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  1. Read post #45. You will see that I only meant it as a rhetorical question.
  2. Does Royal have any thought how on to get back our wasted vacation days?
  3. I assume that Cape Liberty terminal is heated. I'm cruising on Anthem of the Seas this Friday, and thinking of putting my winter coat in my suitcase, so I will not have to carry it around, until I'm allowed in my room. From past cruisers, is this doable? Thank you: Matt
  4. Does the Anthem have traditional dining, or is it all my time dining.
  5. While docked in Nassau, is the casino open? I know they have been open in some ports. Thank you.
  6. Are the casino servers compensated when the prime cruisers get free drinks.?
  7. How long before a cruise can you book a show.
  8. I could be wrong, but I seem to remember that if you were Platinum status, or above, you could drop off your carry on bags to you room early. Is this still the case, or is my memory failing me again. Thank you: Matt
  9. What is served with the deluxe balcony breakfast? Thank you: Matt
  10. Believe it or not, I still have a coffee card from 2011, with a number of punches still to go. Will I be able to use this card, on my up coming cruise?
  11. I plan on booking Dec. 8 on Regal. If we take the 7:15 dinner, will there be any problems in seeing all the shows.
  12. I know everyone's taste is different, but for those that sailed both ships, which had the better food? More important to me, which one had the better pizza? Thank you: Matt
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