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  1. Freckles - Thanks for the review! Looking forward to our visit next April.
  2. Older photo.Cabin numbers may not correspond to all S class.
  3. I think it may be the CC site itself - I'm having a great deal of difficulty and thought it might be my browser. The suites are very large. We were in 9376 on Silhouette for a transatlantic. There is a great round window on the side in addition to the slider. The balcony is huge so you get a view to the side as well as the wake. Here is a blog (sorry it's long, but if you scroll way down, you'll see some great photos of a corner aft suite). https://effli.wordpress.com/category/travel/europe/baltics/ Yes they have a pole - it doesn't bother most a bit. Yes it is a long walk, but soooooo quiet back there. Some complain about soot - we've rearely had any, and we usually cruise aft. Vibrations may happen occasionally, but not common.
  4. You hit the jackpot! I wouldn't move for anything - but I'm an aft junkie, in particular, the corner sky suites. Did you search the cabin information sticky at the top?
  5. I don't understand what you mean.
  6. That's not exactly true. Large travel agencies block out tons of cabins on the day the bookings open . Which is frequently as low as the price is going to get. So say you start looking for a cabin on a particluar cruise six months later. You may find that the price on the X website is significantly higher than what a TA can offer you from their blocked inventory, which is also a group rate.
  7. If you don't mind, I'll butt in here too. We were in 6145 from March 30 - April 13. We loved the room in general but there were a few things that could have been better. We can only compare it to other S1s we've been in. We did not like the door, it's small size definitely cut down on the view and light. The balcony was very spacious, but with absolutely no coverage whatsoever. We requested a lounger from Ronald, our butler, and Christian, our cabin attendant, and were refused. The outdoor "loveseat" got very wet and damp and took awhile to dry out each day. On day three of our cruise they finally installed a light over the bathroom mirror - which was virtually unuseable without it. The bathroom door slammed back in forth with the ship's motion and we used the slippers to wedge it open The shower leaked under the glass door - just an aggravation. There is no plug in the bathtub to stop the water from draining out. The bedside lamp has no usb ports and the table is so small, we kept the phone stored underneath. I don't know if the shamppo brand is the same - I did not like it and wished I had brought my own. The lack of a table in the cabin for room service is crazy! They will bring in the table from the veranda if needed. To end on a positive note - none of the things I've mentioned in any way detracted from our vacation. We usually roll with the flow. The room was very spacious (other sky suites we saw were much smaller) and I found we had ample storage. We consider oursleves lucky to sail in suite class and do so whenever the prices allow us. We love direct aft cabins and really missed that on this voyage. I'm sure you will have a fantastic time in Alaska. (Snag a couple of the fleece blankets from the pool deck to keep in your cabin.Then you can enjoy the veranda whenever the whim strikes you.)
  8. FWIW - on the Revolutionized ships, Michaels Lounge in now called The Retreat Lounge, on those ships, there is an exclusive suite only deck area, with loungers and a hot tub. We also had the new plush bathrobes that were marvelous!
  9. You bring up a valid point.' Of course Business "A" could reopen as Business "B". As a new business "B" would have no client base for reviews or credibility, which would make me count them out immediately, and move on to other reputable companies. It's also worth mentioning that there are times the ship will wait for private tours, if possible, and they are made aware of a late arrival. We were told this by a well-respected tour company guide. We've also witnessed vans and taxis roaring onto the dock past sailaway time while crew frantically waves them on. It's just not something I worry about if I've done due diligence in booking. But I perfectly understand that there are many who prefer the safety and convenience of ships' tours, and are willing to pay premium for that. I'll certainly change my tune if I ever get left standing on the dock as the ship sails away! 😳
  10. Of course you need to do what is most comfortable for you. I am not willing to sacrifice small tour sizes, flexibility, value and quality of a private tour for the minuscule chance that I might miss the ship. I may never get a chance to visit these places again and I want to make sure I have the best experience possible. To us - that means no big bus tours. I reasearch companies thoroughly and discuss return times and traffic when relevant. I adjust times if warranted. As a previous poster stated, no reputable tour company would ever risk missing a sailaway- their livilihood depends on it. We've participated in private tours in ports from Asia to Alaska, never once have we even come close to missing the ship. In probably over 50 tours - two have been ships' tours due to remote locations. That being said - I have been on a ship that sailed without two of its own shore excursion groups (Royal Caribbean) in Italy.
  11. We cruised March 30th to April 14th of this year. We saw plenty of cherry blossoms. All of the cherry blossom forecasts I checked showed we were going to miss peak in Japan but that was not so. I'm sure it can change from year to year. One of our guides told us that all it takes is one windy day and, poof,, they're all gone!
  12. Yes, but not "no matter what", but if it's unclear or questionable. Not worth risking my vacation.
  13. Yikes! Why not just get the visa to be sure?
  14. I would never pay s booking fee, or a cancellation fee. There are great agents, offering generous incentives and attentive service, yet charge eithert fee!
  15. Here's another endorsement of Triple Lights. You'll get to choose the guie that seems to be the best fit for your needs.
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