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  1. I believe the spa and gym are forward, as is that cabin (yes, but near a staircase).
  2. I believe they were actually chartering a vessel for their new "Expedition" offerings, instead of using one of their own ships. I seriously wonder if they were having licensing issues since the regulations are very strict, and no new licenses are being issued.
  3. lovetoteach1 - thanks for the photos!
  4. We are not allowed to promote travel agents on the page.
  5. Have you called to confirm this? Others in your position are reporting that X is discounting the Silhouette prices for cancelled Edge cruisers. Do you have a travel agent?
  6. That's ridiculous! We were on a cancelled Silhouette sailing.
  7. That just doesn't sound right. We were able to book the exact same cruise, different ship, same dates, at a greatly reduced price, same perks and $200 OBC. What sailing did you have cancelled?
  8. To say I was underwhelmed is putting it mildly!
  9. The TAs have received no information. I just spent a very long time on hold only to be told they have no information on the ship and itinerary changes taking place in South America in early 2022. Please call back later.
  10. I have two reservations for South America in early 2022. After a lengthy call, much of it spent on hold while the rep spoke with a supervisor, I was told to call back later today as they have no information to give me regarding the itinerary.
  11. For anyone considering an Antarctica crise after 2021, be sure to read the Polar Code thread on this ports board regarding new regulations. If fully implemented, many ships that now cruise in the region will not be able to meet the requirements.
  12. YESSSSSS! This ^^^^^^^^^ Some people love to keep beating a dead horse -although, I admit, I am being entertained by some of the quotes and "bits of wisdom" being imparted, by the thread trolls, lol!
  13. Please don't confuse the negative comments regarding "loyalty" with the loyalty rewards (two entirely different things) that Celebrity did indeed promise us over the years in recognition of the boat loads of money we may have spent. We are not loyal to any one particular line, but we have accumulated some rewards along the way with Celebrity, that now everyone will receive when they purchase a cruise. It remains to be seen if X will come up with some new incentives to replace the ones lost.
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