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  1. Thank you for your review. Something that I am too lazy to do. When you got off the ship, were there taxis available?
  2. I booked a guarantee for the Horizon Sept.18. They put me on 6 forward. Only bad thing is that it is a connecting room. I don't mind, but I come in late and get up early. Both times I like to put the TV on. I don't know how it will effect the people in the connecting room.
  3. Is there any problem getting a taxi at Port of Miami to go to airport.
  4. I have a connecting cabin. It's the people next to me that need to worry about noise. When I come in at night, after the casino, I put TV on. Could be anywhere from 12 to 2. I'm get up early. TV goes on.
  5. I'm Platinum, and my sail date is Sept. 18. My check in date is Sept. 2.
  6. I'm sailing on the Horizon on Sept. 18. I took a guarantee balcony. I have received my cabin. 6th floor forward. No complaints.
  7. Has anyone stayed here. Have read different reviews on it. Plan on staying in Sept. before my cruise. Thank you: Matt
  8. What are they doing for folks with no smart phone, or pay as you go phones. Will there be a way to see the dining room menus? How about the days activities.
  9. Thinking of booking Sept.18 Horizon. Do you think people are ready to return to cruising, or will I be on a ghost ship.
  10. Read post #45. You will see that I only meant it as a rhetorical question.
  11. Does Royal have any thought how on to get back our wasted vacation days?
  12. I assume that Cape Liberty terminal is heated. I'm cruising on Anthem of the Seas this Friday, and thinking of putting my winter coat in my suitcase, so I will not have to carry it around, until I'm allowed in my room. From past cruisers, is this doable? Thank you: Matt
  13. Does the Anthem have traditional dining, or is it all my time dining.
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