromise for folks that want some shade but not full coverage. 9020 and 9021 are mostly covered. 9024, 9025, 9026, 9027, 9028, 9029, 9031 and 9032 are HALF covered (9030 is an inside room). Deck 9 Midship: 9201 and 9202 are standard sized balconies and are 1/2 covered. 9203 through 9224 are uncovered and fully exposed. 9225 and 9226 are larger than normal balconies, and the extension (about 1/3 of the balcony) is uncovered. Deck 9 Aft: There are a few uncovered rooms back here as well because deck 9 goes straight back while deck 10 indents a bit. 9267 and 9268 have half covered balconies, as do 9287 and 9288 which are the last rooms on each side. In between, rooms 9269 through 9286 are uncovered. Decks 10 - 13: There do not appear to be any exposed balconies on decks 10 through 13, since the outside contour of the ship is the same for these decks. Deck 14: There are no exposed balconies on deck 14. However, there are a large number of rooms that have DOUBLE coverage. This means that deck 15 extends out further than deck 14, providing an extra overhang that provides even more coverage (see picture below). These provide more protection from the rain and sun. Rooms 14000 through 14028 on the port side have a double overhang. Rooms 14030, 14032 and 14034 on the port side have larger balconies than normal, and the entire amount is covered by the extended overhang on deck 15. On the starboard side, all balcony rooms from 14001 through 14043 (there are some inside rooms numbers in this span) have an extended balcony. Like on the port side, 14045, 47 and 48 have larger balconies that are fully covered by the deck 15 overhang. There are some rooms at midship too that have extra cover. The port side balcony rooms from 14054 through 14086 have an extended cover, as do starboard side balcony rooms from 14085 through 14105. 14088 and 14107 have extended balconies that are fully covered by deck 15. Back in the spa suite area the following rooms have extended coverage: 14143 (not a suite), 14145, 14147, and 14149. 14151 has a huge balcony that's fully covered by deck 15. Here are some pictures: This picture shows some of the exposed balconies on deck 8 and the position of the life boats. The lifeboats are not in the view, but they prevent one from looking straight down to the ocean. Here is another picture looking straight down from Deck 14. You can see how exposed these balconies are This picture clearly shows the "extended cover" on certain deck 14 rooms. Sun lovers might not like these rooms, but they do provide protection from the elements. In the hot Caribbean we loved not having the sun beating on our balcony Another shot showing the extended balcony coverage on 14
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