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  1. Believe it or not, I still have a coffee card from 2011, with a number of punches still to go. Will I be able to use this card, on my up coming cruise?
  2. I plan on booking Dec. 8 on Regal. If we take the 7:15 dinner, will there be any problems in seeing all the shows.
  3. I know everyone's taste is different, but for those that sailed both ships, which had the better food? More important to me, which one had the better pizza? Thank you: Matt
  4. How early do they let you off the ship, on your return to Florida.
  5. The Magic has been pretty full for a long time now. We are thinking if taking it. Does anyone know, if there is a big group booked for this cruise? Thank you: Matt
  6. I see that it has been a while since adventure of the seas has been refurbished. Is there a date for another refurbishment?
  7. I thinking of a cruise on Magic in December. I'm wondering, if it has been refurbished. If not, is it scheduled to be?
  8. Filled out all the information for setsail, and printed out my pass. Did not add picture. Do they still take it, when you board?.
  9. I will be on the Allure, March 24. I know escargot is served in the dining rooms. Is it also served in the buffet. How about lobster tails, on the night it is served in the dining room. Thank you: Matt
  10. What time does embarkment on the Allure normally begin. Also, at what time can you get to your room. Thank you: Matt
  11. What are the table games, in the casino, on the Allure. Also, how bad is the cigarette smoke. Thank you: Matt
  12. Doing the March 24 Allure. It's due to dock on March 31 @ 6:15. I know that most ships come in early. We want to do a 9:35 am flight from Miami, otherwise we have to wait until 12:38. Is this doable? We normally do a walk off. Thank you. Matt
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