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  1. We also had a flight change. We now depart at 1:30 am. Based on our last trip to the Galapagos, X will make sure you are transported to and from the airport no matter what time your flights are. You should call the Galapagos Desk to ensure they have the updated times noted for you.
  2. Did you have The Falklands as a port of call? What is the ship size?
  3. We love the S class ships and Sunset Verandas in particular. We've stayed in a number of SVs on the higher decks. Can anyone comment on the deck 6 SVs? Are they noisier over the dining areas? Is the view at all obstructed by the roof extension of the dining room below? I know the balconies vary in width, but are the deck 6 verandas as deep as the upper decks. Any balcony photos would be greatly appreciated. (And, yes, I've checked the cabin spreadsheets.)
  4. There was at least one occasion when we wore water shoes on the zodiac, then switched to shoes/boots. We used to cheap thin water shoes that are virtually flat when packed. I'm sure it depends on your itinerary. I never used my Keens at all, preferring my Merrell low hikers for virtually every walk/hike (I absolutely can't tolerate a speck of sand between my foot and the shoe/sandal, lol!)
  5. Regarding water, we purchased small hydration back packs (Camel and Osprey make them). We never had to fiddle with taking a water bottle in and out, and there was plenty of room for incidentals.
  6. Yes, he did leave the trial, but his goal was to get vaccinated one way or another. He also knew he received the AZ vaccine and was provided with a letter as proof.
  7. My son participated in the US AZ trial. Since it has not been approved by the FDA, he just went ahead and got vaccinated with an approved vaccine.
  8. We are sailing in October. Hopefully that is correct. Two in our party have the MP extension (and have paid for it) but when I spoke to the Galapagos Desk, they said they had no idea when they might resume.
  9. Those photos are just breathtaking! We were recently informed by the Galapagos Desk that all travelers in our party would need coverage for both medical and evacuation. were you asked to provide proof of either. (Sorry if I missed this in earlier posts.) Any talk about when the extensions may open - both Quito and Machu Picchu?
  10. The Xpedition used to house passengers on deck three. That entire deck is now allocated to crew or ship-related spaces. Passengers are now housed on decks 4, 5 or 6. Also, I believe mahdnc is correct. When Flora came into the fleet, Celebrity believed they could reallocate their passenger slots as they saw fit, planning to assign the licenses from both Xploration and Xperience to Xpedition. They were sanctioned by the government and denied the request to combine the numbers . That is why only 46 passengers on Xpedition per sailing. The reasoning was said to be based on the desire to limit the number of larger vessels.
  11. The Xpedition does Northern and Southern route itineraries. The Flora does Inner and Outer. They are alternated because the Galapagos National Park has very strict regulations about the number of times, frequency and number of people allowed at the stops. IMHO - North Seymour Island has been a favorite stop for many!
  12. Thanks for the update. So sorry you are having such a bad experience. We did the Xpedition in 2018 (going again this fall) and I can assure you our personal experience was nothing short of exceptional all around. Plus we both slept very well. I hope they work the bugs out.
  13. Thanks for the update! Good to see that Celebrity has been able to rebound so well for the Quito segment. In shortening the pre-cruise portion - were you given any type of compensation at all? We've already booked air with the assumption that pre-cruise will be two days in Quito and are wondering how soon we'll know if that changes. Looking forward to your posts.
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